Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The First announcement is up!!!  For the first Serial with Zara Lain.  AND a GIVEAWAY!

What? you are asking.  Okay, let me back up and start closer to the beginning....

You all remember my review of Bloodlines by Skyla Dawn Cameron.  Right?  Well, if not you NEED to go read it, HERE.  I loved this book, the world, the characters.  And can't wait to read more in this world.

To add to this wonderful series, Skyla has started a site for everyone's favorite vampire character... Zara Lain.

Skyla has just posted the description of the first Serial to go live August 1st! 
Called:  Amends

What are Serials?  Well they are short ereads of Zara in her undead and demon filled world.

You can find out:
   ~  The Soon coming Serial of Zara!
   ~  All the books in this world and with Zara in them, in order.
   ~  Get a list of characters and books/stories they appear in.

In celebration there IS information on a contest for a Hunter Prize Pack contest!  
Oh there are GREAT prizes here.
What's in the prize pack?
Well you get:
~~ Autographed personalized copy of Hunter
~~ $25 Powell's Gift Card
~~ Winner's choice of 1 item knitted by Dina James.  (you have to go look at the wonderful picks)
~~ Winner makes a cameo in the upcoming Zara Lain Serial
~~ Vampire Hunting Kit: Including Rosary, Holy Water, Vampire films (TBA), and a custom knitted "wooden stake by Dina James.

Yep.  You need to go check it out! Go HERE.  Zara Lain in her lair...

The contest link is, HERE. But if you go to the main screen for Zara Lain's lair, click Serials, then click Contest on the right sidebar you will find it.

But I say go look around.  Check the site out.  You aren't going to get into any trouble being there.  Zara wont bite.  It's all free.


  1. I'm going to bake you a cake should we ever meet. What flavour do you like?

  2. lol. Skyla. I guess you like the post then? ;D Um, cake! I love cake! Chocolate, German chocolate more so. :) lol. Thank you!

  3. Thanks for the link to the contest!

  4. What a wonderful character name! Evocative of adventure and daring. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Aubrie - You are very welcome! :) I do hope you enjoy the site. And remember you are able to read the books in any order as they are stand-alone in the same world, but do hope you like them all. :)

    Chasity - :) You are so welcome! Hope you enjoy the site.

    Melissa (Books&THings) - I think this will be fun. :) And hope you get to check it out. :)

    StephanieD - You are very welcome! I do hope you enjoy the site. :)


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