Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Teaser Tuesday (80)

Teaser Tuesday

is a weekly event
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Here's how it works:
Grab the book you are currently reading (anything at all)
Open the book to any random page.
Share 2 teaser sentences from anywhere on the page
Please Make Sure They Are Not Spoilers!
(Don't Give Too Much Away)
Just enough to pique our interests

This Week:

Simon thought of a younger Isabelle, keeping the secret, never telling anyone, hiding it from her brothers.  Knowing things about their family that they would never know.

City of Fallen Angels
By Cassandra Clare


  1. I really want to read these books! They have such a loyal following that I know that it must be great!

  2. Hi Linds! :) Thank you for stopping by. Oh, not so long ago I read the first 3 books and loved them. I was really surprised as I went into the books trying to not let the hype over do it and me be let down because it didn't live up to it. And I was really curious what everyone loved about them. And I was so surprised that they were all that the hype said and really happy with them. Loved them. :) I do hope you get a chance to try them out.

  3. I recently read through the whole series, except for the latest book. They are very addictive. What's interesting is that I enjoyed each story more than the last but I found myself liking the characters less and less in each book. Kind of strange. But I had fun reading through them all.

  4. Simcha - wow. I'm surprised you found yourself not liking the characters as the series went on. Interesting. :) But I have to say the story and the world are very neat here. Hm. That is interesting to learn. I do see the characters being a little childish, but they are young too so I've excused it. Neat to hear. Thank you!

  5. Sure... tease me about a book I want to read! ;)

  6. Melissa (Books&Things) - lol. I do love these books.... he he. You would love these as well. ;) Hope you get to read it.

  7. Ooh, secretive stuff! I heard great things about this series, I totally have to read it.

    What happened to Shadow's Lure though? That's a review I'm dying for!

  8. Nikola - Hi! :) Thank you for stopping by. Oh, I've been loving this series with a few friends I've been reading it with. And Shadow's Lure! I'm loving it! :) It's one of the books I want to finish this week/weekend. I stopped to pick up with this one for a chat on Friday with friends. But I can't wait to get back to Shadow's Lure. :) I'm hoping (if all works out right) to finish it this weekend and review it next week. :) thank you!

  9. Most reviewers I've seen seem to think this series superior to Infernal Devices. What do you think?

  10. StephanieD - You know I'm not sure. I haven't read the Infernal Devices yet. I do have the first book here and can't wait to get to it, but haven't yet. I do hope so soon. :) Have you read them yet?


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