Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just For Thought...(2)

I'm curious of your thoughts... One day the mind was wondering, a lot. But I came up with a few thoughts, questions... what ever you would like to call them, for chats with you. I thought it would be neat to have a nice chat with you on different things in and regarding books. I don't think this will become a post for every week, but I have several thoughts here to start some chats. I do hope you will join in and share your thoughts.

Coupons, friend of foe?

Are coupons your friend or foe when it comes to purchasing?  Let me set the scene for you... Beginning of the week and I'm broke already.  Paid the bills, need gas in the car, and saved a few slim dollars to go to lunch with the ladies at work.  And trying to save move for the crap that keeps breaking or need.  I get a 40% or 50% coupon off at the local bookstore.  What do I do?

Now, I think I'm crazy to not take advantage of these insane coupons that are sent from the store.  I absolutely need these books.  I want them.  I'll read them, eventually.  And goodness what if they aren't there when I want them?  Geez, I would have to wait.  And best of all, I'm supporting my favorite authors all the way!  So I rush out with the coupon and buy books.  Just what the store wants me to do.

My excuse.  The things I needed to take care of where taken care of so what if I take the five or ten dollars and spend it.  I have no other vices.  Well, sure I do... shoes, and fun days out doing stuff...

But anyway, coupons they are both to me.  Friend and foe.  They drive me crazy and burn the hole in my pocket to go spend.  I love them!

What about you?  Do they fuel your weakened state with book buying?


  1. No never. I never look constantly for bargains and always try to buy it at full price. A great sale or coupon never makes me squee and want to buy what I have been saving up for. Wait a minute... reverse that. ;)

  2. I feel the same way! I just bought a bunch of books I might not have purchased if not for a coupon I got in my inbox. :)

  3. It really has to be an incredible deal, but if it is and I have the money, I usually will take advantage!

  4. I buy ebooks mostly so no coupons for me. i do like to look through the bargain lists though

  5. I would LOVE if I could get coupons like that! I have to rely on sales and they only have crap books there

  6. There are really coupons or deals like that in the UK either - although the main bookstore, Waterstones has a more or less constant 3 for 2 offer on new releases and top sellers. If we did have it over here - I would be jumping up and down all the time!!!

    I like to think of money spent on books as investment rather than expenditure! :-)

  7. Melissa (Books&Things) - lol! See they are so addicting, and with our book addiction it doesn't make it any easier. lol.

    Jenn - Oh, I always buy books w/these coupons. I love them. But some days I just want to bury my head as I spend so much more than planned as I'm saving on books too. lol.

    Michelle @ The True book Addict - Oh, the 40% and 50% really gets me going and I can use it more than once! That is the kicker for me. lol.

    Bookmagic - You know I wondered about the coupons with ebooks. I didn't know if they where good on the ebooks or not. But I do look through the bargain books all the time too. :) Thank you!

  8. Blodeuedd - Oh wow. I'm sorry to hear you don't have stores that offer coupons. Hmm, we need to get a Borders over there for you to get some discounts. :)

    Mel - Geez, sorry to hear you don't get coupons on books there in UK either. Bummer. We are going to have to start a new chain of book stores over seas for you all to get this wonderful addiction too. ;) And soooo true! "An investment rather than expenditure" :)

  9. B&N coupons are so bad for me. I wouldn't even be thinking of buying a book but when they send those tempting e-mails, I suddenly develop an overwhelming desire to visit the bookstore and buy something. Anything.

  10. StephanieD - lol. I'm so glad I'm not the only one addicted to the coupons. ;D I use them all the time to buy books. It's really a sickness I think. But I just can't pass it up. And I'm going to buy the books anyway, so why not. :) Thank you for stopping by!


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