Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Winner! Repull

Well, I heard back from the winner and to a funny coincidence she has won the book on another blog as well. :D  So, she suggested for me to pull a new winner.  Thank you for being honest Melissa!

So, now to the new winner of Never Tempt Danger.

There were a possible of 32 entries.  With the help of the winning number was... #10.  Who was that number you ask...

Congrats you won a copy of the book!

Please send me an email at MyWorldinwordsandpages {at} gmail {dot} com within 48 hours from January 19th 3:15pm EST with your address so I can get the book mailed out to you.


  1. Woohoo! Winnin' stuff is fun! Winnin' books is FABULOUS!
    Thanks, Mel! (...and Melissa!) :p

  2. Congratulations Rissatoo! And kudos to Melissa for passing along the book. Excellent book karma! ;)

  3. Melissa (Books&Things) - I always new there was something special about you. ;D Now I know for sure!

    Rissatoo - I will send you an email back when I get the book in the mail. I hope to get it out for you by the weekend.

    Alexia - Thank you for stopping by to say congrats. :)


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