Sunday, June 26, 2011

Just For Thought...(4)

The Gnawing NEED to buy a book?

I seem to have this obsession when it comes to books.  I know many of us chat about all the time.  But it really is an addiction.  I have this gnawing NEED to run out and buy books.

I love to be surrounded by books these days.  I always have a book in my purse, hand, on my desk, everywhere with me.  I am also a VERY slow reader.  Some of you can read a whole 300-400 page book in just a few short hours.  Me, well it takes me all week and if nothing else a whole weekend un-interrupted.  So I'm slow.  But I have to buy books.  I always need a new book or three here.  But the sad part is I don't know when I'll get to the books I'm purchasing.  I buy three or several more, for the one book I got through.

I just love having them here and knowing I've got it for when I get to read it.  And I know what I'm doing is helping the great authors out too, so that's my excuse.

Oh, and when those days come that the world is coming to an end... well, I'll be found in my cave of a den with several books in hand, ready to hide out until my hero comes to save me. ;) lol.

So what about you?  Do you feel the gnawing and burning to go buy books?


  1. Yes! Despite having enough books to keep me for years, I can't help it, I keep buying more. I swear, it's an addiction.

  2. I was the same way before I bought my nook. Now though? If I see a book is under $5, I feel the need to download it. Even having a nook is dangerous.

  3. I'm the same way. I buy eBooks like crazy and if I really love the book I go and buy the physical copy, too. It's bad!

  4. Yes! Even though it would probably take me years to read all the books I already own, I can't seem to stop needing more. Bookstore coupons, sales, eARCs, library sales, review copies, etc, all feed my addiction. If writers would stop writing and publishers stop publishers, I might have a shot at catching up one day! *L*

  5. hm-m, that reminded me of my dad-in-law who is a hoarder at heart and collects old clocks obsessively *grinning* You should see their house! Big piles of unread books make me nervous. i try to get through them until there are 2-3 left, then I'll buy more or borrow or win in the competition :) Even with egalleys I can't seem to force myself to have more than a few at a time - it looks too much like an obligation to read instead of spontaneous fun otherwise. I think i'm a bit OCD that way.

  6. Gnawing need describes it very well. I have so many books despite the ones I give away, and definitely not enough time yet I cannot stop myself from acquiring more. Just today, I left the house with four books in my purse - four! Was I going to be gone all week? No, just a few hours yet my purse was bulging with books.

  7. I know exactly how you feel... I recognized this addiction in me early on... so now I put limits on myself... I only buy books as a reward for myself for doing good... if I'm not good, I don't get to buy any. Or a reward to myself after a particularly hard week at work. I don't read them all, that is why my TBR mountain pile is a roomfull of books :)

  8. I need books too! :D Lol, and yes always when I go out without a book I end up in a situation where I would have killed for a book.

    I do read fast too, really fast. But then I got all day to read

  9. Oh, yes! I feel like I'm in withdrawal if I don't look around a bookstore once a week or go on Amazon/Book Depository every couple of days. However, many books i have on my HUGE to be read pile, there are always more books out there that I want to own! Even books that I'm not sure about, if the deal is good enough I will buy them!

  10. Oh, do I ever! It's been hell for me these past few weeks, since I've gone with my roommate to the bookstore at least 3 times, and seen at least 10 books I want while I was there, but I can't have them! Partly because I can't afford them, and partly because until my injured hand has healed, I can't comfortably hold physical books, so I'm relying on my Kindle. Any books I buy I wouldn't be able to read until at least next week anyway, and then they'd be sitting there and taunting me silently the whole time!

    I love buying books. I hate going into a bookstore, or even a mall that has a bookstore, without at least checking to see if there are any books that I want to buy. It's an addiction. One of these days, I'll have enough books to build a house with, which will be good, because I'll have spent all my rent money on reading material!

  11. Na... no gnawing need...

    Oh look at that book! Pretty! I must have it!

    Uh, what was I saying... ;D *giggles*

  12. Barbara E. - lol. It really is an addiction! And non-readers just don't understand it. :) Thank you for stopping by!

    Robyn - Oh, see that is why I'm afraid of the ereaders. It would be just to easy to get books. :) Thank you!

    Book Twirps - lol. Oh, you end up with two copies of the books! Oh, It is crazy all these amazing books that are waved in our faces for the taking. ;) Thank you!

    Alexia - lol! If writers went on strike I would be soooo set for years. ;) lol. And yes maybe we could get caught up with the books. Great comment, thank you!

  13. StephanieD - Oh, I know! lol. I always have several books on me at one time any more. So depending on my mood I'm set. lol. Great comment, thank you!

    Cherry - I tried to disipline myself with the reward system and I was rewarding myself for crazy little things just so I could get a book. lol. Well, I wasn't that bad, but I keep trying to slow down some and grant myself a book or two a week. But then I see all these others and it just compounds itself. lol. Thank you for the great comment!

    Blodeuedd - Oh, I always take a book with me these days. Even to the store as you never know when you'll be stuck in that long line and can read for 10 minutes. ;) And I wish I could read fast. It would make me feel so much better with these books here. :) Thank you for the wonderful comment!

  14. Mel - lol. You know the bookstore at the mall knows us by name. We go at least once a week to shop. I have to at least walk along the shelves to feel less anxious about the week, but then I want to spend. lol. And I know what you mean about wanting to own books on the want list and curious about. I don't know how to stop it. Thank you for the wonderful comment.

    Bibliotropic - lol! Thank you for the wonderful comment. Oh, I do hope your hand heals up soon for you so you can hold those wonderful books. :) But I know about not being able to afford all the books. I wish I could buy them all when I go to the store. And happy buying when you get to do it again. :)

    Melissa (Books&Things) - lol. That is about how it works around here too! lol. :) Thank you!

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