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Blog Book Chat (13) End!

We have finished SHADY LADY by Ann Aguirre!  WOW!  What can I say!?!  Okay, so we will get to all that in the comments.  Have you read it?  Come chat with us.

Do Note:  If you have not read the book yet, there WILL BE SPOILERS in the comments and potentially in the questions we post here.

Robyn of The Bookoholic Zone and I have a few questions to get us started.  But this is just the tip of the iceberg.  This book has so many great things to discuss!  What ever questions or thoughts you have, please feel free to share.  We just ask to be respectful in your comments. :) Thank you!

Robyn's Questions:
1.)  Will we see Kel again?
2.)  Will Jesse and Shannon ever remember Corine?
3.)  Was it me or did Corine welcome Chance back pretty quick?  She said they would start off slow.  Did she forget Jesse all of a sudden?
4.)  How is it Butch can spell out words?  Does he have some type of power?  Where did her get it?

Melissa's Questions:
1.)  What do you think of Corines new found witchin' powers?
2.)  Which man do you prefer Corine with?  Jesse, Chance, or even Kel?
3.)  Could we see Maury and Dumah in the future?
4.)  What did you think in the end?


  1. Okay going to get a couple in this morning, :)

    I'm still leaning towards Jesse. I have to say I was kind of upset when she welcomed Chance with open arms. Here she was a few pages before thinking of Jesse and all of a sudden, it's Chance.

    Please have Jesse remember her so he can fight for her, haha.

  2. I don't think the Maury and now Dumah storyline is over. There could easily be another book in the future.

    If she can work with demons now? There has to be a story there.

  3. Ha ha ha! This is where we are divided, and I think it's great! :) I'm for Chance! lol. I actually thought the whole time she was with Jesse, she was just settling because that is what she thinks she should do. As she does care for him, she does not love him. I don't think Jesse is the right man for her.

    I was hoping through out the whole book Chance would show up. And I had a feeling he was trying to clear things up so he could come to be with Corine. :) I love that! And he is so willing to work with her.

  4. I do have to say I was surprised that she accepted so easily with what she just found out about Shannon and Jesse. I think I would have been a little to shaken up to be able to think on this. And I'm wondering if that will come up later. Maybe she will think back and think she was to shocked to think straight. Although I hope not as I really want her with Chance!

  5. I was so shocked! Ann pulled a Carolyn on us! lol. We have to wait to see if everyone will remember Corine now. I was wondering when she did the spell if she would over shot it and have something like this happen. She really needs to learn to rane in her powers some.

    I'm surprised she has so much power. It seems as her gift mixed with what she picked up from her mother in Kilmer has really powered it. Then add on top the Solomon powers. Wow. She is one powerful witch now!

  6. Dumah seemed to enjoy what Corine asked of her and gave permittion to summon her any time. I'm sure Corine is thinking hopefully she wont need to, but it was said in the book she seems to attract trouble. :) So we just might!

    I'm glad Escobar held up his end of the deal. He said he will never bother her again, and vise versa. Cool! Now we will see if he holds to it.

  7. Oooo, Kel!

    Well. What can I say? I was loving him in the first half of the book. Then him and Corine happened. Um. I didn't like him with Corine. I still love his character but I didn't want him with Corine. I want Chance with Corine. lol. But it really did mix the pot of emotions for Corine. And made her think on the men she has around. That is partly why I don't think she should be with Jesse.

    She is thinking she wants normal and he is it. Then she does have this attraction to trouble and he will always try to save her. I kind of think he wont be able to keep up with her and the problems that arise.

    Chance is better at the surviving thing especially with her.

    But, back to Kel... I loved what we learned of him after he and Corine as well. He is a wonderful character. And I was even ready to accept him and Corine. But Ann shocked me with the sudden event. ;) I had a feeling he was starting to grow feelings for Corine and it got verified really quick! lol.

    I think Corine has that open door to call him at any time. And I like that! If she gets into a bad enough bind she could call him. But, we know Corine and she never thinks any situation is 'bad enought'. :) But we will have to wait and see.

  8. Oh, I am soooo hoping Shannon and Jesse remember Corine. I just don't know what it's going to consist of to get there. Will Chance be able to help Corine in the next book? Will there be a spell she can use or have someone else use to get them back to normal? I'm really going to be excited to get the next book.

    How long of a wait do we have!?!? lol.

  9. Oh man, DEVIL'S PUNCH is sited for April 2012! We have a wait ahead of us it seems. :) We will have to refresh ourselves when the time gets close. :) Good thing for these chats. We can come back here!

  10. My thing with Chance though, is I hope he is being true. This is when it stinks to read first person. I wish we could really sense what Chance is feeling. Does he really mean it or is he just saying it?

  11. When she went to Chance like that after Jesse and Shannon, I wanted to yell at her and be like, what are you doing? Her bestie doesn't remember her, that should concern her, lol.

  12. With these powers now, I want to know more about her father. Did her parents realize what power she would have? They had to know.

  13. I have a feeling we won't see the last of Escobar. He's going to come back. It's just a question of when and how.

  14. With Kel, I'm wondering if she only felt that way because of his power. Like he has some power that would make a girl fall for him. That's what I'm hoping for at least.

  15. I hate to say this. *ducks*

    But would Chance really help Corine get Jesse back? Shannon yes, but I could see him trying to get her forget Jesse. It's just a feeling.

    I don't know, maybe he has to prove himself to me, lol.

  16. I don't know if I can wait that long for the next book, lol.

    Hoping we can get some teasers, lol.

  17. I think Chance is being true and really loves Corine. I think he was starting to try what she wanted in Hell Fire. But he was also remembering what she was like before. And trying to learn and do at the same time with no one to talk with to help him figure it out. I think his mother really helped him understand and he really is going for his love.

    I think he will give it his all. But I have to say I really like that Corine throw in there that he might not even like the Corine she is now. And she is ready for that too. But I think he is willing to try anything to be with her. And I think he will be able to, or so I hope any way. ;D lol.

    I think if Corine will let herself open to him some, he is the one she loves. And all she has to do is talk with him. When he starts to think the old ways, just tell him. And he will try to adjust and learn. But maybe there is that chance he wont like it and leave. Who knows!

  18. Okay, can you tell I'm really a Chance lover. ;) LOL!

  19. Yeah, I think Shannon not remembering her was harder for me than Jesse. I had accepted she was going to try with Jesse, but in my heart I don't think he is her one. But Shannon and her are so tight! I would really be upset with that as well.

    And she didn't even spill the beans to Chance yet either! I don't think I would have been able to hold back. I would have told him everything that happened.

  20. I really hope that the connection Jesse and Corine had? Comes back. Maybe it will help Jesse remember her.

  21. I'm wondering about the powers as well. I wonder if her father is still alive! If we will ever see him or learn more of him. It seems strange how both her parents left her when she was young. I know her mother died, but she sacrificed herself for her daughter. I wonder if that is why they came... knowing Corine was a daughter of a witch. Then her mother knowing the potential Corine would become so sacrificed her self for the good of the good. ;) Like Kel said Corine has a big part to play in the future!

    OOOOOooooo, so what does that bring us too!??? What part of what!?!?

    And with her demon summoning, and angel summoning skills.... Oooo, this is big!

  22. With her not telling him, that makes me think she isn't ready to give him her whole heart.

    If she had been, she would have said, I need your help. Let's not think of our future, help me.

    It almost felt like he was using his luck to get her back and forget everyone else.

  23. Okay I need to get some more writing done before work. I'll chat later tonight. :)

  24. I have to say I wondered if having had Kel's blood help heal her might have drawn the attraction to him for her as well. It was a thought in the back of my mind. But she did mention early on in the book that he was handsome if you looked at him closer. And the time and situation really makes for the 'love' to happen. Drawing the two together.

    I hate to say this, as it probably wont happen, but what about a baby? I don't think we will go there as it will not be good. But just a thought...

  25. Part of me thought she was drawn to Kel because she is drawn to men she feels she can't have. Whether good, bad, or just unattanable. She is good like that.

  26. I can see Chance not wanting Corine to remember Jesse or vise versa. But part of me would see it as a test for himself. A test for him and Corine as a couple to have Jesse there and they be together. Hmm, I don't know. That might be a big bump in the road when they get there. As she did say she was Jesse's girl too. ;)

  27. I know Corine wants to have a normal love life and man. But she isn't really one to open up either. She even was doing that with Jesse. And Kel seemed like the only one she could 'think' about it, but he wasn't around long enough to really give her a chance. But he seemed to know her more, maybe from his 'job' he learned more about her or knew as he could see it.

    Corine needs to be ready herself for which ever man she picks. But she did mention in the book that she didn't love Jesse, not yet. I think there is something there. Love is hard to come by, truly loving, so I'm thinking Jesse's not it.

    Maybe we'll find that Chance isn't it either in the end. But I'll keep my fingers crossed. :)

  28. Okay, Robyn. :) I don't know when I'll be back on today. But comment away and I'll catch up with you tomorrow. :) We have school picnic day and will be at the amusement park all day. :) Have a good one at work.

  29. A little mish mash for both questions I would prefer Corine with Chance, they have the best history and the clearest past relationship with actual love between the two... I think that the new powers she is exhibiting are fantastic and cannot wait to see where they lead her next... Butch has always had "powers", they were just kept on the "downlow" before this book...
    Chance and Corine getting back together was something I was actually hoping for Robyn and as far as Jesse and Shannon ever remembering Corine it may happen if she figures out how to undo her spell!
    The only complaint I had was the ending, it did not sit well for me but other than that the book was a great read...

  30. A baby would be an interesting storyline. How do you think Aguirre could fit that in?

  31. She does draw herself to men easily. Maybe that's why she can trust Escobar? Well trust as much as she can for who he is.

  32. That's the thing right there, she said she was Jesse's girl. (Okay, just got the song in my head, lol.)

    All of a sudden, she wants Chance? It seems off to me. Even if Chance was the love of her life, it seems unlikely you would drop someone just like that. Even if he can't remember her, I would hope she would want him to remember and than tell him, she wants to give a Chance a try.

    I'm really curious to know what will happen when Jesse remembers. I bet he will eventually. Just not sure when. Could you imagine if he remembers her and sees her with Chance?

    Of course, Jesse will fight for her. :)....I hope, hehe.

  33. Here is a question for you Chance lovers :)....

    If Jesse is out of the picture, what about Kel? If you had to choose. Kel or Chance? You know Kel will be back. (I hope.)


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