Sunday, January 16, 2011

Book Lovers Inc, Blogoversary!

I am sure most of you already follow Book Lovers Inc.  But I have to share with you they are having a Blogoversary celebration.  :)  They have loads of great giveaways going on there.
Book Lovers INC

Book Lovers Inc. is having a huge CELEBRATION!  There are going to be Authors taking over the blog and loads of goodies to win.  I strongly suggest you make a pit stop there daily. ;)

Book Lovers INC Blogoversary

And I offered to sponsor a book for their BIG Giveaway.  :)  
And since it's for a 1 year Blogoversary, I went all out.  The book I'm sponsoring with be sent from Amazon so where Amazon goes, the book can go.

What book is it you ask?  Well, I picked a book I read last year and truly enjoyed and think should be seen and read by many.
The book is:

You really need to go check out all the books they have in this giveaway!  They are AMAZING and soooo many to pick from!


  1. Blodeuedd - Good luck to you! :) I'm glad to hear there are people out there who would like to win the book. :) I know I really enjoyed it.

    Melissa (Books&Things) - hehe, thank you!


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