Series I'm Reading

Series by multiple authors:

The Drifting Isle Chronicles:
The Kaiser Affair by Joseph Robert Lewis
Black Mercury by Charlotte E. English
The Machine God by MeiLin Miranda

Sin City Collectors:
Ace's Wild by Amanda Carlson
Queen of Hearts by Kristen Painter
Ante Up by Amanda Carlson
Dead Man's Hand by Kristen Painter
All In by Amanda Carlson

Books listed alphabetical under author last name:

Joe Abercrombie
The First Law trilogy:
The Blade Itself
Before They Are Hanged
Last Argument of Kings

Ann Aguirre
Corine Solomon series:
Blue Diablo
Hell Fire
Shady Lady
Devil's Punch
Agave Kiss

Razorland series (YA):
Endurance (1.5)
Foundation (how it started)

Alma Alexandra
Worldweavers series:
Gift of the Unmage
Spell Spam
Dawn of Magic

Ilona Andrews
Kate Daniels series:
Magic Bites
Magic Burns
Magic Strikes
Magic Bleeds
Magic Slays
Magic Gifts
Magic Rises
Magic Breaks

Kate Daniels World:
Gunmetal Magic

S.A. Archer & S. Ravynheart
Touched series:

Rise of the Unseelie series:
Foreshadow (0.5)
Scars of Silver
Eyes of magic

Fire 'N Bryce

Champion of the Sidhe series:
End of the World
Champion of the Fey
Defender of Magic
Protector of the Light
Keeper of Secrets

Into Magic series:
Into Darkness
Into Chaos
Into Destiny

Bastion of Magic series:
Sound and Fury
Requiem for a Dream
God of Magic

William D. Arand
The Otherlife series:
Otherlife Dreams (audio)

Amber Argyle
Witch Song series:
Witch Song (audio)
Witch Born
Witch Rising 2.5
Witch Fall

Kelley Armstrong
Women of the Otherworld series:
Dime Store magic
Industrial Magic
No Humans Involved
Personal Demon
Living with the Dead
Waking the Witch
Spell Bound

Deborah A. Bailey
Hathor Legacy series:
Outcast (audio)
Burn (audio)
Revelations (audio)
***4th story to come yet

Krista D. Ball
Tranquility series:
Tranquility's Blaze
Tranquility's Grace
Tranquility's Fury 

Spirit Caller series:
Spirits Rising
Dark Whispers
Knight Shift
Mystery Night
*more to come*

Fantasy Lover's Guide series:
What Kings Ate and Wizards Drank
Hustlers, Harlots, and Heroes

The Dark Abyss of Our Sins series:
The Demons We See

Philippa Ballantine
Book of the Order series:

Chronicles of the Order series:
In The Beginning (podcast)
*more to come*

A Shifted World series:
Hunter and Fox
Kindred and Wings

A Shifted World novella

Bard series:
Chasing the Bard
Digital Magic

Awakened series:
Weather Child

Philippa Ballantine & Tee Morris
Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences series:
Phoenix Rising
The Janus Affair
Dawns Early Light
The Diamond Conspiracy
The Ghost Rebellion
**more to come**

Kait Ballenger
Execution Underground:
After Dark:  Shadow Hunter (0.5)
Twilight Hunter
Immortal Hunter
Midnight Hunter

David Benem
Requiem for Heroes series:
What Remains of Heroes (audio)

Tasha Black
Curse of the Alpha serial:
Episodes 1 & 2 (audio)
Episodes 3 & 4
Episodes 5 & 6

K.L. Bone
Rise of the Temple Gods:
Heir to Kale
Heir to Koloso
**more to come**

Black Rose:
Black Rose
Heart of the Rose (due out Fall 2015)
Blood Rose
**more to come**

Timothy Bond:
The Triadine Saga:
Prophecy's Queen (audio)

M.H. Bonham
Swords of Destiny series:
Serpent Singer and Other Stories (audio)
Prophecy of Swords
Ruinstone of Teiwas
The King's Champian

Amanda Bonilla
Sentry of Evil series:
Vengeance Borne

Sentry of Evil short:

Katharina Bordet
A Wiener Blut Novel:
The Coffee Legacy (podcast)
Danube Waves *yet to be published*
(more to come)

Peter V. Brett
Demon Cycle:
The Warded Man
The Desert Spear
The Daylight War

Charlie Brown
Dirty Magick anthology series:
Los Angeles
New Orleans
**more to come**

Douglas R. Brown
The Light of Epertase:
Legends Reborn: The Light of Epertase
A Kingdom's Fall

K.T. Bryski
Hapax (podcast)


Cary Caffrey
The Girls from Alcyone series:
The Girls from Alcyone (audio)
The Machines from Bellatrix (audio)
Codename: Night Witch (audio)

Rachel Caine
Outcast Season series:

Skyla Dawn Cameron
Demon's of Oblivion series:
Whiskey Sour (.5)
9 Crimes (4.5)
Damaged (4.6)
Oblivion *yet to publish*

Tales from Alchemy Red series:
A Vampire Walked Into A Bar
Hungry Like The Wendigo


Rebecca Cantrell
Joe Tesla novels:
The World Beneath (audio)

Orson Scott Card
Mither Mages series:
The Lost Gate
The Gate Thief

Amanda Carlson
Jessica McClain series:
Blooded (0.1)
Full Blooded
Hot Blooded
Cold Blooded
Red Blooded
Pure Blooded
Blue Blooded

Phoebe Meadows series:

J.A. Cipriano & J.B. Garner
Clans of Shadow series:
Heart of Gold (audio)

Cassandra Clare
The Mortal Instruments series:
City of Bones
City of Glass
City of Ashes
City of Fallen Angels
City of Lost Souls

J.K. Coi
Seasons of Invention series:
Far From Broken (in A Clockwork Christmas)
Broken Promises

Russ Colchamiro
Finders Keepers Series:
Finders Keepers

Doc Coleman
Adventures of Crackle and Bang series:
The Perils of Prague

Margo Bond Collins
Vampirarchy series:
Legally Undead (audio)
Crazy, Stupid, Undead *yet to publish
*More to come

Fairy, Texas series:
Fairy, Texas (audio)

Callie Taylor series:
Waking Up Dead (audio)

Shifter Shield series:
Under Her Skin (audio)

N.E. Conneely
Witch for Hire series:
Witch for Hire (on audio)
A Witch's Path (audio)
A Witch's Trial (audio)
A Witch's Concern

Trevor H. Cooley
The Bowl of Souls series & Jharro Grove series:
Tarah Woodblade (audio)

Harmon Cooper
The Feedback Loop series:
The Feedback Loop (audio)
Steampunk Is Dead (audio)

Jacob Cooper
The Dying Lands Chronicle series:
Altar of Influence: The Orsarian War (audio) #0
Remnants and Shadows #.5 (audio)
Circle of Reign #1
The Red Grove #1.5
Song of Night #2

David Dalglish
Shadowdance series:
A Dance of Cloaks
A Dance of Blades
A Dance of Mirrors

James Dashner
The Jimmy Fincher Saga:
A Door in the Woods
A Gift of Ice
The Tower of Air
War of the Black Curtain

Seleste deLaney
Badlands series:
Clockwork Mafia
*more to come*

Blood Kissed series:
Christmas in Chains
Devil's Bargain
What Have I Done
The Cost of Love
Of Course I Try
The Ghost of Vampire Present
Kiss of Death (#1)
Kiss of Life (#2)
Tales of the Blood Kissed
**more to come**

The Agents of TRAIT series:
Gaming for Keeps
Conning for Keeps
Fighting for Keeps
Dying for Keeps

A Wilde Security novel:
Seducing Her Rival

A.M. Dellamonica
Astrid Lethewood series:
Indigo Springs
Blue Magic

Chess Desalls
The Call to Search Everywhen series:
Travel Glasses (audio)
Insight Kindling (audio)
Time for the Lost (audio)
*more to come

Wrapped in the Past (audio)

Lantern (audio)

Merrie Destefano
The Chronicles of Crescent Moon Bay series:

Leighann Dobbs & Traci Douglass
Silver Hollow Paranormal Cozy Mystery series:
A Spell of Trouble (audio)

Samantha Durante:
Stitch trilogy:

Collin Earl
The House of Grey serial:
Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Volume 5
Volume 6
**More to Come**

Collin Earl & Chris Snelgrove
Harmonics series:
Rise of the Magician
The Jadian Sun

Deirdra Eden:
The Watchers series:
Knight of Light (audio)

Blaire Edens:
The Witch of Roan Mountains (audio)

Christiana Ellis
Space Casey series:
Season 1 (podcast)
Season 2 (podcast)

Jennifer Ellision
Threats of Sky and Sea series:
Threats of Sky and Sea (audio)
Riot of Storm and Smoke (audio)
Fall of Thrones and Thorns (audio)

Jennifer Estep
Elemental Assassin series:
Spider's Bite
Web of Lies
Tangled Threads
Spider's Revenge
By a Thread
Widow's Web

Chris Evans
Iron Elves:
A Darkness Forged in Fire
The Light of Burning Shadows
Ashes of a Black Frost

Mary Fan
Jane Colt series:
Artificial Absolutes
Synthetic Illusions
Virtual Shadows

Raymond Feist
Riftwar Saga: (read 1st)
A Darkness at Sethanon

Empire Trilogy: (Prerequisite - read Riftwar Saga, Not Essential to Main Story)
Daughter of the Empire
Servant of the Empire
Mistress of the Empire

Krondors Sons: (Prerequisite - read Rift war Saga)
Prince of the Blood
The Kings Buccaneer

Serpentwar Saga: (Prerequisite - read Krondor's Sons)
Shadow of a Dark Queen
Rise of a Merchant Prince
Rage of a Demon King
Shards of a Broken Crown

Riftwar Legacy: (Prerequisite - read Riftwar Saga, Not Essential to Main Story)
Krondor the Betrayal
Krondor the Assassins
Krondor Tear of the Gods
Jimmy and the Crawler

Legends of the Riftwar: 
Honoured Enemy (Prerequisite - read Riftwar Saga, Independent, Not Essential to Main Story)
Murder in LaMut (Prerequisite - read Riftwar Saga, Independent, Not Essential to Main Story)
Jimmy the Hand (Prerequisite - read Magician, Independent, Not Essential to Main Story)

Conclave of the Shadows: (Prerequisite - read Serpentwar Saga)
Talon of the Silver Hawk
King of Foxes
Exiles Return

The Darkwar Saga: (Prerequisite - read Conclave of the Shadows)
Flight of the Nighthawks
Into a Dark Realm
Wrath of a Mad God

The Demonwar Saga: (Prerequisite - to read Darkwar Saga)
Rides a Dread Legion
At the Gates of Darkness

The Chaoswar Saga: (Prerequisite - read Demonwar Saga)
A Kingdom Besieged
A Crown Imperiled
Magicians End

K.A. Finn:
Nomad series:
Ares (audio)
Nemesis (audio)
Perses (audio)

Michelle Flick:
The Owens Legacy series:
**more to come**

Walker series:

M.R. Forbes:
Tears of Blood series:
His Dark Empire (audio)
His Cure for Magic
His Ancient Heart
His Final Secret

Ghost and Magic series:
Dead of Night (audio)
Dead Lucky (1.5) (audio)
Dead Red (audio)
Dead Stare (audio)

Madeline Claire Franklin:
Arcana series:
The Hierophant (audio)
The Tower

Teresa Frohock:
Frayed Empire series:
The Broken Road

Donna Galanti
The Element Trilogy:
A Human Element (audio)

Brand Gamblin
Noblesse Oblige series:
The Hidden Institute (podcast)
Invito Rex (podcast)

Kelly Gay
Charlie Madigan series:
The Better Part of Darkness
The Darkest Edge of Dawn
The Hour of Dust and Ashes
Shadows Before the Sun
The Cold Light of Day

M.K. Gibson
Villians series:
Villians Rule (audio)

Ann Gimpel
Earth Reclaimed series:
Earth's Requiem (audio)

A.F. Grappin
Deadly Studies series:
Assassin's Victim
Assassin's Rival
Assassin's Mark

Val Griswold-Ford
Pendragon series:
Into Thin Air
**more to come**

Linsey Hall
Dragon's Gift: The Huntress series:
Ancient Magic (audio)
Mirror Magic (audio)
Stolen Magic (audio)
Eternal Magic (audio)
Infinite Magic (audio)

Dragon's Gift: The Seeker series:
Magic Undying (audio)
Demon Magic (audio)
Magic Revealed
Magic Wild
Phantom Magic

Kersten Hamilton
Goblin Wars trilogy:
Tyger Tyger
In the Forests of the Night
When the Stars Threw Down Their Spears

M.L.N. Hanover
The Black Sun's Daughter series:
Unclean Spirits
Darker Angels
Vicious Grace
Killing Rites
Graveyard Child

P.C. Haring

Slipspace series:
Slipspace: Harbinger

Kelly Harmon
Charmed City Darkness series:
Stoned in Charm City
A Favor for a Friend

Lauren Harris
Millroad Academy Excorcists series:
Exorcising Aaron Nguyen (audio)
The Girl in Acid Park

Spellbound series:

Erin Hayes
How to be a Mermaid (audio)
I'd Rather Be A Witch (audio)

Colleen Helme:
A Shelby Nichols Adventure series:
Carrots (audio)
Fast Money (audio)
Lie or Die
Secrets That Kill
Trapped by Revenge
Deep In Death
Crossing Danger
Devious Minds (audio)
Hidden Deception (audio)
Laced in Lies (audio)

Mark Henry
Amanda Feral series:
Happy Hour of the Damned
Road Trip of the Living Dead
Battle of the Network Zombies

Debra Holland
Gods' Dream Trilogy:
Sower of Dreams (audio)

P.G. Holyfield
Land of Caern series:
Murder At Avedon Hill (podcast)
Tales of the Children (anthology by different authors in this world)  (podcast)
**more to come**

S.A. Huchton
Endure series:
Progeny *yet to publish*
*more to come*

Evolution series:

Flipped Fairytales series:
Shadows on Snow
The Stillness of the Sky
Ride the Wind

The Antigone's Wrath series:
Master of Myth

Hearts of Valentia saga:
Tempered Hearts

J.C. Hutchin
7th Son series:
Descent (podcast)
Deceit (podcast)
Destruction (podcast)
7 Days (podcast)

Chloe Jacobs
Mylena Chronicles:
Greta and the Goblin King
Greta and the Glass Kingdom
**more to come**

Dina James
Stranger Things series:
All Wounds
Time Heals
Treat Me Right (short story)
Death Knell *yet to publish*

N.K. Jemisin
The Inheritance Trilogy:
The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms
The Broken Kingdoms
The Kingdom of Gods

Laura Jennings

Emma St. John
Chronicles of the Last Hareld series:

Tyler H. Jolley & Sherry D. Ficklin
The Lost Imperials series:
Extracted (audio)
Prodigal (audio)
Riven (audio)

Canary Club series:
Gilded Cage (audio)

Gary Jonas
Jonathan Shade series:
Modern Sorcery (audio)
Acheron Highway (audio)
Dragon Gate (audio)
Anubis Nights (audio)
Sunset Specters (audio)
Wizard's Nocturne (audio)
Razor Dreams

Pauline Baird Jones
An Uneasy Future series:
Core Punch (audio)

Julie Kagawa
Iron Fey series:
The Iron King
Winter's Passage (1.5)
The Iron Daughter
The Iron Queen
Summer's Crossing (3.5)
The Iron Knight
Iron's Prophecy (4.5)

Stacia Kane
Downside Ghosts series:
Finding Magic (.5)
Unholy Ghosts
Unholy Magic
City of Ghosts
Home (3.6)
Sacrificial Magic
Chasing Magic

Melanie Karsak
The Harvesting series:
The Harvesting (audio)
Midway (1.5) (audio)
The Shadow Aspect (audio)
Witch Wood (2.5) (audio)
Torn World (audio)

The Celtic Blood series:
Highland Raven (audio)

The Airship Racing Chronicles series:
Chasing the Star Garden (audio)
Chasing the Green Fairy (audio)
Chasing the Fog (yet to be published - 2016)

Chasing Christmas Past: Short story

Jackie Kessler
Hell on Earth series:
Hell's Belles
The Road to Hell
Hotter Than Hell

Ryan Kirk
Nightblade series:
Nightblade (audio)
World's End (audio)
The Wind and the Void (audio)

Primal Dawn series:
Primal Dawn (audio)

Caitlin Kittridge
Black London series:
Street magic
Demon Bound
Bone Gods
Devil's Business
The Curse of Four (4.5)
Soul Trade
Dark Days

G.J. Koch
Alexander Outlander series:
Alexander Outlander: Space Pirate

Mercedes Lackey & Steve Libby
The Secret World Chronicles:
Invasion (podcast)
The Hunt (podcast)
World Well Lost (podcast)
World Divided (podcast)
Waiting On (podcast)
Revolutions (podcast)
Run Silent, Run Deep

Mur Lafferty
The Shambling Guides series:
The Shambling Guide to New York City
The Ghost Train to New Orleans

The Afterlife Series:
Heaven (podcast)
Hell (podcast)
Earth (podcast)
Wasteland (podcast)

Glenda Larke
Watergivers series:
The Last Stormlord
Stormlord Rising
Stormlord's Exile

Poppy Lawless
The Chanceller Fairy Tale series:
The Glass Mermaid (audio)
The Cupcake Witch (audio)
The Bee Charmer (audio)

Sarah-Jane Lehoux
Sevy series:
Shades of War
*more to come*

Chris Lester
Metamor City series:
Welcome to the City (podcast)
Huntress (podcast)
House Call & The Sentinel (podcast)
The Muse (podcast)
Troubled Minds (podcast)
Holiday Special (podcast)
Making the Cut (podcast)
Whispers in the Wood (podcast)
Dreams of Change
The Cuckoo
Things Unseen

Marjorie M. Liu
Hunter Kiss series:
Hunter Kiss (.5)
The Iron Hunt
Darkness Calls
A Wild Light
The Mortal Bone

Terry Mixon
Empire of Bones series:
Empire of Bones (audio)
Veil of Shadows (audio)
Command Decisions (audio)
Ghosts of Empire (audio)

Kate Locke
The Immortal Empire series:
God Save the Queen
The Queen Is Dead
Long Live the Queen

Alaric Longward
Thief of Midgard series:
The Beast of the North (audio)

Kelly Lougheed
Hawthorn Dormitory series:
The Graveyard Gymnasium
Dormitory of the Dead
Vampire Voyage

Nathan Lowell
Golden Age of the Solar Clipper series:
Quarter Share (podcast)
Half Share (podcast)
Full Share (podcast)
Double Share (podcast)
Captain's Share (podcast)
Owner's Share (podcast)

Solar Clipper Tales:
South Coast (podcast)
A Light In The Dark

Tanyth Fairport series:
Ravenwood (podcast)
Zypheria's Call

Tim Marquitz
Demon Squad series:
Armageddon Bound
Betrayal (2.1)
At the Gates
Echoes of the Past

William Massa
Silicon Man series:
Silicon Dawn (audio)
Silicon Man (audio)

Brian McClellan
The Powder Mage Trilogy:
Promise of Blood
The Crimson Campaign
The Autumn Republic

Short Story in The Powder Mage world:
The Girl of Hrusch Avenue
Hope's End

Suzanne McLeod series:
The Sweet Scent of Blood
The Cold Kiss of Death
The Bitter Seed of Magic
The Shifting Price of Prey
The Hidden Rune of Iron *yet to publish*
The Sharp Bite of Ritual *yet to publish*

John Meaney
Bone Song
Dark Blood

Kelly Meding
Dreg City series:
Three Days to Dead
As Lie the Dead
Another Kind of Dead
Wrong Side of Dead
Requiem For The Dead

Jennifer Melzer
A Wanderer's Tale series:
Rusted Memory
Worse Things than Death

Serpent of Time series:
Sorrows Peak

Michael Meyerhofer
The Dragonkin Trilogy series:
Wytchfire (audio)

Tee Morris
Billy Buddings series:
Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Singing Sword
The Case of the Pitcher's Pendant

The Chronicles of Rafe and Askana series:
Morevi (podcast)
Legacy of Morevi

Resa Nelson
Dragonslayer series:
The Dragonslayer's Sword
The Iron Maiden
The Stone of Darkness
The Dragon's Egg

Dragonslayer: Two Short Stories
Astrid: The Dragonslayer Blacksmith: A Mini Novel (1.5)

Rachel Neumeier
Griffin Mage:
Lord of the Changing Winds
Land of the Burning Sands
Law of the Broken Earth

Black Dog:
Black Dog
Black Dog Short Stories
Pure Magic (pub date to be announced)

Tricia Owens
Moonlight Dragon series:
Descended from Dragons
Hunting Down Dragons (audio)
Trouble with Gargoyles
Forged in Fire
Rise of the Dragons

Christopher Paolini
Inheritance series:

Frances Pauli
A Kingdoms Gone series:
Forgotten (audio)
Blame the Bearer
*more to come*

Shift Happens series:
The Dimenional Shift
Aspect Ratio
Echo Location

Nicole Peeler
Jane True series:
Tempest Rising
Tracking the Tempest
Tempest's Legacy
Eye of the Tempest
Tempest's Fury
Tempest Reborn

J.F. Penn
ARKANE series:
Stone of Fire (audio)
Crypt of Bone (audio)
Ark of Blood
One Day In Budapest
Day of the Vikings
Gates of Hell
One Day In New York (audio)
Destroyer of Words (audio)
*more to come

with J. Thorn
Risen Gods (audio)

C.T. Phipps
Supervillainy series:
Rules of Supervillainy (audio)
Games of Supervillainy (audio)
Secrets of Supervillainy (audio)
Science of Supervillainy (audio)
*More to come!

From the Secret Files of the Red Room series:
Esoterrorism (audio)

Cthulhu Armageddon series:
Cthulhu Armageddon (audio)

A Sci-Fi Assassin series:
Agent G: Infiltrator (audio)

C.T. Phipps & Michael Suttkus:
Lucifer's Star series:
Lucifer's Star (audio)

Simone Pond
The New Agenda series:
The City Center (audio)
The New Agenda (audio)
The Mainframe (audio)
The Torrent

Steven Poore
Malessar's Curse series:
Heir to the North (audio)

Terry Pratchett
The Discworld Series:
The Color of Magic
The Light Fantastic
Equal Rites
Wyrd Sisters
Guards! Guards!
Moving Pictures
Reaper Man
Witches Abroad
Small Gods
Lords and Ladies
Men at Arms
Soul Music
Interesting Times
feet of Clay
Carpe Jugulum
The Last Continent
The Fifth Elephant
The Truth
Thief of Time
The Last Hero
The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents
Night Watch
The Wee Free Men
Monstrous Regiment
A Hat Full of Sky
Going Postal
Making Money
Unseen Academicals
I Shall Wear Midnight

T.A. Pratt
Marla Mason series:
Bone Shop (prequel)
Haruspex (prequel)
Pale Dog (prequel)
Mommy issues of the Dead (prequel)
Blood Engines
Gander Then the Sea (1.5)
Poison Sleep
Dead Reign
Spell Games
Broken Mirrors
Shark's Teeth (5.5)
Little Better than a Beast
Grim Tides (6)

Cherie Priest
The Clockwork Century series:
Tanglefoot (2.5)
The Inexplicables

Charlie Pulsipher
The Lost Shards series:
The Crystal Bridge (audio)
Obsidian Threads (audio)
Shadowed Glass (audio)

Devyn Quinn
Dark Tides series:
Siren's Call
Siren's Surrender
Siren's Desire

Sharron Riddle
Eva & the Demonators
Fate of the Fallen
*more to come*

Walking Sticks:
The Gift

Katee Robert
Eden's War series:
Hunter of the Dead
*waiting for more*

The Sanctify Series:
The High Priestess (0.1)
Queen of Swords

Freya Robertson
Elemental Wars series:

Jeremy Robinson & Sean Ellis
A Cerberus Novel series:
Herculean (audio)

Jeremy Robinson
Apocalypse Machine (audio)

Cecy Robson
Weird Girls series:
The Weird Girls (0.1)
Sealed with a Curse
A Cursed Embrace
A Cursed Moon (2.5)
Cursed By Destiny
A Curse Awakened (0.6)
A Cursed Bloodline
A Curse Unbroken

Of Flame and Promise
Of Flame and Light

Scott Roche
Esho St. Claire series:
The Case Book of Esho St. Claire: The Gibbering Mr. Cravat & The Current Killer

Margaret Ronald
Evie Scelan series:
Spiral Hunt
Wild Hunt
Soul Hunt

Patrick Rothfuss
The Kingkiller Chronicle:
The Name of the Wind
The Wise Man's Fear
The Doors of Stone *yet to publish*

Stacey Rourke
Legends Saga series:
Crane (audio)

J.A. Saare
Rhiannon Law series:
Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between
The Renfield Syndrome
The Ripple Effect
Edge of Darkness *yet to publish*

Robyn Sadler
Wolf Town series:
Forbidden Love

Lilith Saintcrow
Bannon and Clare series:
The Iron Wyrm Affair
The Damnation Affair (#1.5)
The Red Plague Affair

Dante Valentine series:
Working for the Devil
Dead Man Rising
The Devil's Right Hand
Saint City Sinners
To Hell and Back

Gallow and Ragged series:
Trailer Park Fae

The Society series:
The Society (audio)

Essays on Writing series:
The Quill & The Crow

Katie Salidas
Immortalis series:
Immortalis Carpe Noctem
Hunters & Prey
Pandora's Box

Chronicles of the Uprising series:
Initiation (prequel)
Dissension (audio)
Complication (audio)
Revolution (audio)
Transition (audio)
Retribution (audio)

Craig Schaefer
The Revanche Cycle series:
Winter's Reach (audio)
The Instruments of Control (audio)
Terms of Surrender (audio)

Daniel Faust series:
The Long Way Down (audio)
Redemption Song (audio)

Ken Scholes
Psalms of Isaak series:

P.J. Schnyder
London Undead series:
Bite Me
Sing for the Dead
Survive to Dawn

Kate SeRine
Transplaned Tales series:
The Better To See You
Along Came a Spider
Grimm Consequences
Ever After

Gena Showalter
Lords of the Underworld series:
the Darkest Fire #0.5
The Darkest Night #1
The Darkest Kiss #2
The Darkest Pleasure #3
The Darkest Prison #3.5
The Darkest Whisper #4
After Dark #4.5
The Darkest Passion #5
The Darkest Lie #6
The Darkest Secret #7
The Darkest Surrender #8
The Darkest Seduction #9
The Darkest Craving #10

Scott Sigler
The Generations Trilogy series:
Alive (audio)
Alight (audio)
Alone *Yet to publish - March 2017

Tara Sim
The Timekeeper Trilogy:
Timekeeper (audio)

Stormy Smith
Bound series:
Bound by Duty (Audio)
Bound by Spells (audio)
Bound by Prophecy (audio)
Bound Together (audio)

Kenny Soward
The Gnome Saga:
Rough Magic
*more to come*

Jon Sprunk
Shadow Saga:
Shadow's Son
Shadow's Lure
Shadow's Master

Blood and Iron
Storm and Steel

Mel Sterling
Portland after dark series:
*more to come

E.J. Stevens
Ivy Granger series:
Shadow Sight (audio)
Blood and Mistletoe (#1.5)  (audio)
Ghost Light  (audio)
Club Nexus (#2.5) (audio)
Burning Bright (audio)
Birthright (audio)
Hound's Bite (audio)

Michael J. Sullivan
Riyria series:

The Riyria Chronicles:
The Crown Tower
The Jester (2.5) (audio)
Professional Integrity (2.6) (audio)
The Rose and the Thorn
The Death of Dulgath

The First Empire series:
Age of Myth
Age of Sword

Mary Ting
Descendant Prophecies series:
From Gods (audio)
From Deities
From Origin
From Titans

Matt Verish
Interstellar Cargo series
Icarus (audio)

Carrie L. Wells
At the Heart of the Deep (audio)
At the Soul of the Deep

The Midnight Witches series:
Playing with Magic (audio)

Jaye Wells
Sabina Kane series:
Red-Headed Stepchild
The Mage in Black
Violet Tendencies (2.5)
Green-Eyed Demon
Silver-Tongued Devil
Blue-Blooded Vamp
Rusted Veins (5.5)
The End...

Prospero's War series:
Fire Water
Dirty Magic
Cursed Moon
Deadly Spells
Volatile Bonds (yet to come)

Mazarkis Williams
Tower and Knife Trilogy:
The Emperor's Knife
Knife Sworn

David Wood 
A Dane Maddock Adventure:
Buccaneer (audio)
Ark (audio)

with Sean Ellis
Jade Ihara Adventures:
Oracle (audio)
Changeling (audio)

An Adventure from the Myridon files series:
Destiny (audio)

with Rick Chesler
A Dane and Bones Origins Story series:
Hell Ship
Dead Ice
Amber (audio)
Treasure of the Dead (audio)

Natalie Wright
H.A.L.F. series:
The Deep Beneath (audio)
The Makers (audio)

Series I've Read:
Ann Aguirre:
Sirantha Jax Series:

Jaye Wells:
Sabina Kane Series:
Red-Headed Stepchild
The Mage in Black
Violet Tendencies (2.5)
Green-Eyed Demon
Silver-Tongued Devil
Blue-Blooded Vamp

Alma Alexander:
Worldweaver Series:
Gift of the Unmage

Colleen Helme:
Flame of Destiny series:
Flame of Destiny
The Relic

Celine Kiernan:
Moorehawke Trilogy:
The Poison Throne
The Crowded Shadows
The Rebel Prince

Frances Pauli:
The Changeling Race series:
A Moth in Darkness
The Fly in Paradise
Spiders from Memory

Brandon Sanderson:
Mistborn series:
Mistborn: The Final Empire
The Well of Ascension
The Hero of Ages


Michael J. Sullivan:
The Riyria Revelations:
The Crown Conspiracy
Nyphron Rising
The Emerald Storm

Riyria Chronicles:
The Viscount and the Witch
The Crown Tower
The Rose and the Thorn

Skyler White
Harrowing series:
and Falling, Fly
In Dreams Begin

Stand Alone Reads:
Danielle Ackley-McPhail & Day Al-Mohamed
Baba Ali and the Clockwork Djinn

Philippa Ballantine
The Little Clockwork Mermaid

Jake Bible
Stone Cold Bastards (audio)

Skyla Dawn Cameron

Merrie Destefano
Lost Girls

Kelly A. Harmon
Selk Skin Deep

Cedric Johnson & Veronica Giguere

Stephen Kozeniewski
Billy and the Clonesaurus

Every Kingdom Divided

Mur Lafferty
Playing For Keeps (podcasted book)
Marco and the Red Granny

Realm Lovejoy

John Mierau
Mountains Challenge
Harlan's Wake
The List
Last Man Home
Crucible and Flame

E. Nesbit:
The Book of Dragons


  1. Oh my! Your series list looks like mine. Long! And getting longer all the time.

    1. lol. Yes, Elsi. I keep adding to the list and not taking any off. It's great though.


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