Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Comic Review: Void Trip #3

Void Trip #3

Words By:  Ryan O'Sullivan
Illustrations By:  Plaid Klaus

Format:  PDF

Series:  3rd in Void Trip series; Episode #1, Episode #2

1st Impression:  Euphoria isn't as expected.

Having now discovered the hippy-paradise super-planet Euphoria, our space hobos finally learn that age-old truth: the worst thing that can happen to a person is having their dreams come true.

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*I was given this free review copy at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

Euphoria. They have found and arrived there. It's not what they think it is though.

Robots. With guns.

The reason Euphoria is as is now, well it makes sense. Sadly. You have to get here and read the story to know. I don't want to giveaway what we find because that's the adventure. I did get a kick out of the robots and their choice of red or blue though.

I'm enjoying this comic because it has the elements in it that's related to people and what we do without knowing it. Why not get back to the basics and enjoy the journey to where ever it is we are going?

Ana, Gabe, and AI are here. Ana feels as though killed the dream. I still enjoy AI's dress choices for the "occasions". I watch for him on the screen/page to see what he's appearing as. Hunter is still after them, and closer than expected. 

You know things can't go as expected but I was surprised a little at the end.

At the end, we get the continuation of The Glimmer Society comic from previous episode. 
This group seems like one I'll enjoy, diverse in personality yet get along so well. They feel like old friends as they know what's coming from each other. 

And there's zombies! 

At the end, I fear for their professor.

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  1. Okay now you're doing comics too, I've been wanting to try some more since it's been FOREVER since I've read any!!! I gotta get some comics :D


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