Wednesday, January 26, 2011

To Come...Next Week

Hint, Hint...

I'm excited about this.  I've enjoyed the first book of the series (review to follow by end of the week).  And with this excitement I felt the need to let you know I have a post coming next week in which there is an Interview with the author and she is giving away a copy of a book! And I think there are MERMAIDS involved in it. ;)

Okay, so maybe not the Disney Little Mermaid, but beautiful kind (most of them) Mermaids. :) You'll just have to remember to stop back by for my review and the interview with a giveaway.

So, here is your pre-warning to keep an eye out for the wonderful chance to win a copy of a wonderful mermaid book.  I think February 2nd is the posting date.  Hint, Hint...

Hope to see you all then.


  1. Chasity - lol. I love Ariel as well. I was looking for a great mermaid picture and just kept coming back to Ariel, so had to add her into the post. :)

    Melissa (Books&Things) - So glad you love mermaids, and these books I think might be for you. ;D

    Alexia - Thank you! So glad you'll be around. :)


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