Sunday, January 23, 2011

Book Blog Chat (8)

We have our next chat pick!  And it is in anticipation of the third book being released March 1, 2011.  So, we are rearing up and getting ready for Sabina, one of our favorite sassy vampires, again.

In case you would like to know, it is The Mage in Black we will be reading in February.  The Third Book, Green-Eyed Demon is being released March 1st.  So this would be a great way to refresh before you dive into that new book. :)

The schedule:
Stop 1 ~ February 3, 2011 - end of Chapter 11 pg 105
Stop 2 ~ February 10, 2011 - end of Chapter 22 pg 213
Stop 3 ~ February 17, 2011 - end of Book

The Mage in Black
By  Jaye Wells
Sabina Kane doesn't have the best track record when it comes to family. After all, her own grandmother, leader of the vampire race, wants her dead. So when she arrives in New York to meet her mage relatives, the reunion puts the fun in dysfunctional. Not only is mage culture completely bizarre, but everyone seems to think she's some kind of 'Chosen' who'll unite the dark races. Sabina doesn't care who chose her, she's not into destiny. But the mages aren't Sabina's only problem. In New York's Black Light District, she has run-ins with fighting demons, hostile werewolves and an opportunistic old flame. Sabina thought she'd take a bite out of the Big Apple - but it looks like it wants to bite back.


  1. Oh yay I have this now and can join!

  2. Oh, you're gonna love this series!! It just gets better with Green-Eyed Demon!!

    Have a wonderful week!

  3. Zia - I'm so glad to hear you'll be joining us. :) That is great! Look forward to the chats.

    Kristin - Thank you! Oh, and then Green-Eyed Demon! Thanks, glad to hear Jaye keeps it going.


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