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Listed By Book Author:

Allen, Jewel:
Ghost Moon Night (narrated by: Keith Michaelson)

Arand, William D.:
Otherlife Dreams (narrated by: Jeff Hayes)

Argyle, Amber:
Witch Song (narrated by: Melissa Reizian Frank)

Bailey, Deborah A.:
Hathor Legacy: Outcast (narrated by: Kristin James)
Hathor Legacy: Burn (narrated by: Kristin James)
Hathor Legacy: Revelations (narrated by: Kristin James)

Benem, David:
What Remains of Heroes (narrated by: Andrew Tell)

Black, Tasha:
Curse of the Alpha (narrated by: Addison Spear)

Bonham, M.H.:
Serpent Singer and Other Stories (narrated by: Kristin James)

Bond, Timothy:
Prophecy's Queen (narrated by: Jilletta Jarvis)

Caffrey, Cary:
The Girls from Alcyone (narrated by: Kristin James)
The Machines of Bellatrix (narrated by: Kristin James)
Codename: Night Witch (narrated by: Kristin James)

Cantrell, Rebecca:
The World Beneath (narrated by: Jeffrey Kafer)

Collins, Margo Bond:
Legally Undead (narrated by: Laurel Schroeder)

Fairy, Texas (narrated by: Melissa Moran)

Waking Up Dead (narrated by: Angel Clark)

Under Her Skin (narrated by: Emma Lysy)

Conneely, N.E.:
Witch for Hire (narrated by: Jeff Hays)
A Witch's Path (narrated by: Jeff Hays)
A Witch's Trial (narrated by: Jeff Hays)

Cooley, Trevor H.:
Tarah Woodblade (narrated by: Andrew Tell)

Cooper, Jacob:
Altar of Influence (narrated by: Michael Kremer)
Remnants and Shadows (narrated by: Michael Kremer)

Cooper, Harmon:
The Feedback Loop (narrated by Jeff Hays)

Creek, Dave:
Tranquility (narrated by: Kristin James)

Danley, Kate & Shakespeare, William:
Queen Mab (narrated by: Julian Rhind-Tutt)

Debenedetto, J.J.:
Finders Keepers

DeCandido, Keith R.A.:
The Case of the Claw (narrated by: Tee Morris)

Delany, Shannon:
Beware the Little White Rabbit (narrated by: Rhiannon Angell)

Desalls, Chess:
Travel Glasses (narrated by: Natalie Winters)
Insight Kindling (narrated by: Jill Maglione)
Time for the Lost (narrated by: Jamie Dufault)

Wrapped In The Past (narrated by: Janine Haynes)

Lantern (narrated by: Jill Maglione)

Glistens (narrated by: Julie Hinton)

Dobbs, Leighann & Douglass, Traci:
A Spell of Trouble (narrated by: Amy Rubinate)

Eden, Deirdra:
The Watchers: Knight of Light (narrated by: Julia Farmer)

Edens, Blaire:
The Witch of Roan Mountain (narrated by: Kathy Bell Denton)

Ellison, Jennifer:
Threats of Sky and Sea (narrated by: Misty Daugherty)
Riot of Storm and Smoke (narrated by: Grace Glass)
Fall of Thrones and Thorns (narrated by: Grace Glass)

Finn, KA:
Ares (narrated by: Keith Michaelson)
Nemesis (narrated by: Keith Michaelson)

Forbes, M.R.:
His Dark Empire (narrated by: Jeff Hays)

Dead Lucky (narrated by: Jeff Hays)
Dead of Night (narrated by: Jeff Hays)
Dead Red (narrated by: Jeff Hays)

Franklin, Madeline Claire:
The Ghost City (narrated by: Maria Marquis)

The Hierophant (narrated by: Maria Marquis)

Gimpel, Ann:
Earth's Requiem (narrated by: Caroline McLaughlin)

Hall, Linsey:
Ancient Magic (narrated by: Laurel Schroeder)
Mirror Mage (narrated by: Laurel Schroeder)
Stolen Magic (narrated by: Laurel Schroeder)
Eternal Magic (narrated by: Laurel Schroeder)
Infinite Magic (narrated by: Laurel Schroeder)

Hayes, Erin:
How to be a Mermaid (narrated by: Claire White)
I'd Rather Be A Witch (narrated by: Kristen James)

Helme, Colleen:
Carrots (narrated by: Wendy Tremont King)
Fast Money (narrated by: Wendy Tremont King)
Devious Minds (narrated by: Wendy Tremont King)
Hidden Deception (narrated by: Wendy Tremont King)

Holland, Debra:
Sower of Dreams (narrated by: Noah Michael Levine)

Howard, Lesa:
Phantom's Dance (narrated by: Kai Kennicott)

Jolley, Tyler & Ficklin, Sherry D.:
Extracted (narrated by: Grace Glass)
Prodigal (narrated by: Gwendolyn Druyor)
Riven (narrated by: James Darcy)

Jonas, Gary:
Modern Sorcery (narrated by: Joe Hempel)
Archeron Highway (narrated by: Joe Hempel)
Dragon Gate (narrated by: Joe Hempel)
Anubis Nights (narrated by: Joe Hempel)
Sunset Specters (narrated by: Joe Hempel)
Wizard's Nocturne (narrated by: Joe Hempel)

Jones, Pauline Baird:
Core Punch (narrated by: Diane Gelwix Somers)

Karsak, Melanie:
The Harvesting (narrated by: Kristin James)
Midway (narrated by: Kristin James)
Shadow Aspect (narrated by: Kristin James)
Witch Wood (narrated by: Kristin James)
The Torn World (narrated by: Kristin James)

Chasing the Star Garden (narrated by: Libby Clearfield)
Chasing the Green Fairy (narrated by: Danielle Cohen)

Ink (narrated by: Kristin James)

Highland Raven (narrated by: Lesley Parkin)

Kirk, Ryan:
Nightblade (narrated by: Andrew Tell)
World's Edge (narrated by: Andrew Tell)
The Wind and The Void (narrated by: Andrew Tell)

Primal Dawn (narrated by: Andrew Tell)

Lawless, Poppy:
The Glass Mermaid (narrated by: Hollie Jackson)
The Cupcake Witch (narrated by: Hollie Jackson)
The Bee Charmer (narrated by: Hollie Jackson)

Longward, Alaric:
The Beast of the North (narrated by: Jay Markwart)

Lovejoy, Realm:
Clan (narrated by: Jeff Hays)

Massa, William:
Silicon Dawn (narrated by: Joe Hemple)
Silicon Man (narrated by: Joe Hemple)

Meyerhofer, Michael:
Wytchfire (narrated by: Craig Beck)

Mierau, John:
Last Man Home (narrated by: P. J. Ochlan)

Crucible and Flame (narrated by: John Mierau)

Mixon, Terry:
Empire of Bones (narrated by: Veronica Giguere)
Veil of Shadows (narrated by: Veronica Giguere)

Owens, Tricia:
Hunting Down Dragons (narrated by: Jenna Mazzone)

Pauli, Frances:
Earth Girls Are Difficult (narrated by: Francesca Townes)

Forgotten (narrated by: Lisa L. Wiley)

Penn, J.F.:
Stone of Fire (narrated by: Veronica Giguere)
Crypt of Bone (narrated by: Veronica Giguere)
Gates of Hell (narrated by: Veronica Giguere)
One Day In New York (narrated by: Jeffrey Kafer)
Destroyer of Worlds (narrated by: Veronica Giguere)

Penn, J.F. & Thorn, J.:
Risen Gods (narrated by: C.J. McAllister)

Phipps, C.T.:
The Rules of Supervillainy (narrated by: Jeffrey Kafer)
The Games of Supervillainy (narrated by: Jeffrey Kafer)
The Secrets of Supervillainy (narrated by: Jeffrey Kafer)

Esoterrorism (narrated by: Jeffrey Kafer)

Cthulhu Armageddon (narrated by: Jeffrey Kafer)

Pond, Simone:
The City Center (narrated by: Sarah Zimmerman)
The New Agenda (narrated by: Ryan Kennard Burke)
The Mainframe (narrated by: Sarah Zimmerman)

Poore, Steven:
The Heir to the North (narrated by: Diana Croft)

Pulsipher, Charlie:
The Crystal Bridge (narrated by: Keith Michaelson)
Obsidian Threads (narrated by: Keith Michaelson)
Shadowed Glass (narrated by: Keith Michaelson)

Robinson, Jeremy & Ellis, Sean:
Herculean (narrated by: Jeffrey Kafer)

Robinson, Jeremy:
Apocalypse Machine (narrated by: Jeffrey Kafer)

Rourke, Stacey:
Crane (narrated by: Karen Krause)

Salidas, K.A.:
Dissension (narrated by: Meghan Kelly)
Complication (narrated by: Kerri McCann)
Revolution (narrated by: Kerri McCann)
Transition (narrated by: Kerri McCann)
Retribution (narrated by: Kerri McCann)

Schaefer, Craig:
Winter's Reach (narrated by: Susannah Jones)
The Instruments of Control (narrated by: Susannah Jones)
Terms of Surrender (narrated by: Susannah Jones)

The Long Way Down (narrated by: Adam Verner)
Redemption Song (narrated by: Adam Verner)

Sigler, Scott:
Alive (narrated by: Emma Galvin)
Alight (narrated by: Emma Galvin)

Sim, Tara:
Timekeeper (narrated by: Gary Furlong)

Sinclair, Ursula:
Shadow Wars: Homebound (narrated by: Todd Van Linda)

Smith, Stormy:
Bound by Duty (narrated by: Kristin James)
Bound by Spells (narrated by: Kristin James)
Bound by Prophecy (narrated by: Kristin James)
Bound Together (narrated by: Kristin James)

Stevens, E.J.:
Shadow Sight (narrated by: Traci Odom)
Blood and Mistletoe (narrated by: Melanie A. Mason & David Wilson Brown)
Ghost Light (narrated by: Traci Odom)
Club Nexus (narrated by: Traci Odom)
Burning Bright (narrated by: Melanie A. Mason & David Wilson Brown)
Birthright (narrated by Melanie A. Mason & Anthony Bowling)

Storry, Richard:
The Cryptic Lines (narrated by: Jake Urry)

Sullivan, Micheal J.:
The Jester (narrated by: Tim Gerard Reynolds)
Professional Integrity (narrated by: Tim Gerard Reynolds)

Ting, Mary:
From Gods (narrated by: Emma Lysy)

Verish, Matt:
Icarus (narrated by: Kevin Pierce)

Wells, Carrie L.:
At the Heart of the Deep (narrated by: Kristin James)

Playing with Magic (narrated by: Kristin James)

Wood, David & Ellis, Sean:
Oracle (narrated by: Jeffrey Kafer)
Changeling (narrated by: Jeffrey Kafer)

Destiny (narrated by: Jeffrey Kafer)

Wood, David & Chesler, Rick:
Amber (narrated by: Jeffrey Kafer)
Treasure of the Dead (narrated by: Jeffrey Kafer)

Wood, David:
Quest (narrated by: Jeffrey Kafer)
Ark (narrated by: Jeffrey Kafer)

Wright, Natalie:
The Deep Beneath (narrated by: Andrew Tell)
The Makers (narrated by: Dylan White)

Favorite Narrators:
Veronica Giguere (Does audio books & Podcast stories)
Kristin James
Jeff Hays
Susannah Jones
Adam Verner
Jeffery Kafer
Libby Clearfield
Sarah Zimmerman
Keith Michaelson
Andrew Tell

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