Wednesday, November 20, 2019

A Bit of Time Off...Family, Dog Sickness, and a Puppy! And Photos.

First, I'm sorry. I know, I don't need to be but I am.

I stopped posting in a sudden way. I didn't plan that. It's been a few months since I've posted let alone visited blogs. I am still breathing. I'm not sick. I just got busy with life.

My father-in-law ended up in the hospital and was given a grim diagnosis. So, with working full time, I tried to help get him settled back in at home and with hospice. He's doing better now, though the diagnosis is the same. He's settled into his new "norm" for life.

Sheba got sick. Ugh. I really thought I was losing her. She was on Death's doorstep. But after lots of money (which I'm still working to recover) she got back to herself. Her back hip is a little weaker after being sick, but she was alive and barking. Which only lasted for less than a week.

We agreed to get Sheba a baby brother a few months before she got sick. Yep, you read that right. A friends dog fell in lust one day and then there were six puppies. We agreed to purchase one. He's half Golden Retriever and half Vizsla. He's such a sweetie! We visited with him about every other Saturday for a few hours as he grew. And we got him. Ugh. He has to pee every 10-20 minutes! Literally! I can't believe it. Every 20 minutes I'm taking him out. This is making it impossible for me to do much of anything.

If you follow me on Twitter (@MelLHay), you've seen photos and videos of this crazy bundle of energy.

We thought Sheba was going to recover. But, sadly, she didn't. She passed the day after we brought Arrow home. I have so much I want to share about my pretty but I can't. I still can't, weeks after losing her. It's heartbreaking for me as she was my soul pet.

I took Arrow to the vet before our first week was up because of his peeing. He had a bladder infection. Seriously?! I can't get away from special dogs. So he's been on medicine, he gets better then he gets bad about peeing again. He's obsessed with water so we have to limit what we give him to the expected amount for his weight and age. He's going for an x-ray to make sure nothing is going on inside, and I'm going to suggest a few other tests, like for sugar.

My photography is taking off. I'm surprised! I've had a few photos oh display in exhibits. And a few have sold!?! Crazy to think that! I'm working on getting a website up and running along with setting up an account on an online site that I can sell my photos on.

So, yea. It's been crazy busy here. I do plan on returning, I just need to get this puppy fixed up so he's not going outside every 20-30 minutes and iron life's events to a low rumble and on schedule. And of course it's the holiday's now. Ugh. I want sleeeeeep....

Thank you for working with me through all this!