Monday, March 28, 2022

What have I been doing??

It's been over a year since I posted last. And that post was six months after my last review posted. 

*heavy sigh*

Where does the time go? 

I don't even know where to start with all I've been doing. I've been staying busy, for sure. I think that's how I cope with things, always busy. It keeps my mind busy and me out of trouble. 

I've been focusing on my two dogs, Arrow and Zeba. Arrow needs to walk and exert energy. Zeba has been doing training and gaining awards. My son grew up, graduated college, and moved three hours away. We talk/text almost daily and visit at least once a month.

Me...I've been staying busy. I'm still working full time at the day job. But, I've fallen away from photography the last year. I want to get back to taking more photos again. Covid slowed where I could go and then winter makes it hard to get outside. I've also been working steady with my tea business. I'm loving the tea flavors, mixing them together, and all the health benefits I'm experiencing. I have cut sugar intake (thanks to being close to diabetes) and calorie intake with these amazing drinks. 

I know this is just scratching the surface of all that's been going on in life. But, I'm sure I'll share more about events and things as I go along. I'm looking forward to sharing the reviews I have ready and what I'm listening or reading in the future. 

I'm wanting to get back to blogging again. I loved all of you I meet here, and I'm missing you! I'm going to make a few changes though, life is moving way to fast for me to keep up these days. So, I'm going to work at a slower pace though. I can't do all the posts every day of the week anymore. That was a lot of work. I'm also going to cut my reviews to a shorter format. It was so much work sharing all the details that I had. I'm going to work on getting the blog page cleaned up too, I know there's bad links there. So I'm going back to basics and going to enjoy what I'm doing. After all, it's for fun. 

I look forward to chatting with you all again!

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Audio Book Review: Ruined Terra by Terry Mixon


Ruined Terra (Empire of Bones Saga, Book 11)Ruined Terra by Terry Mixon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow. This book is full of worry and tension from the beginning. They've landed on the planet with no way back into space, and no way out of the area even if they did get back in space.

There's troubles on the planet. Who's their enemy. Will they find an ally? And can they get the key and return to use it?

I love listening to Veronica narrate. She's one of my favorites with her many voices and talent for infliction. Amazing narrator, and very nice to listen to her.

I'm constantly worried my favorite characters won't make it. I'm holding my breath with each battle. Hoping...

This is a tough book. So much worry and loss happening here. I know why I wanted so long to listen to this one. I didn't know it at the time, but I am glad I dragged my feet getting into this one. And when I got started, I couldn't get through it fast enough to see what happens and how things turn out.

You're going to want the next book at hand when you finish this one! We get through the current troubles, a little beaten and bloody. But, we know there's more troubles on the horizon. Very close. Very.

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