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Audio Book Review: Obsidian


By:  Kimberly Loth

Publish Date:  February 17, 2016, Audiobook Release April 16, 2019

Format:  Audiobook - 6 hrs 5 mins
Narrated By:  Angela Rysk

Genre:  Fantasy

Series:  1st in The Dragon Kings series

Impression:  A young girl's love for dragons could save them.

Seventeen-year-old Aspen is a skydiving, rock climbing, adrenaline junky. All her life, she’s been fascinated by the dragons who roam near her home in Yellowstone Park. Yes, Dragons. Though no human has ever gotten close enough to touch one.

Except Aspen.

While most people avoid the national parks because of the resident dragons, Aspen spends most of her free time in search of the feared and misunderstood creatures. For her, studying the dragons is a way to escape a painful past and avoid getting too close to anyone.

She’d rather track dragons in the wild and through the lens of her camera than talk to real people. But then Aspen meets a hot new guy at school, Sid King. He’s the one person she’s ever met who shares her obsession with all things dragon. But even as she feels strangely drawn to the mysterious boy, she senses he’s hiding his own set of dark and powerful secrets.

When hikers start turning up dead in the park, everyone suspects the formidable predators. Unless Aspen can prove their innocence, every one of her beloved dragons is in danger of eradication.

After Aspen and Sid uncover a sinister plot behind the brutal attacks, Aspen can no longer deny that Sid somehow knows more about the deaths than he should and the secrets they both keep threaten to rip their lives apart forever.

First Sentence:
Travis Springs usually didn't hike in the national parks.

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Audible   (Box Set of Series)

My Thoughts and Summary:
*I was given this free review copy of this audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

Angela Rysk is a new narrator for me. I found I liked her narration as she voiced Aspen and the characters. There are slight differences in tone or attitude, but not drastic shifts. I found I listened to the story more than her voice as I went along. The audio is clear and clean, making it easy to listen to.

Obsidian has to do his ten years as a human, that he's been putting off, now that he's turned to be king. He makes his arrival and finds a young girl that's caught his attention. However, there are people dying in the forest where the dragons roam. Humans view the dragons as dangerous, but now there's one eating humans. To keep the fear of the large, mysterious beasts at a minimum and keep people from attacking, Aspen is determined to prove that the beautiful, majestic dragons are not dangerous. Obsidian, as the king, wants to find the killer. Aspen's love for the dragons brings her to meet Obsidian.

The story is easy to follow. I found the story went the path I sort of figured it would. Which isn't a bad thing, I got what I expected from the characters as the story went. And no great surprises hit me. I have a few questions at the beginning. One of them being the tattoo, but it gets answered. Another question was more a 'I can't believe a mom would do that' moment. I know I'm not a perfect mother and I don't want to question others and their ways, but I can't understand why Aspen's mother would spike her ice cream with Valium. That feels a bit extreme when she didn't even know what was going on with Aspen.

I like Aspen. She seems like a smart girl. I think she pieced things out early on, but then was mislead by Sid to not know the truth. Aspen's a bit of a dare devil, but I got the feel she likes the excitement. Maybe an adrenaline addict or one with lack of fear with what she enjoys - propelling and other activities, along with pushing her limits with dragons. Aspen loves dragons, which are not known about and are feared by the majority of humans. Aspen's got a bit of past that she's not shared with anyone, abuse from a boy. This is important in Aspen's character and comes into play with what's happening.

Sid is an interesting character. I do like him though. He seems to know how things are going to eventually end for him, but he doesn't care.

A few small things had me curious though. I'm curious as to how Sid was able to easily fall for another after all the years with Skye. He seemed to genuinely care for her, maybe even love. But then things change in an instant. When Aspen started spending more time with Sid, did she still go out to see Obsidian? It seems as though her nightly visits with Obsidian ended, but I don't know. And Sid is to be watched closer because of who he is to be. But it felt as though he wasn't really watched at all. Sure there was Theo and Pearl on occasion, but that felt to be it. I thought there'd be more stopping by to check in on him. Although... maybe.... Hmmm. If that's who I think it is that might explain why Sid is so free to do as he wants.... Yep, you have to listen or read the book to piece that one together. I'm hoping the next book will answer some of these holes for me.

This book can be read by Young Adults and Adults alike. However, I do want to mention there is a memory of a terrible night for Aspen. There is hinting of and mention of rape. I want you to be aware. There is death in the book as well. There feels to be little emotion from the characters other than Aspen or others not allowed to go hiking.

I enjoyed the idea of the book, but it could have used some help with the holes in the events and emotions. The way the story ends, I have to go to the next book to see what happens to Aspen. Ugh. It is a cliff hanger ending. But all the books are out and ready for you to read or listen to.

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Audio Book Review: Mad God's Muse

Mad God's Muse

By:  Matthew P. Gilbert

Publish Date:  July 23, 2019, Audiobook Release July 23, 2019

Format:  Audiobook - 13 hrs 27 mins
Narrated By:  Ralph Lister

Genre:  Fantasy

Series:  2nd in Sins of the Fathers series; 1st Book ~ Dead God's Due

Impression:  Moving characters to where needed.

The fate of the world rests on his shoulders. Will he crumble?

Ahmed’s faith is strong, and so is his sword-arm, but as for details, those were for his fallen master. Now, he must somehow rise to the task of leading his men and, by Ilaweh's grace, thwart the Dead God's apocalyptic prophecy.

But how can he command hardened veterans of war, men with much blood on their hands, when he has accomplished so little in his young life?

If Ahmed can earn their respect, there might still be time to do as his master had hoped--ally with the sorcerers of Nihlos. They are dangerously unpredictable and capricious, perhaps even mad, but their power is undeniable.

Ahmed will need that power. For he knows something even his master never guessed: their ultimate destination is the true heart of darkness. An ancient city of evil and death that none survive.

First Sentence:
Am I a god?

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My Thoughts and Summary:
*I was given this free review copy of this audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

Ralph Lister is the narrate the story once again. He's created the voice of the characters along with the pronunciations and continues with it here. As in the first book, Ralph's work is clean and clear. He's easy to listen to.

This book shows some of the magic the Meite's possess. We get to see them in action, implying their power and control. This gives a nice fantasy feel to them and the book.

We dive deep into the politics of the Nihlos in this book. There is corruption and games played by all in the council and high seats. It can get confusing at times because people play both sides of the fence to get what they want. There are moments where I'm confused as to what is going on or why people are saying what they are saying. I think that the conspiracy found in what people are saying and how they are acting is not as clear in audio at moments. When people say one thing and do another it's hard to pick up as well.

I found this book slow moving. This book is one that places people in places. Some of the events to get to these places are interesting but I felt there was a lot of filler to detail out Nihlos and the characters more. Much of this was what made the story slow for me. It felt as though this book is a transition, creating a reason to move the players where they need to be and removing others that stand in their way.

In the end we get a quick glimpse of where we will be heading next. I'm hoping things move along faster to this new place as I'm looking forward to going there and see what comes to be.

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Audio Book Review: Death's Mantle

Death's Mantle

By:  Harmon Cooper

Publish Date:  September 25, 2019, Audiobook Release December 17, 2019

Format:  Audiobook - 10 hrs 25 mins
Narrated By:  Andrea Parsneau

Genre:  Fantasy

Series:  1st in series

Impression:  Light and dark in gamer view.

Lucian North is supposed to be dead.

Suffering from a rare heart condition that doctors say should have killed him over a year ago, Lucian is playing a video game when Death finally comes.

Rather than give in, Lucian pulls a gun on the Grim Reaper.

As the two stare each other down, terrible demons known as injuresouls swarm into the room in pursuit of Death.

Summoning courage he never knew he had, Lucian comes to Death's aid. And for his troubles, he is awarded Death's Mantle.

Transported to a spiritual world he could have never fathomed, Lucian finds that he is instantly powerful, able to conjure weapons from scratch and perform incredible feats. He introduces game mechanics to his new role, develops a carefully curated inventory list, and modifies a HUD system that allows him to better track his targets.

It isn’t easy being Death, and Lucian will need just about everything he can get as he faces off against fallen angels, appalling parasites, demon-born injuresouls, and savage Death Hunters.

Regardless of his sudden strength, his newfound enemies, and his gamer ingenuity, Lucian can't communicate with the living, which wouldn't be a problem if he hadn’t discovered something terrible about his family...

Lucian’s brother is scheduled to die, and only Lucian has the power to do anything about it.

Death’s Mantle is a dark fantasy GameLit novel that LitRPG, metaphysical fantasy, occult sci-fi, and thriller readers will love. Death’s Mantle is written by Harmon Cooper, bestselling GameLit author of Way of the Immortals, House of Dolls, Cherry Blossom Girls, The Feedback Loop and Monster Hunt NYC. It was inspired by the anime Parasyte, the comic book series Sandman and Spawn, the books On a Pale Horse and the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

First Sentence:
Any day could have been Lucian North's last day on Earth.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
*I was given this free review copy of this audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

Andrea does a great job of voicing each character with different voices. Wow. There's great differences and great detail in each characters voice. I enjoyed the variety found between the characters. I did listen at 1.4 speed, which felt to go well with the narration. The audio sounded clean and clear and full of life with the characters emotions.

Lucian has a rare heart condition. He's lived beyond his time the doctor gave him, and his last day arrives. When he sees Death's arrival he is ready to stand up to him, and ends up helping to save Death. Lucian is the given Death's position. Now Lucian gets to help people pass on by removing the parasite that's feeding off of them and prolonging their life.

This is a very interesting concept! I like learning the basics with Lucian as he learns what Death does along with those that will try to kill Death. The twist of being Death and seeing things as a gamer's view is very interesting. I really enjoyed this creation.

The story starts right in with Lucian and how he gets to the LitRPG world. No delay in learning, we get there ASAP. There were moments I wasn't sure where the story was going as we see Lucian visit his family and go through moments with them as he's in his new position. I know he's worried about his brother, Connor, and wants to help him. But I feel as though we are living through life's moments and not in a story. We then get direction, to help Connor and to find Old Death and bring him home.

Along the way, Lucian powers up and learns about the parasites in the world. Lucian also learns about other beings; Deaths, Lifes (angels), Fallen Angels, and more that can harm him. Lucian has a way about him to make a few friends along the way too. I enjoy these friends and what they bring to the story with information on how things work.

As I listened to the book, I started to feel as Lucian does about death. I understand his questions, and I had my own start to pop up about the position of death and details. It felt like death was turned into a job and wasn't personal, or even a game. When I started to think about this I wondered if the gamer style detail view Lucian makes is what brings it to feel this way. Maybe the gamer view isn't the best for something that feels so personal.

I found I wanted to be with these people in their last moments, as they pass on. It feels like death is so lonely.

I liked the concept of using a gaming system setup with what is a reality for the character. If there's more in the world, I'd be curious to see where things go with all the characters.

About the Author:
Harmon Cooper is a prolific Amazon best-selling author of 50 science fantasy books and counting. He was one of the earliest authors to bring GameLit to the West. His most popular series include Way of the Immortals, House of Dolls, Cherry Blossom Girls, The Feedback Loop and Monster Hunt NYC. Originally from Austin, Texas, Cooper was a musician before transitioning to world traveler and writer, spending five years in Asia honing his writing skills, wanderlusting, studying languages, and teaching English. He now lives in New England (and loves it!) with his wife. www.harmoncooper.com.

Audio Book Review: Darklands


By:  M.L. Spencer

Publish Date:  June 22,2017, Audiobook Release February 22, 2019

Format:  Audiobook - 11 hrs 30 mins
Narrated By:  Simon Wright

Genre:  Fantasy

Series:  2nd in The Rhenwars Saga series; 1st Book ~ Darkmage, Prequel ~ Darkstorm

Impression:  Return to the Rhen, with a different view of the "enemy."

Compelled to obey the dark god he pledged his soul to, Darien finds himself tasked with delivering the people of the Black Lands from under the curse of darkness which shrouds the skies. With the enemy mage Azár, Darien sets out across a barren darkscape to assume his place as the leader of a people who despise him.
As he journeys deeper into the shadowed waste, Darien is confronted with difficult truths that force him to question every loyalty he has ever held. For there, in the brutal proving grounds of the north, Darien will be inexorably forged into the most dangerous adversary the Rhen has ever faced.

First Sentence:
The old man wandered the dark corridor toward his death, the girl trailing after him.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
*I was given this free review copy of this audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

Simon returns to voice the second book. Yes! I've found he fit Darien and the other characters for me in voice and accent. I do enjoy listening to him vocalize the story here.

Two years since the Well of Tears was opened and closed. And the Well is opened again, to help a people raise to the place they should be.

We get the story from a few different POV's, which is great as there are things happening around The Rhen at the same time. We see all the actions and events unfold. One of the characters we get to spend time in their head is Meiran. Hmm. I liked her. Wanted to like her more. But she shows a prejudice that rubs me wrong. She doesn't want to believe what Darien or Quinlan have to say, because they are demons. She doesn't want to be open to what could be possible with a nation of people either. She feels as though she is a hypocrite in what her power focus is and what she won't do, heal. I like that she's written this way. She has seen different things than Darien has seen, and that affects her differently.

We get a view of a different part of the world compared to the first book. And of the people that were seen as the enemy in the first book. There is more to the world and story than what people believe or know. We get to see that.

We see how the actions taken in the first book leave relationships and the consequences that need to be faced. It's interesting seeing the Well of Tears opened for what was thought to be the enemy in the first book. This "enemy" has been suffering for a thousand years with the curse created in the prologue story.

I was surprised to see Darien and a few others return in this book after the ending of the first book. I was thrilled to see Darien back though. There are moments in the book that I wasn't 100% sure as to why something was happening. This could be because it's audio and I missed it, or maybe not clarified yet. I'm not sure which one.

We learn of why the Well of Tears was created in the first place. There is a new danger for all things made of magic, and that includes the mages. Darien also gets placed with the people he saw as an enemy due to the way he was raised. Darien sees how the others live, and has to defend and help them.

I'm ready to journey with our characters to see what the outcome is with the magic and the people in the darklands.

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Audio Book Review: Three O'Clock Seance

Three O'Clock Seance

By:  Joanne Pence

Publish Date:  January 12, 2016, Audiobook Release June 6, 2019

Format:  Audiobook - 5 hrs 33 mins
Narrated By:  Kristi Burns

Genre:  Cozy Mystery

Series:  3rd in The Rebecca Mayfield Mysteries series

Impression:  Short cozy mystery story.

San Francisco Homicide Inspector Rebecca Mayfield has vowed to have nothing more to do with mystery man Richie Amalfi, but when he tells her about the strange deaths of clients of a local psychic medium, her decision changes. Rebecca has always been intrigued by the paranormal and, despite her logical and practical nature, she can't resist looking into the deaths.

A handsome medium, a tormented ghost, and the FBI lurking around because of their interest in Richie and some stolen ancient artifacts, show Rebecca that the dead don't always stay dead and buried. And her emotions can't be buried, no matter how hard she might try. But following both just might lead Rebecca straight to the Great Beyond ... permanently.

First Sentence:
On Tuesday afternoon San Francisco Homicide Inspector Rebecca Mayfield did something completely out of character.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
*I was given this free review copy of this audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

Kristi Burns is a new narrator for me. She voices the characters with slight tone differences or enunciation patterns that would fit the characters if we meet them in person. The book has sections that are from Rebecca's POV and then Rickie's POV. In doing this there is a slight shift her her persona and tone to differentiate the characters.

I'm, again, reading or listening to a book out of order in it's series. It's okay though! This book has it's own story that starts and finishes here. There are some growing arcs between the characters and their relationships that are growing as the books go, but you don't feel lost in that arc. You learn where the characters have been and how they feel now.

Rebecca Mayfield is a nice character to read. She's not buffaloed by things but she stays calm and investigates. She does have an attraction to another in the story, which I think I really like. Rebecca feels like she could be a real person in her feelings and reactions.

There are several others mentioned in the book that Rebecca works with in the homicide unit. We don't get to spend much time with them here, but they fill out the world making it feel full and three dimensional. The one that Rebecca does spend time with, and is on a case because of, is Rickie. I found I liked Rickie. He's a bit of a bad boy feel but he's so much more. There's a feel of romantic tension between Rebecca and Rickie, but they both fight it as there is implications that each aren't good for the other.

The case here... A man claiming to be a medium is taking retirement money from his older clients. And, maybe even killing them... Rickie's worried about his mother who's now drawn into the medium's web with her friend. Rebecca doesn't want to look into it, but Rickie asked and she doesn't have much else going on at work.

This is a short cozy mystery story. It's something you can relax with as there's danger but nothing high octane. And there's a blooming romance as we get the thoughts of the two characters that are attracted to each other. A nice mystery story to relax by the fire with.

I enjoyed the story and will keep the series in mind for the future.

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Audio Book Review: Dead God's Due

Dead God's Due

By:  Matthew P. Gilbert

Publish Date:  June 25, 2019, Audiobook Release June 25, 2019

Format:  Audiobook - 10 hrs 34 mins
Narrated By:  Ralph Lister

Genre:  Fantasy

Series:  1st in Sins of the Fathers series

Impression:  Introduced to two worlds that need help, but could be enemies.

The end of the world approaches. The people don't believe. They don't even remember.

Yazid Valerion is alone with the truth, but his warnings fall on deaf ears. His people are far more concerned about the wars of today and tomorrow than those of the past.

Eons ago, the Dead God promised a world of ash, and the time of that prophecy is now at hand. His only hope is to cross the sea with his few followers in search of ancient enemies, the Meites, and pray he can sway them to his cause. But the Meites are no mere mortals; they are powerful sorcerers prone to outbursts of destructive terror. Even if he can find them, there's no guarantee they won't slaughter him and his men upon first sight.

Perhaps there is no way to change the prophesy of a god. If not, then Yazid will die well. For a warrior knows, it is better to die fighting than trembling in fear of the final blow.

First Sentence:
The monster simply would not die.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
*I was given this free review copy of this audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

Ralph Lister is a new narrator for me, and I'm thrilled I listened to him! He has a rustic, husky voice that fits for the characters in this fantasy world. He vocalizes each character with a slightly different tone and personality. The emotion and feelings each character is feeling in the moment comes through as well. He laughs where laughing is mentioned, too. This all brings the characters to life for the story.

The prologue tells us what happened and the prophecy that's going to be a problem. I know some people don't like prologues, but I don't mind them. It sets the stage for the worlds history and why there could be trouble in the future, or the now when we get into the book.

We start with the characters in their lives, seeing how they live and what they know. We learn about the stations and standings in the world.

Yazid goes looking for help for a greater evil that's to come, but what he finds is not healthy for him. In search of Meites, Yazid finds a city where there's a terrible unease in the people's social structure and political structure that will grow to more trouble.

The upset in the political structure of one culture brings a new struggle in the process. The terrible political games of life and death could bring new battles to the doorstep of Nihlos, when Yazid and his crew had come in peace. This book tells what Yazid and his men had to live through along with the conspiracies of Nihlos, where Yazid hoped to find allies. There's going to be a long road to get to the great evil that's coming.

We are seeing how the different groups of people live, and how things are falling apart. Everyone has different beliefs and systems in pay, but each system has it's flaws and the flaws seem to be evident. The political structure in Nihlos is on shaky grounds with the Empress and the games people play. We see it crumble more.

I was curious if I was under the proper understanding when the book started as we spent most of the book in the political structure and battles of Nihlos rather than on the path Yazid set forth on. I'm glad the end of the book came back around to what Yazid was talking of and looking for in the beginning. In the end, I realized this book was to introduce us to the cultures present and show that nothing is ever easy.

There was something about the book that held me, had me keep going. At the end, seeing what happens and the tie to the worlds and potential troubles to come, I'm curious to follow on to the next book.

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Audio Book Review: Hook: Dead to Rights

Hook: Dead to Rights

By:  Melissa Snark

Publish Date:  September 25, 2018, Audiobook Release April 15, 2019

Format:  Audiobook - 4 hrs 18 mins
Narrated By:  Natalie Naudus

Genre:  Urban Fantasy

Series:  1st in Captain Hook and the Pirates of Neverland series

Impression:  Captain Hook as an adult, and there's more between her and Peter Pan.

Neverland is a wondrous isle of adventure.

Neverland is a cruel lie.

Children follow Peter Pan believing their dreams will come true—to never grow up.

Surprise, surprise... they never will. The children Peter Pan abducts are murdered or meet a grimmer fate.

I'm the child who escaped Peter's treachery. I've made it my life's calling to rescue the Lost Boys, even those who don't wish to be saved. Now Pan has a schooner he's using to steal even more children. I'm the only one who can stop him.

Call me Hook. I am the master and commander of a pirate ship, and I'll have my revenge on Peter Pan if it's the last thing I do.

First Sentence:
I am ink.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
*I was given this free review copy of this audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

Natalie Naudus is a new voice for me. I found I enjoyed her character from the start and how Natalie voiced her. She put a touch of emotion into the words which made it easy to picture the character and her feelings with her actions. I enjoy this when the voice goes with the actions of a story.

The story feels as it's a grown-ups version of Hook and Peter Pan, or maybe a continuation. Where do all the children go when they are Lost Boys of Peter Pan? This story has a darker version of the tale, yet is it a cover up for Captain Hook to do what she must to help the lost children here? Maybe Peter Pan is the one that's of the darker side... I don't know!

The story is short and starts quick. We get a great feel for Captain Hook with her crew and the world in the beginning then dive into the story. I was curious about Captain Hook and Peter Pan's relationship along with seeing how things pan out here in this world that has a different feel than the Peter Pan tale from my youth. The story tells of the big picture plan for Captain Hook, kill Peter Pan. There is a feel as there is more to Peter Pan and his taking of children, and even to the history with Peter Pan and Captain Hook. But a specific mission appears when Captain Hook sees Peter Pan has a girl on his ship, she decides to act and save the girl when she can't kill Peter Pan.

Captain Hook wants to act fast, before Pan grows tired of the girl or the girl ages much more. There's a reason for the worry over a girl as girls time is measured differently here than with boys, she'll change faster than the boys will. (I know, that last sentence is vague yet sounds like it should be wrong. Head over to the book to get the details.)

There's a deeper feeling to Captain Hook and her connection to Peter Pan. We get hints there was more there. There is something up with Peter Pan as well, from the hints we get and what Captain Hook perceives each time we get close to Peter Pan. I'm looking forward to future books to learn all I can.

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Audio Book Review: Villains Deception

Villains Deception

By:  M.K. Gibson

Publish Date:  November 3, 2014, Audiobook Release March 25, 2019

Format:  Audiobook - 9 hrs 6 mins
Narrated By:  Jeffrey Kafer

Genre:  Urban Fantasy

Series:  3rd in The Shadow Master series: Book 1 ~ Villains Rule, Book 2 ~ Villains Pride

Impression:  Fun adventure through sci fi with Jackson.

Jackson Blackwell, the Shadow Master, returns. And lo, the multiverse shall tremble. Why? For someone dared to kidnap his daughter.

In this third installment of the multiple award-nominated Shadow Master novels (which we perpetually lose), Jackson and his crew of malicious malcontents are going on a road trip! Er, well, space . . . trip? Look, this time we’re mocking sci-fi, so you know, just go with it.

While on a consultation trip to a sci-fi dimension, Evie Blackwell is taken by hired mercenaries, and Jackson is stranded on a remote planet. Using all of his devious and deadly tricks, Jackson must escape, assemble his team, and travel through space and time to find those responsible. Jackson will stop at nothing to prove his commitment to his family while wreaking his patented comedic havoc in a way that only a man-turned-god can.

Follow this thrilling, hilarious, and yes, oddly touching book, as Jackson hops dimensions, fights the forces of light and shadow, and even confronts an entire pantheon of pissed-off gods.

Won’t this be a hoot?

First Sentence:
In the vastness of space and time exists a hidden dark place.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
*I was given this free review copy of this audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

Jeffrey does a great job following up with the characters. In the audio book we get a walk-on voice for one of the characters by R.C. Bray. We get a fun back and forth with R.C. Bray and Jeffrey Kafer! It's a great extra to have in the story. They made me laugh.

Oh how M.K. Gibson makes jokes of Jeffrey. lol. It's funny the way he writes in the narrator and about the narrator in the book. It fits so well to Jackson's character and with the book theme.

Someone took Evie! Jackson is on a job in a space universe and has his daughter, Evie, with him. But when he's attacked, his daughter disappears. Who took her? Jackson will track that person down and they will pay...

I find humor in the minor details of the world. The small explanations given and the short stories that go with things make me smile. This grows the world and Jackson's character with how he reacts to things.

Jackson is not a fan of space operas or space genre at all. I get a kick out of how he points out how space books, or his journey, is similar to other genres in books. He points this out as though it's science fiction space books ripped off other genres, but then finds there are small pieces he likes from classifications he likes. So could Jackson come to like space operas...?

Jackson has a lot of contacts in the worlds. He's had many, many clients over the years that now lend to Jackson's plans, even if they don't know it.

Okay, is M.K. Gibson a stand-up comic? LOL! I really had fun with this story. And the best part is M.K. also has a great story to tell, and the ending may be a surprise for you. lol. The ending is the part that made the books for me. Well, not 100%. I love Jackson's humor and actions. The ending was well fitting for a Jackson book. lol. We were told in the beginning, and it all comes back around at the end. Fun twist!

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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Audio Book Review: Child of the Ghosts

Child of the Ghosts

By:  Jonathan Moeller

Publish Date:  January 14, 2014, Audiobook Release October 28, 2018

Format:  Audiobook - 13 hrs 52 mins
Narrated By:  Hollis McCarthy

Genre:  Urban Fantasy

Series:  1st in The Ghosts series

Impression:  A young girl finding her way in the hidden world.

When her life is torn apart by sorcery and murder, young Caina Amalas joins the mysterious Ghosts, the legendary spies and assassins of the Emperor of Nighmar. She learns the secrets of disguise and stealth, of assassination and infiltration.

But even that might not be enough to save her.

For the evil that destroyed her family seeks to devour the entire world...

Purchase At:
Amazon  /  Barnes & Nobles 


My Thoughts and Summary:
*I was given this free review copy of this audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

This is a first for me with hearing Hollis McCarthy narrating. I know Caina is young in the books, but I'm Hollis's voice for her sounds off and too small for me. The audio is clean and clear to listen to.

I struggled with the first two flashbacks, to when Caina is 11 years old then when she was 7 years old. At eleven Caina doesn't understand why her mom hates her so. But in the flashback to when she was seven, her mother then her father tell her why. As a reader, I wonder if these sections have the wrong ages in them.

I'm divided on the beginning of the book. I understand the need for it, to create the character background of Caina and those that impacted her in her early years. But, part of me wants to say the background isn't as needed as it's detailed out instead of implying by just actions with her family. The nice thing is it's quick, and into the story we go.

This story is the beginning of Caina and her mission in life. This book sets up Caina with her training and how Maglarion grows in what he wants. Caina is a studious girl, loving her books and to learn. This book is Caina learning many things. Caina needs to grow and learn to do what she wants, which will come in time.

We see much of the way the world is on different sides as The Ghosts have friends and allies in all classes of the world. The Ghosts are the hidden police that are also assassins that work in the shadows of the world.

There was something about this book that felt simple, nothing hidden behind the words spoken. Yet I felt drawn to keep listening even if I didn't have to guess as to what will happen. It was more a relaxing read for me.

In finishing the book, the story is complete but Caina has a life to live and figures out what she wants to do. Caina will and, from looking at Goodreads, has many missions to go on in her life. I'm curious to follow her along in the books.

The book reads and feels like it's written for young adults, though there are things that are a little more than for younger readers. I would say for a teenager and older.

****If you liked my thoughts, please click Yes at Amazon and/or Audible. Thank you!

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

A Bit of Time Off...Family, Dog Sickness, and a Puppy! And Photos.

First, I'm sorry. I know, I don't need to be but I am.

I stopped posting in a sudden way. I didn't plan that. It's been a few months since I've posted let alone visited blogs. I am still breathing. I'm not sick. I just got busy with life.

My father-in-law ended up in the hospital and was given a grim diagnosis. So, with working full time, I tried to help get him settled back in at home and with hospice. He's doing better now, though the diagnosis is the same. He's settled into his new "norm" for life.

Sheba got sick. Ugh. I really thought I was losing her. She was on Death's doorstep. But after lots of money (which I'm still working to recover) she got back to herself. Her back hip is a little weaker after being sick, but she was alive and barking. Which only lasted for less than a week.

We agreed to get Sheba a baby brother a few months before she got sick. Yep, you read that right. A friends dog fell in lust one day and then there were six puppies. We agreed to purchase one. He's half Golden Retriever and half Vizsla. He's such a sweetie! We visited with him about every other Saturday for a few hours as he grew. And we got him. Ugh. He has to pee every 10-20 minutes! Literally! I can't believe it. Every 20 minutes I'm taking him out. This is making it impossible for me to do much of anything.

If you follow me on Twitter (@MelLHay), you've seen photos and videos of this crazy bundle of energy.

We thought Sheba was going to recover. But, sadly, she didn't. She passed the day after we brought Arrow home. I have so much I want to share about my pretty but I can't. I still can't, weeks after losing her. It's heartbreaking for me as she was my soul pet.

I took Arrow to the vet before our first week was up because of his peeing. He had a bladder infection. Seriously?! I can't get away from special dogs. So he's been on medicine, he gets better then he gets bad about peeing again. He's obsessed with water so we have to limit what we give him to the expected amount for his weight and age. He's going for an x-ray to make sure nothing is going on inside, and I'm going to suggest a few other tests, like for sugar.

My photography is taking off. I'm surprised! I've had a few photos oh display in exhibits. And a few have sold!?! Crazy to think that! I'm working on getting a website up and running along with setting up an account on an online site that I can sell my photos on.

So, yea. It's been crazy busy here. I do plan on returning, I just need to get this puppy fixed up so he's not going outside every 20-30 minutes and iron life's events to a low rumble and on schedule. And of course it's the holiday's now. Ugh. I want sleeeeeep....

Thank you for working with me through all this!

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Sunday Post #119

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It's been several months since I've done a Sunday post. And this one is missing some books and post links.

It's been a few months. I had two photos selected and displayed at a local historical site in their gallery. We've been busy with events on weekends. And learned my father-in-law's not doing well. So we've had a lot going on family wise and more. I don't even know where to start to share it all. So I figured I'd do a post and start clean next week.

Life just feels like it's been throwing us loops this year, every time I think I have a schedule it all gets blown out of the water and I have to start over.


The Fit Booker:

Goal:  Workout in any form of exercise (or on Wii Fit) 2x's a week. (to feel better and hope to drop a few pants sizes)

How did I do last week... I really need to get back to working out!

What's Happening in Books:

Current Read:
Gunsmoke & Dragonfire edited by Diane Morrison

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Finished Last Week: 
No reads this week.

Audiobooks :
The Wrath of Lords by Kyle Alexander Romines
Shadows on Snow by Starla Huchton
Villains Deception by M.K. Gibson
Child of the Ghosts by Jonathan Moeller
Assassin's Honor by Gail Z. Martin
Hook: Dead to Rights by Melissa Snark
Dead God's Due by Matthew P. Gilbert
Tangled Web by Gail Z. Martin
Three O'Clock Seance by Joanne Pence

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Received For the Last Week:
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For Review Consideration:
The Bone Ships by R.J. Barker
Goodreads Synopsis:
A crew of condemned criminals embark on a suicide mission to hunt the first sea dragon seen in centuries in the first book of this adventure fantasy trilogy.

Violent raids plague the divided isles of the Scattered Archipelago. Fleets constantly battle for dominance and glory, and no commander stands higher among them than “Lucky” Meas Gilbryn.

But betrayed and condemned to command a ship of criminals, Meas is forced on suicide mission to hunt the first living sea-dragon in generations. Everyone wants it, but Meas Gilbryn has her own ideas about the great beast. In the Scattered Archipelago, a dragon’s life, like all lives, is bound in blood, death and treachery

Audio Books Requested for Review:
Magic for Liars by Sarah Gailey
Goodreads Synopsis:
Ivy Gamble has never wanted to be magic. She is perfectly happy with her life—she has an almost-sustainable career as a private investigator, and an empty apartment, and a slight drinking problem. It's a great life and she doesn't wish she was like her estranged sister, the magically gifted professor Tabitha.

But when Ivy is hired to investigate the gruesome murder of a faculty member at Tabitha’s private academy, the stalwart detective starts to lose herself in the case, the life she could have had, and the answer to the mystery that seems just out of her reach.

The Sol Majestic by Ferrett Steinmetz
Goodreads Synopsis:
The Sol Majestic is a big-hearted intergalactic adventure for fans of Becky Chambers and The Good Place

"A feast of a book." --Hugo Award-winning author Seanan McGuire

Kenna, an aspirational teen guru, wanders destitute across the stars as he tries to achieve his parents' ambition to advise the celestial elite.

Everything changes when Kenna wins a free dinner at The Sol Majestic, the galaxy's most renown restaurant, giving him access to the cosmos's one-percent. His dream is jeopardized, however, when he learns his highly-publicized "free meal" risks putting The Sol Majestic into financial ruin. Kenna and a motley gang of newfound friends -- including a teleporting celebrity chef, a trust-fund adrenaline junkie, an inept apprentice, and a brilliant mistress of disguise -- must concoct an extravagant scheme to save everything they cherish. In doing so, Kenna may sacrifice his ideals -- or learn even greater lessons about wisdom, friendship, and love.

Utterly charming and out of this world, The Sol Majestic is will satisfy the appetites of sci-fi aficionados and newcomers alike.

Spine of the Dragon: Wake the Dragon #1 by Kevin J. Anderson
Goodreads Synopsis:
Bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson's triumphant return to epic fantasy, Spine of the Dragon, is a politically charged adventure of swords, sorcery, venegeance, and the rise of sleeping giants.

Two continents at war, the Three Kingdoms and Ishara, are divided by past bloodshed. When an outside threat arises—the reawakening of a powerful ancient race that wants to remake the world—the two warring nations must somehow set aside generational hatreds and form an alliance to fight their true enemy.

Permafrost by Alastair Reynolds
Goodreads Synopsis:
Fix the past. Save the present. Stop the future. Alastair Reynolds unfolds a time-traveling climate fiction adventure in Permafrost.

2080: at a remote site on the edge of the Arctic Circle, a group of scientists, engineers and physicians gather to gamble humanity’s future on one last-ditch experiment. Their goal: to make a tiny alteration to the past, averting a global catastrophe while at the same time leaving recorded history intact. To make the experiment work, they just need one last recruit: an ageing schoolteacher whose late mother was the foremost expert on the mathematics of paradox.

2028: a young woman goes into surgery for routine brain surgery. In the days following her operation, she begins to hear another voice in her head... an unwanted presence which seems to have a will, and a purpose, all of its own – one that will disrupt her life entirely. The only choice left to her is a simple one.

Does she resist... or become a collaborator?

The Others by Jeremy Robinson
Goodreads Synopsis:
UFOs and alien abductions remain one of the most hotly debated and mysterious subjects of the twenty-first century. In the decades since 1960, with reports of strange encounters on the rise, thirteen million people have gone missing worldwide and never been found. The Others takes a fast-paced, unique, and moving look at the phenomenon that has fueled Jeremy Robinson's imagination since several sightings, strange happenings, and visits with renowned UFO investigator, and family friend, Raymond Fowler.


Dan Delgado is a private investigator. When it comes to finding cheating spouses, corporate thieves, or runaway teenagers, he's unenthusiastic, and unmatched. As a former San Francisco detective, he misses more meaningful work, but he hasn't had the heart for it since his wife's death five years prior. That is, until a phone call from a distraught mother. An illegal immigrant who can't go to the police puts him on the hunt for a missing little girl.

By the time he reaches the mother's small home, she's missing, too. The circumstances are strange, but when a team of heavily armed mercenaries arrive, Delgado is convinced there is more going on than a simple kidnapping.

Joined by his elderly assistant, a gun-toting pastor, and a UFO enthusiast Uber driver, Delgado follows the clues west, to Colorado City, a town cleaved in two by the 37th parallel, also known as the UFO Highway. In a town infamous for fundamentalist Mormon cult activity, they uncover evidence of a massive child-trafficking ring, whose ringleaders might not be human.

Delgado and crew are plunged into a dangerous world of corporate competition, UFO lore, and government cover-ups. While they hunt for answers, they're pursued across the Southwest by high-tech mercs, brainwashed cults, and beings whose true identity has been concealed since 1947.


Flux by Jeremy Robinson
Goodreads Synopsis:
For Owen McCoy, a typical day on the job as head of security for Synergy, a research company conducting mysterious experiments, is boring at best. And that's the way he likes it. Patrolling the Appalachian mountainside, where his now deceased father taught him how to hunt, is relaxing and connects him to the past.

But today is not a typical day on the job. It begins with asking a thief to join him for breakfast. Seeking to set the young man on a better path, Owen invites him to walk the perimeter with him and consider a more honest living. Before their patrol can begin, they discover evidence that the facility has been breached. When Owen's truck explodes, he's confused, but ready for whatever might come his way.

At least, he thinks he is.

A wave of light-bending energy--the Flux--rolls down the mountainside, transporting Owen, and everyone in the nearby town of Black Creek, to October 14, 1985, the day before his father died. Two hours later, the second Flux hits, and then a third, and a fourth, each time collecting Black Creek residents from various times. They're carried through eras filled with wild animals, monsters of myth, and ancient beasts...and then beyond.

Joined by a ragtag group of temporal stowaways, including family members, Owen fights to restore order, stop the Flux, and return home, facing off against futuristic tech, primal killers, and the fear of losing his father...again.

International bestselling author of The Others and Infinite, Jeremy Robinson combines science, action, and strong characters to create an ever-changing landscape that explores the past, the human condition, and the lengths people will go to save those they love.

Child of the Ghosts by Jonathan Moeller
Goodreads Synopsis:
When her life is torn apart by sorcery and murder, young Caina Amalas joins the mysterious Ghosts, the legendary spies and assassins of the Emperor of Nighmar. She learns the secrets of disguise and stealth, of assassination and infiltration.

But even that might not be enough to save her.

For the evil that destroyed her family seeks to devour the entire world...

Dead God's Due by Matthew P. Gilbert
Goodreads Synopsis:
The end of the world approaches. The people don't believe. They don't even remember.

Yazid Valerion is alone with the truth, but his warnings fall on deaf ears. His people are far more concerned about the wars of today and tomorrow than those of the past.

Eons ago, the Dead God promised a world of ash, and the time of that prophecy is now at hand. His only hope is to cross the sea with his few followers in search of ancient enemies, the Meites, and pray he can sway them to his cause. But the Meites are no mere mortals; they are powerful sorcerers prone to outbursts of destructive terror. Even if he can find them, there's no guarantee they won't slaughter him and his men upon first sight.

Perhaps there is no way to change the prophesy of a god. If not, then Yazid will die well. For a warrior knows, it is better to die fighting than trembling in fear of the final blow.

The Tainted Crown by Meg Cowley
Goodreads Synopsis:
What is the price of kingship?
The kingdom of Caledan is thrown into turmoil by the queen’s murder. Her heir, Soren, flees with a price on his head after being framed for the killing by his uncle Zaki, who seizes the legendary throne of the Dragon Kings and rules with an iron fist to crush dissent. However, suspicion is rife following Zaki’s ill-omened coronation and a crime ill-fitting the beloved Prince Soren.
Now a fugitive roaming the wild, Soren has lost everything. He tries to reconcile his grief and determine how he can reclaim his throne when fate has left him with just one old man, but the odds are greatly against him. If no-one follows him, or believes his innocence, is he worthy to rule?
Across the kingdom, Soren’s cousin Eve takes matters into her own hands and journeys to the ethereal Eldarkind on his behalf, however this reveals her own inescapable fate. As she comes to terms with the gift and the curse of magic, Eve risks her life to help Soren.
Before the fragile peace shatters, can Soren reclaim the throne - and should he?

The Brooding Crown by Meg Cowley
Goodreads Synopsis:
What is the price of kingship?

Soren has defeated his usurping uncle and the semblance of peace has returned to Caledan, but surrounded by the twelve noble houses of Caledan, King Soren can trust few. In the shadows, treasonous thoughts grow. When news of Zaki’s presence in Roher reaches Soren, can he ally all of Caledan to his cause – and keep them?

Zaki has not given up on his plans to regain Caledan’s throne. First he must prove himself to Harad, the mighty king of Roher, but Zaki will stop at nothing to gain the support of Roher’s army, march on Caledan’s borders and take back the throne of the dragon kings.

War returns to Caledan, but a greater threat looms. The pact is broken. The Eldarkind are fading. The dragons war amongst themselves. A power too terrible to name grows in the North, and He seeks revenge. Only Eve stands in His way – but can she stop magic as old as time?

Return to Caledan for the thrilling, fast-paced sequel to The Tainted Crown.

Assassins Honor by Gail Z. Martin
Goodreads Synopsis:
First in the new Assassins of Landria series from the award-winning, bestselling author of Scourge: A Novel of Darkhurst, and the Chronicles Of The Necromancer books! 

Friends since their orphanage childhood, Joel “Ridge” Breckinridge and Garrett “Rett” Kennard rose through the ranks of the Landrian army together, from teenaged conscripts to seasoned fighters. Together, they became the most feared team of assassins in Landria, surviving longer that most in their profession by virtue of excellent fighting skills, legendary bravado, peerless strategy, and an uncanny synchronicity. Henri, their long-suffering squire, tends to the thankless jobs of provisioning and logistics, while Ridge and Rett fight and recover. 

When wandering mystic Yefim Makary becomes the darling of disenchanted aristocrats, Rett and Ridge fear Makary—or the Witch Lord, as his followers call him—is a threat to the crown. As treasonous whispers spread, Ridge and Rett go rogue to stop the threat, save the kingdom and protect the king—while landing on the “Most Wanted” list themselves!

Tangled Web by Gail Z. Martin
Goodreads Synopsis:
Cassidy Kincaide runs Trifles & Folly in modern-day Charleston, an antiques and curios shop with a dangerous secret. Cassidy can read the history of objects by touching them and along with her business partners Teag, who has Weaver magic and Sorren, a 600-year-old vampire, they get rid of cursed objects and keep Charleston and the world safe from supernatural threats. 

When zombies rise in Charleston cemeteries, dead men fall from the sky, and the whole city succumbs to the “grouch flu,” Cassidy, Teag, and Sorren suspect a vengeful dark witch who is gunning for Teag and planning to unleash an ancient horror. Cassidy, Teag, and Sorren—and all their supernatural allies—will need magic, cunning, and the help of a Viking demi-goddess to survive the battle with a malicious Weaver-witch and an ancient Norse warlock to keep Charleston—and the whole East Coast—from becoming the prey of the Master of the Hunt.

A Midsummer Night's Murder by Colleen Helme
Goodreads Synopsis:
A Shelby Nichols Novella
For a mind-reader like Shelby Nichols, finding a murderer should be a piece of cake. But add an overzealous prosecuting attorney with a grudge against her, and the wrong person could end up in jail. Can Shelby find the real killer before he strikes again? (From the Summer Snoops Anthology)
USA TODAY and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author Colleen Helme offers a clever mix of mystery, laugh-out-loud humor, and page-turning adventure in the highly acclaimed Shelby Nichols Adventure Series.

Marked for Murder by Colleen Helme
Goodreads Synopsis:
Trouble follows Shelby Nichols
Why wouldn't it?
She works for a mob boss.
And the police.
A desperate call from a friend in need turns Shelby’s life upside down. Someone is out to prove that Shelby is a fake, marking her for murder. How far will they go?
As the clock ticks down, she realizes no one is safe, and it’s up to her to stop them. Will she succeed? Let’s hope so, because time is running out...

Three O'Clock Seance by Joanne Pence
Goodreads Synopsis:
San Francisco Homicide Inspector Rebecca Mayfield has vowed to have nothing more to do with mystery man Richie Amalfi, but when he tells her about the strange deaths of clients of a local psychic medium, her decision changes. Rebecca has always been intrigued by the paranormal and, despite her logical and practical nature, she can't resist looking into the deaths.

A handsome medium, a tormented ghost, and the FBI lurking around because of their interest in Richie and some stolen ancient artifacts, show Rebecca that the dead don't always stay dead and buried. And her emotions can't be buried, no matter how hard she might try. But following both just might lead Rebecca straight to the Great Beyond ... permanently.

Age of Legend by Michael J. Sullivan
Goodreads Synopsis:
Each culture has its own myths and legends, but only one is shared, and it is feared by all. 

With Age of MythAge of Swords, and Age of War, fantasy master Michael J. Sullivan riveted readers with a tale of unlikely heroes locked in a desperate battle to save mankind. After years of warfare, humanity has gained the upper hand and has pushed the Fhrey to the edge of their homeland, but no farther. Now comes the pivotal moment. Persephone’s plan to use the stalemate to seek peace is destroyed by an unexpected betrayal that threatens to hand victory to the Fhrey and leaves a dear friend in peril. Her only hope lies in the legend of a witch, a forgotten song, and a simple garden door.

Hymn by Ken Scholes
Goodreads Synopsis:
Ken Scholes completes his five-book epic that began with his acclaimed first novel Lamentation. The battle for control of The Named Lands has captivated readers for ten years as both characters and readers have learned the true nature of world called Lasthome.

Now the struggle between the Andro-Francine Order of the Named Lands and the Y Zirite Empire has reached a terrible turning point. Believing that his son is dead, Rudolfo has pretended to join with the triumphant Y zirite forces but his plan is to destroy them all with a poison that is targeted only to the enemy.

In Y Zir, Rudolfo's wife Jin Li Tam is fighting a war with her own father which will bring that Empire to ruin.

And on the Moon, Neb, revealed as one of the Younger Gods, takes the power of the Last Home Temple for his own.

The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson
Goodreads Synopsis:
Roshar is a world of stone and storms. Uncanny tempests of incredible power sweep across the rocky terrain so frequently that they have shaped ecology and civilization alike. Animals hide in shells, trees pull in branches, and grass retracts into the soilless ground. Cities are built only where the topography offers shelter.

It has been centuries since the fall of the ten consecrated orders known as the Knights Radiant, but their Shardblades and Shardplate remain: mystical swords and suits of armor that transform ordinary men into near-invincible warriors. Men trade kingdoms for Shardblades. Wars were fought for them, and won by them.

One such war rages on a ruined landscape called the Shattered Plains. There, Kaladin, who traded his medical apprenticeship for a spear to protect his little brother, has been reduced to slavery. In a war that makes no sense, where ten armies fight separately against a single foe, he struggles to save his men and to fathom the leaders who consider them expendable.

Brightlord Dalinar Kholin commands one of those other armies. Like his brother, the late king, he is fascinated by an ancient text called The Way of Kings. Troubled by over-powering visions of ancient times and the Knights Radiant, he has begun to doubt his own sanity.

Across the ocean, an untried young woman named Shallan seeks to train under an eminent scholar and notorious heretic, Dalinar's niece, Jasnah. Though she genuinely loves learning, Shallan's motives are less than pure. As she plans a daring theft, her research for Jasnah hints at secrets of the Knights Radiant and the true cause of the war.

The result of over ten years of planning, writing, and world-building, The Way of Kings is but the opening movement of the Stormlight Archive, a bold masterpiece in the making.

Speak again the ancient oaths:

Life before death.
Strength before weakness.
Journey before Destination.

and return to men the Shards they once bore.

The Knights Radiant must stand again.

Free Ebooks:
(On my Kindle and Nook App) Links to books under title. They may or may not be free at this time.
Catacombs by Avery Cross
Goodreads Synopsis:
Mysterious necromancers. Wicked summoners. Fierce witches. Occasional familiars. Military experiments. Secret councils. Forbidden alliances. The Academy of Ancients will suck you in. 

Briar Shroud has gone from foster child to full scholarship at the Academy of Ancients. Cool, right? 

Not quite. Her upperclassman mentor Zachary sucks. He's hot, but he sucks at being a mentor. And a friend. And a person. 

Her roommate's a paranormal, and the whole school is underground and a secret. 
Know what else is bad? Briar learns she's a witch. And a rare type of witch, to boot. 

It went from bad to worse—a picture of a sister she's never heard of appears at the school. A sister she knows nothing about. 

And the rules seem hellbent on keeping Briar from learning the truth. And sometimes, it seems other forces would rather not see her alive. 

Warning: This series will hook you! Violence can be found in this series of action-packed fantasy, with necromancers, summoners, and badass witches.

Rules of Stone by Alex Lidell
Goodreads Synopsis:
One elite fae warrior. Four superior officers. A bond they can’t remember—or resist. 

Lera was once human. Now, with dark magic leaking into the mortal world, Lera and her four fae warriors must protect her home realm - even if that means going undercover to a human military academy. But when a sudden, terrible accident melds the males with their human disguise, everything changes. Now it’s up to Lera to make her mates remember themselves, their mission, and her, before the entire mortal world pays the price. 

River, Shade, Tye, and Coal can’t overlook the gorgeous new cadet who’s just arrived at Great Falls Academy, but when the tantalizing Lera starts breaking rules and ignoring orders, the four senior officers intend to put her in her place. Lera will learn or she will quit—that is just how Great Falls works. 

Lucifer's Daughter by Kel Carpenter
Goodreads Synopsis:
We’ve all heard the story of the Four Horsemen. Harbingers of the apocalypse. Destruction given form. Four of the sexiest—wait no—forget that. You get my point. 

So imagine my surprise when I find out everything I’ve ever been told, is a lie.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. Let’s start from the beginning.

My name is Ruby Morningstar. I run a tattoo parlor in Portland with my bestfriend, have a pet raccoon, a crazy ex that stalks me, not to mention this one little thing… I’m a demon. Half-succubus, to be exact. For the last twenty-three years of my life, that’s the story I believed, but on the day a handsome stranger bails me out of jail my world is turned upside down, and suddenly I don’t know who I am anymore.

Because the Four Horsemen aren’t the bringers of the apocalypse.

I am.

Talk about never catching a break.

The Tarot Witches Complete Collection by SM Reine
Goodreads Synopsis:
This is the complete four-book collection of The Tarot Witches, a New York Times bestselling paranormal romance series. 

There are seventy-eight cards in a tarot deck, and each card has been appearing in the mailbox of a different witch. Each one bears a message for the unlucky recipient, and it brooks a warning: fix your life and earn power beyond imagining, or lose everything you care about. 

Werewolves are drawn to the scent of these tarot witches, driven to bond and protect them. The desire to mate cannot be conquered. And entire packs will rise and fall for the love of the tarot witches... 

Book One: Caged Wolf 
Book Two: Forbidden Witches 
Book Three: Winter Court 
Book Four: Summer Court

Whom the Gods Love by M.M. Perry
Goodreads Synopsis:
Harpy infested plains. Dark and foreboding forests. Beasts of myth and legend. All must be conquered by Cass and her small band before they can ask the favor of a God. From the Plains of the Dead Gods all the way to the Temple of Oshia, a mercurial God who promises to grant any wish to those who complete a harrowing pilgrimage, a tale unwinds that begins to unravel a great mystery—a story told only in the hazy atmospheres of forgotten pubs in the farthest reaches of the land… until now. The group quickly finds itself caught in a struggle between the gods that has spanned millennia. And everyone knows that nothing is easy when the gods have a hand in.

This is the first book in the Of Gods & Mortals trilogy.

Off the Edge by Carolyn Crane
Goodreads Synopsis:
For deadly secret agent Peter Macmillan, language is a weapon-one he uses to hunt criminals, destroy plots, and charm enemies. Seducing information out of a beautiful singer in a Bangkok hotel should be easy...except this particular singer has the power to destroy his cool facade, and with it, his last defense against a dark past. 

He may be her only hope...

He tricked her. He helped himself to her body and her secrets. He has enemies everywhere. Laney Lancaster should hate Peter, but when she discovers him shirtless, sweaty, and chained up in the hotel's dungeon, all she can think about is freeing him. Because she knows what it's like to be trapped and alone. And she could use a dangerous friend. They may be wrong for each other, but the instant they join forces, Laney and Peter are plunged into an odyssey of hot sex and dark danger. To survive, they must trust each other with their lives-and their hearts.

Athenian Steel by P.K. Lentz
Goodreads Synopsis:
She is doom and madness. She is Thalassia.

In 425 BCE, the Athenian general Demosthenes comes into possession of a weapon from the stars. He fears to wield it against his city's bitter enemy Sparta, but he knows that he must, lest it be wielded by others. He knows, too, that it seeks to wield and possess him, for this weapon is human, or something like it, and as complex as the wider universe from which she fell. She is Thalassia. She is doom and madness. She has come for reasons all her own, and she did not come alone. Book II out 9/24!

ATHENIAN STEEL is bloody, twisted mayhem in the ancient world and Book I in a centuries-spanning epic that will appeal to readers of Gene Wolfe, David Gemmell, David Drake, Michael Moorcock, & other classic SF/Fantasy authors of the 1970's to 1990's. Fans of Bernard Cornwell, Michael Curtis Ford, Steven Pressfield and similar will also find plenty to enjoy if they don't mind touches of cosmic SF, dark humor, and sex in their military historical fiction.

Magma Girl by Claudia Silva
Goodreads Synopsis:
A Short Story

Be careful who you trust.

For superhero, Magma Girl, life isn't a fairy tale at all. One day she decides to tell her best friend her secret and what she really thinks of the life she leads. 
Things will never be the same.

If you like shows like Black Mirror or The Twilight Zone, you will love this dark short story.

The Witch in the Woods by Jessica Lynch
Goodreads Synopsis:
Before she was the witch in the woods, before she was Cassandra, she was—


It was supposed to be just another job. The stranger hired me to be his maid and, though something about him made me twitch, I couldn’t pass up the money. So I traded Harlem for Manhattan, knowing that this decision might change my life.

I couldn’t have been more right.

I should have listened when he warned me away from that mirror, but I didn’t, and I somehow landed my fool self into a whole new world. I’m not alone, though.

He’s there. He says his name is Apollo, like the theater. And he has the absolute nerve to expect me to believe that I’m meant to be here, in this place, with him. A city girl like me, living out in the woods with some golden-haired white boy?

He must’ve lost his damn mind. 

But Apollo has a dark side, too. A temper. When I brush him off, desperate to get back to New York, he curses me. That’s right. Curses me—with her name and her fate. He says I’m Cassandra. And so I am.

Because of his curse, I see the future. I know what’s going to happen. I don’t believe it.

And that, perhaps, is the worst part of the curse.

*The Witch in the Woods is a novella set in the Mirrorside world. It features the story of Cassandra, the witch in the woods who helps Noelle in the first Mirrorside novel, Stalk the Moon.

Shakespeare's Witch by Samantha Grosser
Goodreads Synopsis:
Love, Witchcraft, Sorcery, Madness. 

A fortune told …
When Sarah Stone foresees Will Shakespeare’s latest play has opened doors to evil, she begs the playwright to abandon it. But Will refuses, aware the play is one of his best. And so rehearsals for Macbeth begin. 

Forbidden desires …
After her vision, Sarah fears for her life – she has never known the shewstone to lie, and she turns to her brother Tom for comfort. A strange darkness seems to haunt the playhouse, and when Tom sets out to seduce John Upton, the boy actor who plays Lady Macbeth, the boy sees the hand of witchcraft in his own forbidden desires for men. Then Sarah weaves a spell to win the love of the new lead actor, and John, terrified for the safety of his soul, begins to make his accusations.

The Spirits have spoken …
As rehearsals continue, Sarah and Tom must struggle to convince John he is mistaken and that his sins are his own – their lives and the fortune of the play are at stake. But the Spirits have spoken – will the fate that Sarah foresaw come to pass or is their destiny their own to decide? Set against the first production of Macbeth in 1606, Shakespeare’s Witch is a seductive tale of the origins of the curse of the Scottish Play.

A Shadow on the Glass by Ian Irvine
Goodreads Synopsis:
In ancient times the Way Between the Worlds was shattered, leaving bands of Aachim, Faellem, and Charon trapped with the old humans of Santhenar. Now Llian, a Chronicler of the Great Tales, uncovers a 3,000-year-old secret too deadly to be revealed-while Karan, a young sensitive, is compelled by honor to undertake a perilous mission. Neither can imagine they will soon meet as hunted fugitives, snared in the machinations of immortals, the vengeance of warlords, and the magics of powerful mancers. For the swelling deluge of a millennial war is rising, terrible as a tsunami, ready to cast torrents of sorcery and devastation across the land....

Maxon by Christina Bauer
Goodreads Synopsis:
Now a special edition with an all-new wedding epilogue! 

Prince Maxon may be twenty-two years old now, but he’s still haunted by his boyhood abduction and torture in Hell. To deal with his past, Maxon limits his present-day activities to killing demons and seducing women. No long-term relationships. No combat too dangerous. No problem, right? 


Maxon’s life has stalled out. The old thrills aren't there anymore, either on the battlefield or in the bedroom. While staking out his next fight, Maxon meets what seems like just another girl after a good time. What he gets is a close encounter with Lianna, a lady warrior with ties to the mysterious elemental rulers called the monarkki. 

It’s love at first fight. 

Trouble is, Lianna’s running from a dark history of her own, and her elemental enemies are closing in. When Lianna gets taken, Maxon realizes that after years of wrong choices and dead ends, the right woman is worth risking it all...

Psychic Undercover by Amie Gibbons
Goodreads Synopsis:
Vampires aren't the only things that go bump in the night... 

Singers are a dime a dozen in Nashville, so despite her mama's urging, psychic Ariana Ryder's working her way towards a career in law enforcement at the FBI, one tray of fetched coffee at a time, instead. She's got an extremely handsome boss, a dancing partner among the lab techs, and a solid year as the team rookie under her belt... 

Right until the director gives her a big break, working undercover as a singer at a club to investigate why it's being targeted by a serial killer. This might have worked better if the club didn’t happen to be a vampire nest. 

Now, with the vampires' investigator, Quil, on her case, the sparks are flying and the jurisdictional battle isn't the only thing heating up as they race to solve the case before the killer strikes again!

Psychic Wanted (Un)Dead or Alive by Amie Gibbons
Goodreads Synopsis:
When your exes come back to haunt you...

Halloween's here and psychic FBI agent Ariana Ryder is ready to party. But a psychic has a job to do, and when a curse of vengeance born from broken hearts starts killing men all over Nashville, Ariana has to psychic up and get her butt to work. Everything about these supposed suicides screams ghost, but it's doing things no mere specter can pull off.

The clock's tickin' before the ghost strikes again, and Ariana's going to have to face her own past to stop it...

Because it's just set its sights on Grant.

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