Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Who? What? Where? (22)

Who are you with? Where are you at? What's happening?

Share with us just a little bit of what is happening in the book you are reading, right where you are now.

Just a tiny taste of what's happening, remember try to not give spoilers of the book.

(This is a new meme I'm going to try and will tweak as I go. And please don't laugh at my lame attempt at drawing. ;D )
I'm moving this post from Thursdays to Wednesdays as I have another idea for Thursdays.

I'm sitting with the Priestess (of fire) Ariadel and Vidarian at the Inn of Lustrous Pearl, after our relaxing massages.  This is one of the places Priestess Ariadel likes to visit for a body massage and pampering to help make the final trek to the temple bearable.  Now I'm curious what hardships will be ahead of us in this final phase of our traveling.

Sword of Fire and Sea
by Erin Hoffman


  1. I am in the forest with Mary, Travis and the rest. Everyone else is dead and the zombies are after us

  2. Wow- I'm in love already! The cover is gorgeous!! Checking this book out...NOW! :D

  3. Hm... I need some relaxing massages. I need to join her. :)

    I'm taking my new love interest on a tour of my college. I'm afraid that after he leaves that is all the time I will have with him. I need to stop worrying b/c there is a sicko after me and wants to kill me!

  4. Blodeuedd - Zombies!?! Oh no! And everyone else is dead... I hope you make it to safety soon! :) Hope you are enjoying your run through the woods. :)

    Lisa @ Read.Breathe.Relas - lol. Oh so glad you like the sounds of the book. :) Hope you like what you see when you looked into the book more. :)

    Melissa(Books&Things) - lol. I hear ya! I could use a nice massage too. Oh, sounds like you are in a tough spot there at college. Poor man is leaving and some strango after you. Hope all works out okay. ;) Thank you!

  5. Still reading the same book from last week :( but now, I am glad to report I am with a famous sci-fi author in a mental hospital having tea with a monstrously disfigured gentleman.

  6. I'm loving fantastical! This one sounds like such an adventure! :)

  7. After powering through the entire Song of Ice and Fire series in preparation for the eminent release of "A Dance With Dragons", I have sort of taken a break from reading. Too much, too fast... it backfired on me! So, other than skimming through a few downloaded "free samples" for my Kindle app, I haven't committed to anything substantial lately.

    I do have Brandon Sanderson's "The Way of Kings" leering at me from my shelf... but I got so absorbed in the giant, vivid cast of GRRM's, I can't really fathom setting it aside and trying to shoe-horn in another vast cast of characters. My brain is full!

  8. StephanieD - Oh, no worries about reading the same book. :) And it sounds like an interesting place you are in with it. :) Hope you are enjoying.

    Melissa (I swim for oceans) - Oh thank you for stopping by. :) It is, thank you. :)

    David Wagner - Hello! Hope you are well. Oh wow. You must have really blown through that series. :) I started Way of Kings and couldn't get through it fast enough, so had to set it aside to pick up later. But I will! :) Hope you enjoy all the great books.


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