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Book Review: Ashford's Ghost

Ashford's Ghost

By:  Skyla Dawn Cameron

Publish Date:  October 31, 2017

Format:  eBook

Genre:  Urban Fantasy

Series:  2.5 novella in Livi Talbot series; 1st Book ~ Solomon's Seal, 2nd Book ~ Odin's Spear,

First Impression:  Haunting and adventure for Livi.


Four months ago, Livi Talbot successfully killed the afreet who abducted her family and tried to murder her. Then she took over his villa and made it her base of operations/home, as any respectable treasure hunter in need of better digs is wont to do.

But this house is haunted, and she’s starting to think the ancient murderer she used the Seal of Solomon to destroy might not be entirely dead after all. Isolated in the house by a violent snowstorm, Livi is trapped with a dark force gathering strength by the hour, threatening not only the safety of her family but possibly her very sanity.

Contains a preview of the third Livi Talbot novel, coming 2018!

First Sentence:
I woke at 2:37 a.m. from a dreamless sleep to my daughter staring at me in the dark.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
*I offered to read this book for an honest review.

Livi has moved into the villa where she killed the djinn owner. Living here three months and healed from her leg wound, she's starting to make her way around the huge home. But tracking the ghost has brought more of her home to light than she expected.

I'm not one for scary anymore. This book had a small creepy feel to the book for me from time to time but it was a fun haunted house story with a bit of adventure, which you always get from Livi and West. The secret passages and fires, you just didn't know what she would find or come across next. I didn't know when that ghost was going to pop up. lol. But I love Livi's balance and need of an adrenaline rush. Livi finally breaks down and calls West for help. He is the one who gave her the house, and supposedly checked it over with his employers. But he knows about this sort of thing too.

Livi and West together is awesome. I love their humor and quick clips. But they also work together amazingly well. There is a co-existence between them when on the job. They have a like minded thinking when it comes to work. (Well, it seems as well with other things too, but they won't let themselves face that yet.) This easiness between the two have me wanting them together more often, and in more ways than working.

The banter and tension between Livi and West is perfect. And the way they work together! It's like they are a couple and don't know it. They fit each other. I love them!

I was sucked into the story and loved the interactions among the characters. Can't wait to get into more books with Livi and crew.

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  1. You always make me want to try the books you read!!

    1. lol. That's good to hear LilyElement. Many of them are worth picking up. I really think you'd love this series too, if you give it a try. :)

  2. The first are creepy indeed. LOL

  3. oh it's been a while since I haven't read one of her books

    1. Oh Melliane, This series is wonderful. I hope you give it a try! :D

  4. This series sounds great - thank you for a great review:)

    1. SJ Higbee. It's a series I really do love. Hope you get to try it. :)


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