Sunday, January 16, 2011

CSN Review to come...

Now the holidays are past and things are calming down, it's time to do some shopping to fill in the gaps with the things we got.  So, did you pick up one of those amazing flat screen TVs that were on sale Black Friday or over the holidays?  If so, do you need new TV stands to go with that brand new TV?  I know we do, with our move an all, we need a lot of things.

 dCOR design - CY-7121 - Bromley 48" - 68" TV Stand in Black Lacquer Look at this beauty.  This is black lacquer and on sale!  It is a lovely price.  And I think I could hide a few books on those shelves too!  If you would like to check out this stand and others CLICK HERE to jump to the site.

Speaking of books... I had to look at the shelves as well... So what did I find that caught my eye?  Lets take a look...
 Nexxt - Alton Three Tier Wall Shelf in Black This little lovely would look so nice on the wall in my new home.  Right in that spot between the windows where I can't put standing shelves because of the heater vent.  CLICK HERE to stop by and check it out!  It is soooo reasonably priced it might be gone before I get back to it.
 Atlantic - 22535605 - Canoe Wood Cabinet This one is classified as a TV stand, but I thought I could use it as a book shelf first.  I love the canoe look of it, which is part of the name.  I was trying to find something I could have double uses for.  My husband is planning on building me book shelves but I need some now too.  So if I get this I could use it for the books until he gets mine built, then move this over to hold all our movies and such. :) Sounds like a win win situation.  And the price! I'm not telling you because I don't want you to steal them all out of the warehouse before I get there.  (but if I whisper maybe you'll miss it... CLICK HERE)

So... now the shopping begins. :) Hope you enjoy as much as I will.


  1. I like that tv-stand that I too would use as a shelf :)

  2. I love CSN and have bought my last two bookcases from them! Thought I had run out of room, but I bet I could fit that hanging shelf in my bedroom... :)

  3. Blodeuedd - I really liked that tv stand and it is soooo reasonably priced. Well, for a nice tv stand. It was only priced at $245. Which really isn't bad. And their stuff I've gotten before doesn't seem cheap in the materials. :) And I think everything can double for a book shelf. ;)

    Alexia - I know and their stuff is so nicely made. The materials aren't the ones to fall apart quickly. :) But I thought this wall shelf was so cool! lol. I just have to get it.


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