Thursday, June 16, 2011

Book Blog Chat (14) Stop 2

So we are now two thirds through Wanderlust!  Oh my!  This was a tough tough stopping point.  I don't know about you, but I WANT to get back into this book to see what happens.

Buuuut, we have a chat to do and that just makes it all the better.

So on with it we go...

Robyn's Questions:
1.)  Do you think March truly loves Jax that he would leave her?  It seems odd that he would be okay with her leaving like that but maybe he knows there is danger coming and he wants her to be safe.
2.)  Will March be back in this book or do you think the worse could happen?
3.)  Could Jax give up jumping just like that?
4.)  If March knew what Doc had told her about jumping.  Would March have refused her to leave because he fears she'll jump?

Melissa's Questions:
1.)  Do you think this is the merc side of March?  Do you like this side we are seeing?
2.)  We have our new pilot, Suraya or otherwise known as Hit.  What do you thing of her?  Is she good or bad for us?
3.)  Do we like Jael's new position with Jax?  Her personal body guard.  Do we trust him completely yet?


  1. I really don't know if I should like March right now. When he said he was staying with Keri, I have to admit I got upset with him. Now if he really is helping them out to keep them safe, okay I can't be mad. I just couldn't believe he loves her and would do that.

    I'm not sure about the new pilot yet. She seems tough which might have been okay for the old Jax. but the new Jax and plus she is upset about March? This could get interesting.

    I still feel like Jael has something up his sleeve, especially if he is her working for someone we can't trust yet.

  2. Well, I have to admit my ut most worry right now is March. But I don't think this has anything to do with loving Jax. I think he loves Jax, but feels an obligation to help save the people that saved him. I don't think he "loves" Keri more than like a little sister or her guardian type feel. I think he loves Jax with all his heart.

    My worry with him is that the merc side where his psi took over is taking over again. He is being taken by his psi and killing again. That is where my worry is. He had a bad struggle at getting to where he was with Jax, and I think it's going to be hell getting him back after this.

    I'm worried over what he is doing to his mind and with his mind more than anything else.

  3. I like the new pilot. She is cool! I think her and Dina are really hitting it off. lol. But I don't know if she will listen and do what the crew needs done. I'm hoping she isn't one of those loners and in-charge kinds that thinks the crew will do as she says or go where she wants. But we just met her. I think she could bring some cool tough fun to the picture.

  4. lol. You really have a bad feel about Jael, don't you. he he. I was a little bothered with him leaving Jax at the compound before the attack. If he was really her body guard he should NOT have gone back to the ship with Dina to work on it. He should have stayed with Jax, or near her. So this did make me a little suspicious of him.

    But I do like him, whether good or bad as he is playing the part perfectly! And he does seem to be the perfect body guard as he heals so quickly. ;) But I do wonder if they really placed him in that position or if he has something up his sleeve and has put himself there for easy access. Maybe for the people pinning for her. BECAUSE... did Jax tell anyone about the crash? Oh Surge would have mentioned it because March told him to go get what salvage they wanted. So he would have known. But he didn't mention anyone breaking into her room.

    Hmmm, now you have me wondering about him. Maybe he is working for someone to get to Jax. Or maybe he's working for the ones that want her to screw things up too. Oh, that's not fair! lol.

    But I do like him. :)

  5. I am very scared March will not be back in this book. But I think he will make it back to the series. He has to make it back into the series, for Jax! He has to!

    But we just might have to dive into the next Jax book to see. ;)

  6. I'm still hoping Jael can win me over. Without March to protect her, he'll have to, so maybe he'll show his true colors.....good or bad, haha.

    You know I was wondering about the new pilot and Dina. She does need a love interest.

  7. Oooo, this could very well be Jael's way into our hearts with March gone. I didn't think about that. Good point. :) We will have to see what happens.

    And yes. Dina does need to have a little fun. And since her last friend passed away this could be a safe play for her (not a jumper). We'll have to see.

  8. Now I'm so worried about March and his little mental thing that I haven't talked about Jax!

    I don't think she will give up jumping but this is really a neat little situation. I wonder if Doc can come up with some remedy to give her when she does jumps so her system wont have to pull from her own body to fix.

    As I really don't see Jax giving up jumping. She can't. It's imbedded in her DNA to do it. It IS her to do the jumps. She was getting a little snappy there with withdrawal.

  9. I do think March would have still left her go even if he knew her situation. He would trust in her to do the right thing. And his mind is so caught up in this war I don't know if he would have thought about her jumping knowing how scared she is about herself.

  10. I have to say I'm liking this side of March. Not that I don't want him with Jax, as I do, but it bring a new level to him. One that we can respect and love the March he was when we meet him. And hope we get him back. :)

    But we also get a glimpse at his history this way too. So I'm finding this very interesting and enjoying it.

  11. When you say into Jax's heart, that made me a little nervous. Jael better behave himself, haha.

    I bet we see Jax before the end of the book. I'm guessing she'll figure something out since this is only the second book, haha.

    I'm curious to see a side of March we haven't. Will it be good or bad.

    If he goes bad, I could see Jax being there for him and breaking him.


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