Sunday, June 19, 2011

Just For Thought...(3)

Purchasing...used books or new?  Or Borrowing?

I have found I'm a purchaser.  I love buying books and keeping them.  Yes.  I'm a pack rat.  I keep all my books.  Sounds crazy, but I do.  And of the books I read, I purchase them.  I could very easily go to the library, I do belong there, and borrow a book to read and take it back.  But I have an obsession with keeping the books.

So, I run out and buy my books.  And I've started buying many books online as well.  As there are books I want that are not in the stores or even online.  They are found on the Publishers site.  So off I go buying up the books. lol.

So what do you find you do?  Borrow or Purchase?  Just curious.  No right or wrong answers here.  It's just for thought.

Thank you.


Unknown said...

I am a purchaser as well. But if I am reading a series that has been around a while, I just borrow them from the library. For instance, take the Anita Blake series. I started it last year, I am on book 10 now. But I get them all from the library. I just can't buy all 20. Maybe later because I love the series, but still. But yes, buying it new works better for me. No creases, no torn pages and it smells new. Yes I smell my books, don't judge me LOL!

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Offbeat Vagabond - You are right with those long series. I didn't even think about that. Hmm, they would be ones hard to keep up with buying. And no judging here on smelling your books. ;) I take pleasure in clean fresh print as well. And have a hard time with greasy or stained pages from eating while reading. lol. Sometimes I go to the used bookstore, but mostly it's the new bookstores I visit. Hmmm, and now I'm thinking about it I might just visit the used store for the heck of it here some day soon. :) Especially if my pocket book keeps looking the way its looking now. ;) Thanks!

Alexia561 said...

I used to be a purchaser, but have run out of room for all my books! So now I'm mostly a borrower, especially with long series. Am leaning towards being a purchaser again since I got my nook, but I'm trying to be good and stick to netGalley and free eBooks. Isn't easy, but my pocketbook probably looks like yours! *L*

Michelle Flick said...

Im def. a purchaser. I like the feel of owning a book and knowing it's mine...but let's be real, purchasing books for avid readers like us, is EXPENSIVE. I did borrow a bunch from my school's librarian for the summer. I bet I end up buying all of them anyway...but I also like books as gifts...that should be an option. When my birthday comes up or Christmas, I "promote" the books I want.

MrsMixx said...

I'm a purchaser for many reasons:

First my libraries suck and they don't have any of the books I like to read. AND they don't have books in English. *shrug*

Then I don't know any friend who likes the same book I do. And borrowing a book you had to ship costs as much as buying it from Book Depo.

Last but main reason? I LOVE my books and I can't be parted with them. I want to have them at all time. <==pack rat too.

I do get a lot of Netgalleys but often end up buying them i the end lol

Blodeuedd said...

I have started to buy a lot more since I started bookblogging. Cos there are so many good books out there that I wanna read and that the library does not have. But if they had them I would borrow them

Mel said...

I've always been a purchaser - there something about knowing you can go back and pick up a book again without searching for it! Although saying that I don't keep every book I read - a few times a year friends and family recieve bags of books that I think they might like from me. But I only give away books I don't want to read again - series and favourite authors I have to keep even with my rapidly decreasing space!

While I don't go to the library I do borrow books occasionally from friends (or rather they inisist I should read them!) and those broorwed books tend to go straight to the top of the reading pile - otherwise I might forget about them! :)

Bibliotropic said...

A bit of both. I love buying books and seeing an unfathomable number on my bookshelves, and purchasing allows me complete freedom if I wake up at 3 AM wanting to read a particlar book again. On the other hand, borrowing books from the library or friends allows me a more risk-free venture, to read books that I might otherwise passover because I'm not sure whether or not they'll be worth the purchase price to me.

But if I borrow something and end up really liking it, I'll go out and buy a copy for myself anyway, so I guess ultimately, I'm a purchaser!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I love new books. I admit it. However, I really don't care if it is borrowed, used or new if I really want to read it. I'm glad I now have an ereader. Makes more space IRL. :)

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Alexia - Lol. Thank you for stopping by. I know. I think I'm going to run out of room as well. I'm going to have to start rotating the books on the shelves here. lol. Ooo, you know I've heard people say they start really buying books again with the ereaders. Hmmm,might have to think on that one. :)

Mflick1 - It really does get expensive for us with books. But so worth it for us too. :) Oh, sounds like you have your summer readsall picked out. Hope you love them all. And maybe they can be the ones you get as gifts. ;) Thank you!

Pattepoilue - Thank you for stopping by! Sorry to hear about your library. Not that I have the language thing with my library but they don't have all the books out there. And I find I want the ones they don't have. But yes, I'm the one that has to keep them all. ;) Glad to hear I'm not the only one.

Blodeuedd - Thank you for stopping by! I have to say blogging has really opened up the world of books to me. There are soooo many out there to have and love! :) And it's hard to get them in the libraries. :)

Mel - I love going back through my books as well. My husband has tried to get me to get ride of them. But I told him I always go back. He didn't believe me. I said, are you ever home with me in my den? No. So don't argue. ;) lol. Thank you for stopping by!

Bibliotropic - Thank you for stopping by and commenting. And very true on trying something you are not sure on. BUt, yep I think I would have to purchase it as well. :) And I like having free roam of my shelves too. :) Thank you!