Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cover Release ~ Shadow's Lure

Do you remember my Review and Favorite Fictional Character of Shadow's Son by Jon Sprunk?

No.  Well here are the links, go check them out as I really enjoyed this first book.

Well, I just saw the cover ~ which according to Jon at his blog is still a work in process.  But this cover is just amazing.  And follows the theme of the first book too.

I love looking at new covers and thinking what they might be hinting at.  And this one has many great hints.  We have Caim and his knives along with Kit, who is always tagging along with Caim.  And you see the shadows swirling through the picture as well, Caim's little secret and escape. (curious now? go get the first book!)  And the scene, its winter and there is a tree.  So, maybe we are out in the wilderness in winter searching for Caim's heritage.  Just a few thoughts...

Can't wait to get this second book in my hands.  And love the cover!


  1. I really should red the first Sprunk book, I am craving some fantasy again

  2. Blodeuedd - I think you would enjoy Shadow's Son. There is more to the story to be told and I can't wait to hear it. Oh, the story is completed in the book, but I want more of Caim and Kit and to learn more about them. :) Hope you enjoy it.

    Melissa (Books&Things) - :) I like this one with the tree and snow.. :) Glad you like.


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