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Thoughts On: Fables of the Flying City 38-41

Fables of the Flying City

By:  Jared Axelrod

Genre:  Steampunk

Episode:  38 of 44, Book Two: Mouths of the Dead

Format:  Podcast; 22:15 minutes

Trouble At The Library

In which the size of the library is revealed, help is offered, a statue goes unnamed, the police are called, violence ensues, short work is made, a request is revealed as impossible, and a voice lurks in the shadows.

My Thoughts and Summary:
We visit the city's library with Ashe.  The library has been created with copies of books from around the world.  Ashe asks to see the Articles of Amperstam, and trouble explodes.

This is one extensive and massive library.  It holds information from all the nations on the ground, and is of ten buildings at the moment.  Boy would it be neat to visit this library!  We learn of the six founders of Amperstam and what they hoped to accomplish with the flying city.

Shortly after asking for the Articles two men show up to escort Ashe away with them.  Ashe has spunk!  This ends in a fight, against the constables and she is good!  We find out there was "business" regarding the Articles, in other words, they were stolen.  Anyone asking to see them was to be reported.  Then we have a new voice hidden, asking Ashe to go with him.


Episode:  39 of 44, Book Two: Mouths of the Dead

Format:  Podcast; 13:26 minutes

The Sand To Do It

In which a man is identified, a chase is given, guns are fired, a librarian is distraught, a leap is made, a tower is contemplated, a rogue is introduced, legs are admired, a Redlaw is threatened, and sand is appraised.

My Thoughts and Summary:
Another police man finally comes out to see Ashe, the Head Constable to be exact.  He is taking Ashe in on suspicion of treason.  Of course Ashe won't go!  Shots are fired, Ashe runs.  Thoughts of who and how the Articles where stolen form to Ashe, and she investigates further.

Ashe is full of action this episode.  She runs, jumps and flies through the air.  And once again Jared gives a great feel in his voice while the carefree jump and then the harsh hit when she lands.

We learn in the chit chat before action, that the Provost home was where the original Articles were and likely stolen from there.  So thoughts of a person jumping from a helicopter could steal the Articles and jump out to grab a swing...  Tolban knows of a helicopter pilot who would do it, and we go chat with him.  Mucol was taken by Hugh to the tower!  Mucol said she was going to give Redlaw a piece or three.  She had something on him, and she was going to use it!

Now, what did she have?  With this episode I'm starting to piece together what happened with Mucol, but I want to know more.


Episode:  40 of 44, Book Two: Mouths of the Dead

Format:  Podcast; 12:22 minutes

Cardor Lends A Hand

In which Cardor is resistant, Ashe pushes, Cardor demures, Ashe pushes harder, stratagems are plotted, plums are plundered, low temperatures are enjoyed, Cardor's imagination is questioned, a clouddog is dismissed, another is discussed, and Castigir Redlaw is generous to his son.

My Thoughts and Summary:
Ashe asks Cardor to see his dad, the big Redlaw as Castigir doesn't have time to schedule with just anyone let alone his own son, to see if he meet with the water monger girl.

We do meet Castigir Redlaw briefly here, a very rich and powerful man.  We learn he owns water condensation caves and a girl waving papers at him did come by saying she would ruin him.  But he thinks she had nothing as she had not been back.  Then!  Then we have mention of the tenant with a past due bill and has until tomorrow then all her items are to go in the alley...the tenant, Ashe.

I kinda feel for Cardor here with his dad.  Seems Cardor doesn't feel important or powerful like his father.


Episode:  41 of 44, Book Two: Mouths of the Dead

Format:  Podcast; 12:39 minutes

Bones Below The Streets

In which our heroes go below, Gatling is measured against, Ashe admits what she's looking for, Tolban makes a misstep, a net is fortuitous, piles of skulls are witnessed, the likelihood of monsters is debated, and the Ossuarist makes his presence known.

My Thoughts and Summary:
There are tunnels through the city, in the "ground."  Sewers.  Ashe and Tolban trapse through them.  Tolban wants out, Ashe wants to know more of her current case.  A monster is speculated about, with what is found, and Ashe slips falling toward the sky below her.

We remember Gatling briefly.  Ashe is asked what she is looking for, she answers a reason, but then interrupted before she finishes her thought.

We get to see the inside of the underbelly of the city.  The tunnels, or sewers.  The tunnels are all angled to allow waste to fall with gravity, out to land below.  Then they find tons and tons of piles of skulls and bones.  I am even more curious as to what the engine does to create this from people!

We do meet a new person down here doing his job.  This old man has much to share and just might as offers Ashe and Tolban tea where he stays.

If you would like to Listen to the stories about Ashe, you can find Fables of the Flying City free on the site for Fables of the Flying Cityhttp://www.fablesoftheflyingcity.com/  There are links to iTunes and RSS feed.  You can also see the list of episodes in their order on Jared Axelrod's site.

If you are curious about the Graphic Novel, it is now available!  The Battle of Blood and Ink by Jared Axelrod and Steve Walker.  You can view a sample of the first 20 pages on Tor's site.


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