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Cover Reveals I've Missed (2)

And another round of new covers I've missed... Fantasy Style this time!

Goodness do I love seeing Royce and Hadrian again.  Great pair to read.  And these are just awesome to see the beginnings of the team.  Trust me. ;)
The Crown Tower
The Riyria Chronicles #1
By:  Michael J. Sullivan
Due Out:  August 6, 2013
A warrior with nothing to fight for is paired with a thieving assassin with nothing to lose. Together they must steal a treasure that no one can reach. The Crown Tower is the impregnable remains of the grandest fortress ever built and home to the realm’s most valuable possessions. But it isn’t gold or jewels the old wizard is after, and this prize can only be obtained by the combined talents of two remarkable men. Now if Arcadias can just keep Hadrian and Royce from killing each other, they just might succeed.

The Riyria Revelations and The Riyria Chronicles are two separate, but related series, and you can start reading with either Theft of Swords(publication order) or The Crown Tower (chronological order).

The Rose and the Thorn
The Riyria Chronicles #2
By:  Michael J. Sullivan
Due Out:  September 17, 2013
For more than a year Royce Melborn has tried to forget Gwen DeLancy, the woman who saved him and his partner Hadrian Blackwater from certain death. Unable to get her out of his mind, the two thieves return to Medford but receive a very different reception --- Gwen refuses to see them. The victim of abuse by a powerful noble, she suspects that Royce will ignore any danger in his desire for revenge. By turning the thieves away, Gwen hopes to once more protect them. What she doesn't realize is what the two are capable of --- but she's about to find out.

The Riyria Revelations and The Riyria Chronicles are two separate, but related series, and you can start reading with either Theft of Swords(publication order) or The Crown Tower (chronological order).

This is a new series by Michael, and I'm really looking forward to diving into a new world and creation with him.  I do enjoy a good science fiction too.
Hollow World
Hollow World #1
By:  Michael J. Sullivan
Due Out:  January 20, 2014
Ellis Rogers is running out of time, even for a man with his own time machine.
A Detroit factory worker, who has always played it safe and done the right thing, finds himself rewarded with unemployment, a loveless marriage, and a terminal illness. Now with nothing to lose he’s willing to take an insane gamble. All he has to do is press the red button, and if he survives, he could find more than just a cure for his disease. Ellis could discover a future that challenges his understanding of what it means to be human, what it takes to love, and the cost of paradise. 

Welcome to Hollow World, a science fiction thriller from the bestselling author of The Riyria Revelations.

Sunday Post #5

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer ~ It's a chance to share news ~ A post to recap the past week on your blog, showcase books and things we have received and share new about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead.


So, it's Sunday and Easter.  I'm off to the races again.  Yesterday we were visiting and today I'm at it again.  Don't know when I'll be around to visit blogs, but hopefully I'll have time tonight.

But, I did something yesterday I always wanted to do.  Want to see?  I wanted this when I was younger and waiting...oh, about 20 years to get it.  So yes, I really wanted it. :)
Yep, I got my tattoo.  It's on the outside of my right calf.  Cool, huh?  It has some feelings in it, love does hurt - even stabs you sometimes.  But live can still bloom and grow.  I love the way he used the rose vine to make the handle of the sword.  Kind of has a hopeful feeling to the sword.  And I picked the yellow and orange roses on purpose for the meaning of the colors.  Yellow - joy, friendship, Orange - Desire, enthusiasm.  Then you have your Red Buds - love beauty and courage.  I know they are buds and not open, which has a different meaning, but that's what worked better with the image.  I love how the sword has a kind of fey feel to it with the rose vines as the handle and the blue tip.  So, yea, I'm really happy with it.  Now if only one of my dogs would leave it be!  LOL.

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In The Beginning by Philippa Ballantine
Bloodright by William Greenleaf


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The Dreamer's Thread Ep 5 & 6  (thoughts on)

Time Heals by Dina James  (review)
Outpost by Ann Aguirre  (review chat with my son)

Excerpt!  For Along Came A Spider by Kate SeRine  (excerpt & Kate's giveaway)

Horded by Frances Pauli  (book cover & trailer)

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Received Last Week:

Full Blooded by Amanda Carlson
Goodreads Synopsis:
Born the only female in an all male race, Jessica McClain isn’t just different—she’s feared.

After living under the radar for the last twenty-six years, Jessica is thrust unexpectedly into her first change, a full ten years late. She wakes up and finds she’s in the middle of a storm. Now that she’s become the only female full-blooded werewolf in town, the supernatural world is already clamoring to take a bite out of her and her new Pack must rise up and protect her.

But not everyone is on board. The werewolf Rights of Laws is missing text and the superstitious werewolves think that Jessica means an end to their race. It doesn’t help when Jessica begins to realize she’s more. She can change partway and hold her form, and speak directly to her wolf. But the biggest complication by far is that her alpha father can't control her like he can the rest of his wolves.

When a mercenary who’s been hired by the vampires shows up to extract information about the newly turned werewolf only days after her change, they find themselves smack in the middle of a war and there's no choice but to run together. When it’s up to Jessica to negotiate her release against her father’s direct orders, she chooses to take an offer for help instead. In exchange, Jessica must now swear an oath she may end up repaying with her life.

Sealed with a Curse by Cecy Robson
Goodreads Synopsis:
Celia Wird and her three sisters are just like other twenty-something girls—with one tiny exception: They're the products of a curse that backfired and gave each of them unique powers that make them, well, a little weird…

The Wird sisters are content to avoid the local vampires, werebeasts, and witches of the Lake Tahoe region—until one of them blows up a vampire in self-defense. Everyone knows vampires aren't aggressive, and killing one is punishable by death. But soon more bloodlust-fueled attacks occur, and the community wonders if the vampires of Tahoe are plague-ridden.

Celia reluctantly agrees to help Misha, the handsome leader of an infected vampire family. But Aric, the head of the werewolf pack determined to destroy Misha's family to keep the area safe, warns Celia to stay out of the fight. Caught between two hot alphas, Celia must find a way to please everyone, save everyone, and—oh, yeah—not lose her heart to the wrong guy or die a miserable death. Because now that the evil behind the plague knows who Celia is, he's coming for her and her sisters. 

This Wird girl has never had it so tough.

Agave Kiss by Ann Aguirre
Goodreads Synopsis:
Chance was gone; he’d sacrificed himself so Shannon and I could escape Sheol. We’d raised him on Shan’s spirit radio, which meant his soul wasn’t wholly destroyed by the demon gate….

Once Corine Solomon only had the touch—the ability to read an object’s past by handling it. Then she inherited her mother’s magick, and that ended up being a hell of a burden. But if Corine can wrestle a demon queen and win, she can bring back her lover Chance after he’s made the ultimate sacrifice. Can’t she? All Corine knows is that she can’t leave Chance behind if there’s anything she can do about it.

But the clock is ticking—and she still has to deal with debt-collecting demons and a maniacal archangel who’s running a recruitment drive. The stakes have never been so high…and this time it’s truly Corine’s last chance to save the love of her life.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
Goodreads Synopsis:
Seconds before the Earth is demolished to make way for a galactic freeway, Arthur Dent is plucked off the planet by his friend Ford Prefect, a researcher for the revised edition of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy who, for the last fifteen years, has been posing as an out-of-work actor.
Together this dynamic pair begin a journey through space aided by quotes from The Hitchhiker's Guide ("A towel is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have") and a galaxy-full of fellow travelers: Zaphod Beeblebrox--the two-headed, three-armed ex-hippie and totally out-to-lunch president of the galaxy; Trillian, Zaphod's girlfriend (formally Tricia McMillan), whom Arthur tried to pick up at a cocktail party once upon a time zone; Marvin, a paranoid, brilliant, and chronically depressed robot; Veet Voojagig, a former graduate student who is obsessed with the disappearance of all the ballpoint pens he bought over the years.
Where are these pens? Why are we born? Why do we die? Why do we spend so much time between wearing digital watches? For all the answers stick your thumb to the stars. And don't forget to bring a towel!

This one is for me to research with, learn from, for an idea with a friend.  Thank you Jackie!
The Instant Tarot Reader book & Cards by Monte Farber & Amy Zerner
Goodreads Synopsis:
You are holding the key to your future. For less than the price of a single tarot reading you can enjoy endless hours of revealing, inspiring answers to your burning questions about love, money, career...everything!

The Instant Tarot Reader unveils the mysteries of the tarot for beginners and experts alike. There's nothing to memorize. Insightful, easy-to-use, and fun-- it's like getting a reading from an expert advisor in the privacy of your own home.


* 78-card Zerner/Farber Tarot Deck
* 344-page illustrated hardcover book
* 5 diagramed card layouts
* Quick-read Guide

The Instant Tarot Reader's unique do-it-yourself method:

* works with virtually any tarot deck
* interprets every card, in every position
* provides sample questions you can easily personalize

The included, 78-card Zerner/Farber tarot deck is beautifully illustrated with award-winning fabric tapestries by Amy Zerner.


Black Hole Sun by David Macinnis Gill
Goodreads Synopsis:
Mars stinks

It's hot. The air reeks of burning fuel; the rivers and lakes seethe with sulfur. In the shadows, evil men plot terror and beasts hunt the innocent. Out on the barren crags of the terraformed planet, there is nowhere to hide. No one to heed a call for help.

No one, except Durango.

Blue Hearts of Mars by Nicole Grotepas
Goodreads Synopsis:
Note from author: Blue Hearts of Mars has been selected as a quarterfinalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest. Longer excerpts are available through the ABNA page on Amazon. Reader reviews and ratings are welcome and encouraged. 

Seventeen-year-old Retta Heikkinen is in love with a boy--a thoroughly gorgeous, captivating, and mysterious boy known as Hemingway. The situation is rather ideal: he likes her, she likes him. There's just one little problem.

He's a blue heart, an android.

Being in a relationship is its own complicated mess, but how long can a forbidden love last? Soon Retta discovers a secret that could destroy the uneasy truce between the blue hearts and humans, which makes life under the domes on Mars possible. Would exposing what she knows make things better or worse? And how can she know for certain without exposing the secret?


Reviews in the Works:

The Crown Tower by Michael J. Sullivan
The Rose and the Thorn by Michael J. Sullivan
Mountains Challenge by John Mierau
The Dimensional Shift by Frances Pauli
The House of Grey Vol. 3 by Collin Earl
Hot Blooded by Amanda Carlson
Bloodright by William Greenleaf
In The Beginning by Philippa Ballantine

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Book Trailer and Cover... Horded

Not so long ago I posted my review and love for Unlikely, the first book in the A Kingdoms Gone series.  Loved Marten and Satina and the magic filled world they live in.  All these potential fantasy creatures stirring and hiding in pockets of magic.  And the two gangs that want it all for themselves; Shades and Starlights.

Well, I somehow missed Frances Pauli putting out the trailer for Horded, the second book that should be coming soon.

So, I wanted to share it with you.  I **think** the young woman could be Satina, but don't think the gobelin is Marten as he's an Imp.  Maybe neither of them are the two hinted at in the trailer.  We'll have to wait and see!  So, I'm curious as to who that would be. :) And more curses!  I do know this one is full of gobelins!

I'm curious about this one.  It took me looking at it a few times to realize, there are feet on the right side of the cover!  Hmmm, curious!  I had seen the fire and it stole my eye with the spark at the bottom.

You can learn more about Frances Pauli and her many fey, science fiction, humor, and fantasy reads:
Twitter:  @MothinDarkness

Freebies and Deals, on Nook too (48)

As every week, we have the Barnes & Nobles Freebie Friday thread.

$2.99 for the 1st book:
Vengeance by Ian Irvine
Amazon ~ Kindle   /   Barnes & Nobles ~ Nook
Goodreads Synopsis:
Ten years ago, two children witnessed a murder that still haunts them as adults.

Tali watched as two masked figures killed her mother, and now she has sworn revenge. Even though she is a slave. Even though she is powerless. Even though she is nothing in the eyes of those who live above ground, she will find her mother's killers and bring them to justice.

Rix, heir to Hightspall's greatest fortune, is tormented by the fear that he's linked to the murder, and by a sickening nightmare that he's doomed to repeat it. 

When a chance meeting brings Tali and Rix together, the secrets of an entire kingdom are uncovered and a villain out of legend returns to throw the land into chaos. Tali and Rix must learn to trust each other and find a way to save the realm -- and themselves.

Tamed by Douglas R. Brown
Amazon ~ Kindle   /   Barnes & Nobles
Goodreads Synopsis:
Werewolves are real. And they make excellent pets.

Owning one of the legendary creatures is the latest fad. The WereHouse insists their werepets are loyal, docile, and 100% safe, but what happens when these gentle giants turn on their masters?

While on a routine EMS call, paramedic Christine Alt is attacked by a rogue werepet. She escapes with her life, but the encounter leaves her with more than just scars. As her body begins to change, she discovers the WereHouse is hiding a terrible secret, and they will stop at nothing to keep her from exposing them.

Tamed is a werewolf tale with a twist from the author of the The Light of Epertase trilogy.

$1.99 for limited time:
Caught in Amber by Cathy Pegau
Amazon ~ Kindle
Goodreads Synopsis:
Recently out of rehab, Sasha James is determined to keep her head down, complete her parole and never touch amber again. The chip in her neck controls her cravings for the highly addictive drug, but also tracks her every move. Not that she goes anywhere other than work and the halfway house she calls home—a far cry from her luxurious former life as lover of the mining colony's top drug dealer, Guy Christiansen.

Agent Nathan Sterling has no desire to see Sasha fall back into amber, but his sister has become Guy's latest conquest and the unexpectedly attractive Sasha is the key to getting her back. So in exchange for an introduction, he offers Sasha the one thing she can't refuse—her freedom. From the chip, her parole and even the planet if she wants. Though he would be sorry to see her go…

Torn between her growing attraction to Nathan, fear of Guy and the allure of amber, Sasha accepts. But who will save her if Guy refuses to let her go a second time?

I'm not sure how long this one will last:
Blue Hearts of Mars by Nicole Grotepas
Amazon ~ Kindle
Goodreads Synopsis:
Note from author: Blue Hearts of Mars has been selected as a quarterfinalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest. Longer excerpts are available through the ABNA page on Amazon. Reader reviews and ratings are welcome and encouraged. 

Seventeen-year-old Retta Heikkinen is in love with a boy--a thoroughly gorgeous, captivating, and mysterious boy known as Hemingway. The situation is rather ideal: he likes her, she likes him. There's just one little problem.

He's a blue heart, an android.

Being in a relationship is its own complicated mess, but how long can a forbidden love last? Soon Retta discovers a secret that could destroy the uneasy truce between the blue hearts and humans, which makes life under the domes on Mars possible. Would exposing what she knows make things better or worse? And how can she know for certain without exposing the secret?

Anything else?

Excerpt! from the highly anticipated Along Came A Spider

I read these, and was so excited!  Then I got an email from Kate saying she got the okay to have others share.  Eeep!  I was on it!  I've absolutely loved the first two books and seriously CAN NOT WAIT for this one to come out in August.

Read on for both the Excerpts, and to enter Kate SeRine's Big GIVEAWAY!

Along Came A Spider
By:  Kate SeRine
Due Out:  August 2013

Excerpt 1:


            I remember darkness—deep, impenetrable. Not even a hint of ambient light in the void that had consumed me. And falling. I was tumbling through space and time in a nauseating spiral that forced the blood to my feet and sent another sort of blackness rushing toward me. Clinging desperately to consciousness, I curled into myself, wrapping my arms around my abdomen in an attempt to stop that sickening rush that made me want to vomit and sob at the same time.
A scream of terror surged up from the center of my chest, but I bit it back, forcing myself to remain in control. I had to keep it together, could not let the fear consume me. That’s what my father had drilled into my head time and time again.
You must control your fear, Beatrice, or your fear will control you. Never let your mind slip into the abyss where chaos reigns. . . .
I’d been there once before and had clawed my way out of the chasm one agonizingly pitiful inch at a time. And now I was falling again—but this time the abyss was not of my own making.
One moment I’d been playing on the floor of our cottage with my niece Mariella, and the next, my body had been snatched away from all I’d known and loved. I’d heard my family’s cries of surprise, caught the look of horror and panic in my father’s eyes as his arm shot out to grab my hand, but his fingertips had just barely brushed mine before I’d been jerked into the void.
And then I was falling. In darkness.
            Suddenly there was light. A blinding flash that made me wince even though my eyes were already squeezed shut. Then a sudden impact jolted the breath from my lungs. I had to blink several times before I realized I was lying on my back in a field, staring up at a sky that was not familiar, at stars that didn’t shine nearly as brightly as they should have.
Slowly, I sat up and looked around, seeing others nearby—just as dazed and disoriented as I was. They were Tales, some of whom I recognized from my little village. But we were no longer in Make Believe. That was clear. Gone was the scent of dew-kissed roses and sunshine on daisies. The air that now filled my lungs was stale, thick, heavy. The wind that whispered through the trees did not bring with it the laughter of fairies or the secrets of the pixies flitting about in the night. And the grass beneath me was no longer the velvety soft bed I’d lain upon as a child, watching the clouds drift lazily into fluffy white knights on pudgy steeds as they leisurely made their way to battle. Coarse and savage, these blades poked through my muslin dress, stabbing my skin like a thousand Lilliputian swords.
            “Are you hurt?”
            My gaze darted toward the sound of the voice. The man standing over me was devilishly handsome, his chiseled features stark and sharp, giving him an air of danger, but his dark amber eyes were kind as he gazed down at me.
            “Are you all right?” he asked, phrasing the question differently in response to my blank stare.
            This time I nodded and took the hand he extended, letting him pull me to my feet. “I think so.”
            “Good,” he said, the corner of his mouth hitching up in a mischievous grin that completely altered his countenance. He lifted his hand and wrapped one of my buttercup yellow ringlets around his index finger. “Hate to see harm come to a girl as pretty as you.”
            I felt my cheeks growing warm at the intensity of his gaze and quickly looked away, not wanting to look too deeply into those amber eyes for fear of what I might see. “What has happened?” I asked, glancing around the crowd as confusion and panic began to make them uneasy, their frightened voices growing louder. “Where are we?”
            The man at my side shrugged and shoved his hands deep into his pockets. “Not in Make Believe, that’s for damned sure.”
            I let my gaze drift over his shoulder and saw a tall Tale I recognized from the story of Aladdin trying to take control of the rapidly deteriorating situation, his deep voice booming over the din of sorrow. “My friends—please! You must remain calm!”
            A woman with long black hair and eyes as blue as robins’ eggs hurried past me, glancing my way and giving me a terse nod before joining Aladdin as he tried to herd the crowd toward a series of carriages drawn by black horses. “That was Tess Little,” I breathed.
            “Little Red Riding Hood?” my companion asked, his brows arching with interest.
            I nodded. “Yes, but . . . Well, it can’t be! She disappeared almost a hundred years ago with the others.” My heart began to pound. “Have we been transplanted, too?”
            He shook his head. “No idea, but I’ll tell you one thing—I’m not letting them haul me in like a criminal just so I can find out. If I’ve broken out of Make Believe, I’m making the most of it.”
At this, his eyes met and held mine. I felt the connection beginning and started to look away, but his gaze was so unguarded, so unapologetic, I let it come. And in that glimpse, I saw a soul so steadfast, so dauntless and true, that I gasped at the beauty of it.
It was rare that a Tale let me past his defenses, rarer still that I was so taken with what I saw. But here was an intensely intelligent and quietly courageous man who could command respect from his friends and instill fear in the hearts of those who weren’t. He was also capable of genuine kindness and the deepest and most profound love. But I was shocked to see that he had absolutely no idea what a remarkable man he could be.
“Want to come with me?” he asked, grasping my hand in his and severing the connection between my soul and his.
I blinked at him, hardly daring to believe what he was saying. But more surprising was that I did want to go with him even though logic and reason warned me that such a thing was reckless and foolish. I swallowed hard, hating what I was about to say. “I cannot,” I told him, wishing I had the courage to flout propriety and take my chances with a man whose name I didn’t even know. “It wouldn’t be proper.”
            He chuckled and pressed a kiss to the back of my hand. “Well, maybe some other time.” He backed away, grinning a little sadly as he released my hand, his fingertips touching mine for just a moment before he gave me a wink and turned away.
“Wait!” I called, hurrying a few steps after him as he sauntered toward the tree line. “What’s your name?”
            He turned and offered me a rakishly charming grin that held more than a hint of mischief. “Nicky Blue.”
            “You there—with the curls!” I started at the voice behind me and whirled around to see Tess Little striding toward me, her long black duster flapping around her dark skirt and cherry red high-button boots. “Time to go.”
            I obediently moved toward the carriages with her. “Is it true?” I asked. “Have we been transplanted?”
            “Afraid so,” she replied. “But don’t worry—we have people with the FMA who will help you settle in.”
            “The FMA?”
            “Fairytale Management Authority,” she explained. “I’ll tell you everything on the way to headquarters. By the way—I’m Tess Little. But everyone calls me Red.”
            “Beatrice Muffet,” I replied, attempting a smile. “Everyone pretty much just calls me Beatrice. Or Ms. Muffet.” I chuckled a little. “Except my niece Mariella—she has trouble pronouncing my name.” My voice caught in my throat, the words lodging around the lump of sorrow that had rapidly developed at the thought of never seeing little Mari again. I coughed, forcing my emotions away, and blinked rapidly to clear the tears that pricked the corner of my eyes. “She calls me Trish.”
            Tess motioned me toward the last remaining carriage. “Well, welcome to the Here and Now, Trish.”
I placed my foot on the step, but paused and turned to search for Nicky Blue, hoping that perhaps he had changed his mind and had decided to come with the rest of us after all. My heart sank when I didn’t see him. I sighed, a part of me already regretting that I hadn’t gone with him. But it was too late to change my mind. Nicky Blue had vanished, having faded deep into the shadows like a spider in the night.

Excerpt 2:

Excerpt from Chapter 2 of Along Came a Spider

            “Get down!”
            My eyes darted toward the sound of the man’s voice. He stood over the body of the blonde, a small crossbow aimed at the brunette. I bit down on the vampire’s arm as hard as I could, drawing her tainted blood. When she roared with rage, her grip loosening for a fraction of a second, I dropped, rolling out of the way as the man in black fired the crossbow. The arrow struck the center of the woman’s chest. Her eyes went wide for a fraction of a second before she crumpled into a permanently dead heap.
            So this was the infamous Spider?
            I totally took back everything I’d said about the guy being no better than the criminals he brought down. He was my new BFF. I was tempted to see if he was a bit parched after the ass kicking he’d just doled out and maybe wanted to join me for a super stiff drink at Ever Afters, but then the mind-numbing pain in my wrist reminded me I probably had other business to tend to first.
Out of breath, I scooted myself back with my good arm until I could lean against one of the dumpsters. My adrenaline left me in a rush, and I was suddenly completely exhausted. I closed my eyes and let my head fall back.
            “Are you hurt?”
            My eyes snapped open, my stomach clenching painfully. There was something so familiar about that voice. . . . “What?”
            My rescuer squatted down in front of me. “Are you all right?”
            I blinked at him, suddenly experiencing a serious case of déjà vu. The man’s tone was rough, clipped, and there was no hint of mischief or roguish charm. Still . . .
            “My wrist is broken,” I said a little breathlessly. “But it’s already healing. I’ll be fine by tomorrow.”
            He gave me a tight nod and started to rise, but then seemed to reconsider and resumed his crouch before me. He studied me for a long moment, giving me a good glimpse of his eyes, but they were in shadow, obscuring the color, and he was completely on his guard. There was no way I was getting in.
            “You did good, doll,” he said finally. “Made my job one helluva lot easier.”
            I felt my cheeks going warm at the praise. “Thanks.”
            His eyes narrowed, crinkling a little behind his ski mask and giving me the impression that he was grinning. “But you know, you shouldn’t be out here alone at night, even if you can kick ass,” he admonished. Then he reached up and twisted one of my ringlets around his gloved index finger and pulled gently before letting it spring back into place. “I’d hate to see harm come to a girl as pretty as you.”
            My eyes went wide. Holy shit. “Nicky Blue?” I gasped. “You’re the Spider?” He jumped to his feet and took a few quick steps before I found my voice to cry out, “Wait! Nicky! It’s okay—I know you!”
            He halted midstride and shook his head. “No, you don’t,” he said over his shoulder. “No one does. Not anymore.”

(Copyright 2013 Kate SeRine)

Author Bio:
Kate SeRine (pronounced “serene”) faithfully watched weekend monster movie marathons while growing up, each week hoping that maybe this time the creature du jour would get the girl. But every week she was disappointed. So when she began writing her own stories, Kate vowed that her characters would always have a happily ever after. And, thus, her love for paranormal romance was born.
Kate lives in a smallish, quintessentially Midwestern town with her husband and two sons, who share her love of storytelling. She never tires of creating new worlds to share and is even now working on her next project.
Find out more about Kate at

Kate is having a huge giveaway!  
Easy to enter if you'd like:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Book Review: Outpost


By:  Ann Aguirre

Publisher:  Feiwel & Friends

Publish Date:  September 4, 2013

Format:  Hardback, 317pgs

Genre:  YA Fantasy, Dystopia

Series:  2nd in Razorland series; 1st Book ~ Enclave

Recommendation:  Definitely!  You read Enclave, you'll want to continue!

Deuce's whole world has changed since readers first met her in Enclave.

Now living topside in a community called Salvation, she has a new set of problems.  Down below, she was considered an adult and she contributed to the enclave.  Now above ground, she's viewed as a brat in need of training by the people of Salvation.  She doesn't fit in with the other girls: She hates cooking, sewing, and school.  Deuce only knows how to fight.

To make matters worse, her Hunter partner, Fade, keeps Deuce at a distance.  Her feelings for Fade haven't changed, but he seems not to want her around anymore.  Confused and lonely, she starts looking for a way out.

Deuce pursues a chance to serve in the summer patrols -- those responsible for making sure the growers and planters can work the fields without danger of Freak attack.  It should be routine, but things have been changing on the surface, just as they did below ground.  The Freaks are smarter.  They're watching.  Waiting.  Planning.  The monsters don't intend to let Salvation survive, and it may take a girl like Deuce to turn the tide.

First Sentence:
I woke to the cold kiss of steel on my throat.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
Deuce, Fade, Stalker, and Tegan have been in Salvation for two months now.  Deuce trains at night with Stalker, Fade's been keeping his distance, and Tegan is healing and fitting in wonderfully like the others.  Deuce is...struggling with the new ways above ground here in this fort city.  Growing season is close and Deuce wants to help in the only way she knows, as a Huntress.  She earns respect by displaying her strength, but others don't agree with the change in roles for a female.  When the crops are ruined by Freaks, Deuce suggests an Outpost to watch over them, and her friends along with Longshot stand up with her.  What Deuce, Fade, and Stalker learn out here of the Freaks will be astounding and frightening.

I asked my son, who read this book at the same time as me, to share in reviewing.  His answers are short as he's afraid to spoil anything to come and being thirteen not sure the way to twist the words yet.

(M = Me, K = Kiddo, my 13 yr old son who's new to this reviewing thing)

The Setting….
M:  Where do we start?  We start in a fort town, then move to the Outpost watching over the fields.  Did you like the setting?

K:  Yes.  It was different from the first one because the first one was underground and this one is above ground in a fort.

M:  Yes, gives you a whole different view of the world.

The Freaks…
K:  They are getting smarter!  But some people are too scared to realize it.  Scared of the freaks and sit behind the fighters to deal with it.

M:  You predicted this in the first review!  There is a lot more to them than we suspected.  I can’t wait to learn the whole story and see what comes of the Freaks.  What about you?

K:  I think they’ll get smarter again.  I think they will act like normal people do.  And see more of them, they are the point of the story.

M:  The Freaks bring a whole new dynamic to the story.

The Characters….
M:  We have Deuce, who’s struggling here with being in a whole new atmosphere and living arrangements than she’s use to.

K:  She wants to fight freaks because that’s all she knows.

M:  Yep, and she finds a way to keep to her believes.

K:  Uhhh, somewhat.

M:  Why do you say that?

K:  Because she still has to do other stuff, like her person she’s living with gives her a dress and she has to wear it.  She does have to act like a girl sometimes.

M:  Ah, yes, her character is evolving with the atmosphere she’s in.  The lovely lady that takes her in, like a mom.   And learns the difference between boys and girls.

We have Fade!  Poor Fade…. Now no spoilers! About him.

K:  He’s quiet and doesn’t do much.

M:  But he fits in better than she does.

K:  Because he’s quiet.

M:  This is his element, he came from topside.  But he struggles too.  We can’t say too much about Fade in or out of town.  But him and Deuce find new ground between them…

M:  We still have Tegan and Stalker too.  They seem to fitting in rather well.

The Feeling while reading….
K:  Surprised for some things.  Like when Fade got captured and his reaction to it.

M:  Yes.  I agree.  I was afraid knowing what Deuce and company knows of the freaks, I had a feeling of trapped in Salvation because it was fort.  I liked when they went out to the Outpost.  We really started to learn more about the Freaks there.

What about the relationships of the main company?

K:  They change.

M:  Good or bad?

K:  Both.

M:  Lol, okay we wont spoil for anyone and go on with that topic.

The End…
M:  I know you have strong feelings about this ending.  Want to share?

K:  Not surprised because I knew it was going to happen.  But it was different.  The book hints at it coming.

M:  I remember when you finished this book.  You came right to me, handed over the book, and said, “There’s going to be another.”  Giving me a strong look.  It was kind of a cliff hanger ending, do you think?

K:  Sure.

M:  The ending leads you into wanting the next book.  I can’t wait to get it.  Are you looking forward to it?

K:  Yes.  I do want to know.

M:  Would you suggest this book?

K:  Yes.  Rate it a 7-7.5 out of 10.  (I’m a tough rate.)

M:  I would have to agree with you.

**We read this book for our own enjoyment.

Throwback Thursday (108)

I found this picture of Trinity College Library, and thought it would work for this meme with a little play with lighting and adding the words.

Let's talk about those books already on the shelves, yours or the stores.

I have a post for books I'm looking forward to coming out;
Looking Forward To...
But what about all those wonderful books that are ALREADY on the shelves.

Whether it be on your shelf waiting to be read or on the shelves in the stores waiting for you to give it a good home.

So, I thought I would share a book a week that is just waiting for me to travel through it's world.

Now... where do I start? Lets go by Published Date on the books...

This Week:

I think this is the cover I have.  There are a few of them.  But I think I found this one at a used book store one day, some time ago.  Yes, I've got a few first books for this author and I'm ashamed to say I've not read them.  SHAME ON ME!! lol.

Goodreads Synopsis:
Rewritten from the original story of 1993.

After an upbringing of proper behavior and oppressive expectations, Aralorn fled her noble birthright for a life of adventure as a mercenary spy. 

Her latest mission involves spying on the increasingly powerful sorcerer Geoffrey ae'Magi. 

But in a war against an enemy armed with the powers of illusion, how do you know who the true enemy is-or where he will strike next?

I've heard back from a few bloggers that they would like to join in this meme post, so I'm adding a Linky for you to join in.  Grab the picture above, and join in.  All I ask, is if you can acknowledge my blog in the post so others know where to come back to and join as well.  Thank you.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Book Review: Time Heals

Time Heals

By:  Dina James

Publisher:  Mundania Press

Publish Date:  March 26, 2013

Format:  eARC, 207pgs

Genre:  YA Urban Fantasy

Series:  2nd in A Stranger Things Novel series, 1st Book ~ All Wounds

Recommendation:  YES!!! Go get it, and the first book. *sigh* LOVE these characters, the world, and the story they are in.

Rebecca MacDonnell is strange.  More than that, she's a Stranger, a human born with the ability to use her own life's force to heal ethereal beings.  Vampires, werewolves, demons, ghosts, goblins, and other things thought only imaginary all need help sometime, and when they do, they come to her.

Somethings, however, are beyond help.  Something is stalking all Ethereals, great and small.  Beings of every race are fleeing a terror no one will acknowledge, let alone name.

At seventeen, Mistress Healer Rebecca is still learning to manage her power.  She must learn to control it before it controls her.

Unless it's already too late.

When her burgeoning ability gets away from her, that which heals turns to harm and drives her loyal man-wolf bodyguard Billy straight into the arms of the unknown horror.

Unlikely new friends are her only hope to finding out what's happened, and she must enter new - and dangerous - territory in order to do it.

First Sentence:
"That's up on the clutch...easy...easy...let it out a bit and giver 'er some gas...go on..."

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My Thoughts and Summary:
Two months as an Ethereal Healer and still getting use to her abilities and responsibilities, Rebecca is glad school will be over soon.  The word is getting around the Eastern Enclave, her Enclave, is open again and more and more beings are slowly coming for help.  Rebecca receives a visit from a spider-man of a reclusive species, T'Maru, for help with his baby brother.  Easily remedied but Rebecca is now concerned as their numbers seem to be dropping, and worried there is trouble in their kind.  Noth, the guardian Lord Notharion's oldest hellhound pup, visits for comfort as he's done from time to time and talks of his family of guardians having to move when the masters decide where.  He doesn't want to go.  A tomte and her child turn up under Rebecca's bed, known for family tightness and without the husband/dad, looking for a safe place to sleep.  The Ethereals are all stirring it seems, but no one really knows the reasons.  Troubles will stir with friends and her boyfriend when Rebecca can't control herself and hurts close person.  Rebecca is worried and in helping her new friend, T'mei - the spider-man from T'Maru beings - find his whole mysteriously missing clan and to help her closest dying friend, Rebecca will learn more about her powers and those around her.  There is a family past that will be shared...

Rebecca is a normal kid, but a Stranger too.  She sees the Ethereal which humans don't.  She's learning mundane things along with how to use her Healer powers.  Rebecca's instincts are right on from the beginning.  She feels for one reason or another that everyone, Ethereal and human, are acting strange.

*sigh*  I can't tell you how much I love ALL these characters!!  Really.  I fall in love with them all each time I read these books.  Billy...the man-wolf.  He's an anubi, and an amazing person.  You have got to love Billy's easy personality.  I just want to hug him.  Ryan...Oh Ryan.  He is a special boy (vampire) that Rebecca met in school in the last book.  He's the bad boy persona, but I love him so.  Syd...the Master Vampire.  Syd is learning a thing or two here as well.  But he is one for the eyes and heart.  Noth!  Ooo, how I need me a hellhound just like Noth.  He can save me any day.  And a few others we know from the first book, and a pleasure to see again.

Then we have new friends (beings) as well.  T'mei, never thought I'd fall in love with a spider-man character. Sweet as he is, and his people too.  Now, we do see the dangerous demons again.  But interesting to see them from this vantage point.  You won't believe what Rebecca does to them!

There are broken family ties we learn of.  And a history that might be best left hidden, but finds it's way to the surface.  There is more to Rebecca's parents death (as suspected).  We learn more of Billy's history with being kicked out of the pack and how he is tied to the family so closely.

We see more of Healer magic and of one who twisted it.  Rebecca learns there is some that can't be saved, and there could be potential harm if she decides not to help but hurt.  There is a fine line there.  Rebecca does learn a lesson, but in a hard way.

Could you read this book without reading All Wounds?  Um, yea, you could.  But why would you want to do that when you could fall in love with these characters from the gorgeous beginning?  Learning how they all came to where they are now.  Believe me.  Read All Wounds, you'll fall for the characters as much as I have.  Dina is an author of many talents, one is making you love the characters she writes, even the ones you aren't suppose to love.

This book touches on so much I was looking for with these characters and the story.  Well done.  It is a Young Adult book, but I would HIGHLY suggest it to any and all, of all ages.  You will love the characters and their stories just as much as me, along with the magical world around them.

I can't tell you how HARD I LOVE these characters.  I want to bring them all home with me.  In a world full of Ethereals (supernatural types).  Man-wolf, Vampires, Tomte, Goblins, Spider-men, and demons.  Love the story, characters, and world in this amazing Young Adult series.

***I read this book for an honest review from the author.