Thursday, January 6, 2011

Book Chat (7)...Happy Hour of the Damned

So, we have come to our first stop at Happy Hour... of the Damned. :)  Do we need a few drinks to get this chat started?  Let me call the bartender over to help us out and we will get going.

In the mean time if you would like to refresh yourself with our chat breaks, you can check out the schedule HERE.

Robyn, from The Bookoholic Zone, and I have pulled together some questions to start the discussions.  And we have checked in with the author Mark Henry for any chat discussion thoughts on the sections.  He has graciously sent us a few questions as well.

So, now that we have our Happy Hour drinks, are you ready to get chatting?  I'm feeling chatty.  How about you?

Mark's Questions:
1. Is this novel a satire of the urban fantasy genre?
2. What is the author's intent with the footnotes? Are they successful?
3. Amanda is an antiheroine in the strictest sense of the word. Is the reader supposed to like her?
4. What is the point where you realized that this book was NOT like other urban fantasies?
Robyn's Questions:
1. Martin seems to be safe right not but for how much longer?
2. If you turned zombie, would you break in and steal make-up? Or would you go all natural?
3. How long do you think she'll stay at her job before people start to wonder?
Melissa's Questions:
1.  What do you think happened to Liesl?  And what was in that box?
2.  What do you think of Amanda meeting and making new friends?
3.  Amanda seemed kind of shocked she could do the breathe thing.  What do you think of that?  Will she make another zombie?


  1. First, Sorry. The post was set to post at 7:00am and for some reason, blogger neglected to let it release. :/ But it is up now. So please comment away!

  2. I'm going to start off with first saying I don't like zombies. But, that would be the mindless meat eating moaning zombies. Amanda is far from that and thus far in the book I love her. :) She has a great sense of dry humor. And the fun brutally true humor with her friends. Love it!

    Oohhh, that funeral home scene. And the whole reason of breaking INTO a funeral home! :D I loved it. Make-up! How would ever really think of that.

    She is so vein and I love it! Yet she has a nice streak in her. I can't explain it very well. I will have to think on how to word that better.

  3. The footnotes...

    When I first saw these, with out reading any, I was worried on what I was getting into. But when I started reading and then went to the footnotes I found I enjoyed them. They really started to give me a sense for Amanda. And I have to chuckle as her mind wonders to explain what she is talking about and why. :)

    Which brings me to the view point the book is written in. I really like it. Almost like hearing Amanda tell the story in person. And the footnotes help me feel as she is sitting in front of me telling me her life, um - undead life, story.

    I really like how it all fits together nicely to get a personal feel with Amanda.

  4. Sorry it took so long to get on here.

  5. You know, I was nervous about reading about zombies. This was something new. I'm use to everything else, lol.

    I enjoy Amanda's character so far and even Wendy.

  6. I liked the footnotes, that was pretty cool.

  7. I loved the way Amanda made friends. I loved how she would just go up to people, or should I say creatures :).

    I definitely want to know what happened to Liesl. I'm curious to see how Amanda will solve it especially with her personality.

  8. It was neat with Amanda finding friends. She sounds like she is trying to turn over a whole new leave and enjoy the undead more than real life. It seems out of character for her, yet she is great at it!

  9. I'm really curious about Liesl! I don't know what happened to her. But I do love how Amanda mentions that none of them will help. But from a zombie point of view, I understand. :)

    I don't know what would have caught up with Liesl. We don't know much about here yet. :) But I'm curious.

    I was afraid I would forget about her with the history. As I loved the history!

  10. Martian... I was wondering about him myself. He seems to be something special to Amanda, and not a special meal either. ;D I think he will be safe. But I don't know if the relationship will last. Ooorrr, now Amanda can create more zombies as she has the breath... just throwing that out there for later thought. :)

  11. I wonder if it takes a while for the breath to show up in new zombies. If that might be why Amanda was surprised to have it. As she didn't have it until now. I wonder if Amanda will come down to making another zombie at any point. I don't think she really wants to create any undead and from the sounds of it she doesn't have any friends who are living to turn with her. So, maybe there could be an accident one some where at some time. :)

  12. This novel being different or a satire. Hmmm. I don't know. This seems to be a new phase in Urban Fantasy as well these days. I like that there is a dry sense of humor in the urban fantasy world. Satire seems to be a strong word for it, but yeah I guess in a way it is. But I love it! I like when things are challenged, turned around, inside out, and put on its head. And I've actually enjoyed this book thus far because its different and fun.

    Being not like other Urban Fantasy is a great thing in this books case. Its fun!

  13. You know I was thinking about Amanda being able to turn someone into a zombie. I could see it being an accident but I wonder how she would react?

  14. I agree with you on the satire and urban fantasy. It's like a whole new level of urban fantasy and I'm liking it.

  15. I'm looking forward to the scene where she realizes she can't work there anymore or if something goes wrong.
    I could see her pulling it off though and staying at the company for awhile.

  16. Amanda was completely shocked when the breath came with her dinner. ;D I wonder if she would have turned him if she hadn't ate him. :D That sounds so wrong!! :D But it would be really wild to see.

    I wonder how easy or hard it is to control the breath...

  17. I'm wondering what will happen with work and Amanda as well. She was talking about the one woman that is very nosey. I think she would have to work hard to pull it off. But then I wonder if she would get hungry, what would happen. Who would be first to go? ;D

  18. I keep waiting for her to bring up the breathe and get more info on it. Because I'm sure she wouldn't want to turn someone, lol.

  19. I bet the nosey lady will be the first to go, lol.

  20. I'm looking forward to learning more about being turned, or turning. And maybe that man that turned her. :)

    Oh, I didn't think about the nosey lady being the first to go! :D LOL! That is a great idea!

    I'm moving on now. :) Can't wait!

  21. I'm ready to discuss the next part, lol.


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