Friday, January 7, 2011

Looking Forward To... (34)

There are so many amazing books already on the shelves and new ones coming out.

For a list of books yet to be released I'm looking to get, you can also look on my right Sidebar at the ever growing list titled Desired Reads - just scroll down. Of course there are tones of other new books to come out that are amazing as well, but these ones are part of series I have already started or for one reason or another caught my eye (and haven't seen much on other blogs yet). But I will highlight one here each week.

(mentioned in order of Release Date then Alphabetical if there are more than one book coming out on the same date.)

Next Book Is...

The Heroes
By:  Joe Abercrombie
Due Out:  February 7, 2011

I have to throw in some Fantasy books here and there as I'm a Fantasy fan.  Joe is one of the amazing authors I've read.  He can draw a picture of a world in words which makes it so easy to see in your mind.  And the battles...  He has a great dark world created in which he sets his stand-alone books as well, The First Law Series started this world and it works great.

This picture might be hard to see, but there are faces in the splatters.  This is an amazing looking cover!  It mesmerizes me.

Synopsis from Goodreads:
War: where the blood and dirt of the battlefield hide the dark deeds committed in the name of glory. THE HEROES is about violence and ambition, gruesome deaths and betrayals; and the brutal truth that no plan survives contact with the enemy. The characters are the stars, as ever, and the message is dark: when it comes to war, there are no heroes...


Curnden Craw: a ruthless fighter who wants nothing more than to see his crew survive. 

Prince Calder: a liar and a coward, he will regain his crown by any means necessary.

Bremer dan Gorst: a master swordsman, a failed bodyguard, his honor will be restored - in the blood of his enemies.

Over three days, their fates will be sealed.


  1. If that cover doesn't grab your attention nothing will. :)

  2. I love that cover. Simple and eye catching! Can't wait to see what you think of it!

  3. Cari - :) Thanks for stopping by. The cover is very cool. It seems to fit the world Joe has created, well so far in my mind. :)

    Melissa (Books&Things) - :) Glad you enjoyed the cover! It really does kind of stop you when you see it. It's another long book for me, but I'll have to get back into this world. :)

  4. Definitely on my To Be Read list for the Spring. Pat Rothfuss' new book (Wise Man's Fear) is out soon, too. Also fantasy.

  5. David - Hi! Glad you stopped by. Yes, I can't wait for Wise Man's Fear as well. March. That will be a great month. :)


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