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The Horde
Chapter 1 - 6
Chapter 7 - 12

Avalon Revisited
By:  O.M. Grey
(free Listen, or you can purchase the book)

The Dreamer's Thread
By:  Starla Huchton
(free Listen, or you can purchase the book)

By:  Jared Axelrod
(Free Listening)

Book 2: Mouths of the Dead

The Gearheart: Artifice
By:  Alex White
(Free Listening)
Episodes 1 & 2

Tales from the Archives:
By:  Tee Morris & Philippa Ballantine
(Free Listening)
1 ~ The Evil that Befell Sampson written/narrated by Tee Morris & Philippa Ballantine
2 ~ Dust on the Davenport written/narrated by O.M. Grey
3 ~ The Astonishing Amulet of Amenartas written/narrated by Nathan Lowell
4 ~ The Sun Never Sets written/narrated by Val Griswold-Ford
5 ~ The Seven written/narrated by PC Haring
6 ~ A Ruby in Rain written/narrated by Grant Stone
7 ~ Hanuman's Gift written/narrated by Helen E. H. Madden
8 ~ Night's Plutonian Shore written/narrated by Jack Mangan
9 ~ The Shadows of Calcutta written/narrated by Phil Rossi
10 ~ Darkness Before the Darkwater written/narrated by Tee Morris
Christmas Special 2011 written/narrated by Tee Morris & Philippa Ballantine
11 ~ From Paris, With Regret written/narrated by Starla Huchton
12 ~ The Precarious Child written/narrated by Tee Morris & Philippa Ballantine

Tales from the Archives Volume 2:
By:  Tee Morris & Philippa Ballantine
(Free Listening)
1 ~ Sins of the Father written/narrated by Tee Morris
2 ~ A Swan in Siam written/narrated by P.J. Schnyder
3 ~ Women of the Empire written/narrated by JR Blackwell
4 ~ The Emperor's Fist written/narrated by JR Murdock
5 ~ The Wrong Camera written/narrated by Catherine Ford
6 ~ A Trick of Strong Imagination written/narrated by Alyson Grauer
7 ~ The Cross of Columbia written/narrated by Doc Coleman
Christmas Special 2012 written/narrated by Tee Morris & Philippa Ballantine
8 ~ Curtain Call written/narrated by Shaun Farrell
9 ~ Positively Shocking written/narrated by Tee Morris
10 ~ Preseration Inlet written/narrated by Dan Rabarts
11 ~ The Carolinas written by Kreg Steppe narrated by Chuck Tomasi
12 ~ The Taniwha of Ana Cove written by Lewis Hoban

A Hanukka Special written by Lisa-Anne Samuel

Tales from the Archives Volume 3:
By:  Tee Morris & Philippa Ballantine
(Free Listening)
1 ~ Silver Linings written/narrated by Philippa Ballantine & Tee Morris
2 ~ Under Oak Island written by K.T. Bryski narrated by Gavin Douglas & Blythe Haynes
3 ~ Why the Sea is Boiling Hot written by Michael Spence narrated by Philippa Ballantine
4 ~ Wooden Go to Waste written by Sandra Wickham narrated by K.T. Bryski
5 ~ Those Dark Satanic Mills written/narrated by Suna Dasi
6 ~ Blessings of Baalshemin written by Nobilis Reed narrated by Nobilis Reed & Dee Reed
7 ~ Bitter Pill written/narrated by Sheri Blume & Bill Blume
8 ~ What the Turtle Saw written by Jarred Axelrod narrated by Jarred & Tee Morris
9 ~ Clockwork Portal When Timelines Go Awry written/narrated by Stacia Kelly
10 ~ Foothold written/narrated by Paul Ellis

Christmas Special 2014 written and narrated by Philippa Ballantine & Tee Morris

Tales from the Archives Volume 4:
1 ~ Spiritus Sanctus written/narrated by Alyson Grauer
2 ~ The Mummy of Barnsley written/narrated by Michael A. Ventrella
3 ~ The Black Empress written/narrated by Katharina Bordet
4 ~ Down By the River written/narrated by Tim Dodge