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Book Review: 9 Crimes

9 Crimes

By:  Skyla Dawn Cameron

Publisher:  Skyla Dawn Cameron

Publish Date:  August 8, 2012

Format:  eARC

Genre:  Urban Fantasy

Series:  4.1 of Demons of Oblivion series: Book .5 ~ Whiskey Sour, Book 1 ~ Bloodlines, Book 2 ~ Hunter, Book 3 ~ Lineage, Book 4 ~ Exhumed

Recommendation:  OH HELL YES!!! You will WANT this novella when you finish Exhumed, and not realize how much you needed it till you read it.

Book Synopsis:
9 Crimes:  Set during Exhumed, vampire-warlock Nate O'Connor sets off on his own to discover the truth behind a startling bombshell dropped on him, not only putting him at odds with the woman he loves but risking his life and those around him.

Aftermath:  This covers the twenty-four hours right after the final chapter of Exhumed (but before the Epilogue).  Irrevocable choices have been made and now the fallout must be dealt with.

#TheGreatBloodHunt:  A post-Exhumed story featuring Nate, Ellie, and Nicolette on Twitter.  No, really.

Thrall:  The first Nate-POV story, originally included with Bloodlines.  Set towards the end of Bloodlines, warlock Nate O'Connor is on the run from those who want him dead -- and looking for the one person he can't bring himself to leave behind.

Sunrise:  The second Nate-POV story, originally included with Lineage.  Since the worst hasn't come to pass, warlock Nate O'Connor sets about fortifying cabin where he and Zara are staying and keeping out the coming sunrise.

Bonus Stuff:  Complete series of available works in chronological order, blurb of Oblivion (book #5) and an exclusive look at Solace (#6), the proposed next Zara book.

First Sentence:
9 Crimes:
I slammed the door.

No one spoke in the SUV as Peri turned it away from the gaping black vortex that had grown silent after killing Mishka. (I had to hid the last two words as they are spoiler city!)

Nate @Nate_OConnor Completely starved.

She wasn't dead.

I have to cover the windows.

My Thoughts and Summary:
All of these are an ABSOLUTE, MUST READ After Exhumed.  It will make your heart feel a little better, and gives Nate's view.

9 Crimes:
We get Nate's view point of when things get...complicated and difficult in Exhumed.

This novella is definitely spoiler city if you have not read Exhumed.  So definitely wait until AFTER Exhumed to read this one.  But it fills in the gapes we have and SOOOO desperately need filled.  I knew I wanted this side of the story, but I didn't realize how much I wanted this, needed this view.  EXACTLY what I needed!  I didn't even realize how many holes my heart had after Exhumed until I read this novella.  My heart was smoothed over, while I anxiously read this one.

I love Nate, yet he still has so much past and present to work through.  Nate is so damaged.  Between Exhumed and this novella we see how damaged he was to start with and now as well.

Again, Skyla is talented at a powerful main POV and first person writing.  you see only that persons feelings and feel them profusely.  Yet you know you should see another side, and there could be reason, but you just can't get there.


Definitely read after Exhumed as well.  It takes place on the ride home, after last chapter before Epilogue.

Again Nate's view point of things as they stand, and secrets he learns.

On the sullen drive home the we get a glimpse of thoughts that running through Nate's mind and when he picks up his precious...package (I'm not spoiling what this is.).  Nate felt with Zara the torture and torment she went through in Exhumed and we see through Nate's eyes how broken she is right now.  He wants to talk and help her, yet he's extremely protective of his package.

We get a quick glimpse of Ellie and Ryann.  Nate takes Ellie up on his offer and stays at Ellie's for a few nights.  With this tie to Ellie, I start to worry about him with his gift again.  He seems to not be handling as well.  I wonder if this is just due to the Sean incident a book back or a hint that things are changing, no so good, and what's to come.  Maybe both?  Again my mind is wondering back to the apocalypse.

We are with Nate as he delivers some terrible news to another.  (yep, talking vague as I can't spoil it for you!)  We see how run down Nate is and how he feels responsible and hurt.  Nate now picks up on a trail with the new powerful warlock in the city.  There are hints that he is behind and up to more than originally thought.

Skyla is again masterful at touching on so many hints in this short story, that when thought back through the series makes you wonder on all again...with a new view.

I WANT MORE!!  On Max, Ellie, Nate, and the apocalypse!

Nate can't get ahold of any blood or find VBA.  Then VBA won't "sell" to him...or Nicollette.  Nate goes to Alchemy Red for a bite.  The tweets of poor Nate, new to the blood hunt searching for a willing donor at the vampire bar and not dating ever again mixed with Ellie's funny humor.  Then we have Nic trying to coach Nate.

Oh this makes me chuckle.

LOL! This is a Twitter chat between Nate, Ellie, and Nicolette.  The jokes they share on Twitter. ha ha!  Ellie's humor.  I do love him.  This was great fun with the trio, and the troubles of Nate trying to find food.  Just plain fun.

Which is from Nathan's point of view while Zara and he are... separated... (once you read the book you will understand.)  This is a wonderful addition to the story!  It gives you a little more insight to the world of magic and vampires as the story is told from Nate's eyes and feelings.  And once the story is all done and you read this one, you start to think on what might happen in the future...

I will definitely be looking for more of this series and world.  The next two books will have an appearance by Zara but will be from a different characters view on their stories.  But don't fret as Zara will be back in book 4 and I'm waiting for her, and her friend...  I can't wait for these characters again and to see what they have in store for us.

The short story in the back of Lineage print, and ebooks purchased from Mundania Press only.

We get what many of us have been waiting for since the ending of Bloodlines.  Enough time has passed.  What is it?  Nate.  But, we are also reminded of the possibilities with his special circumstances.  There isn't much I can say about Sunrise that won't spoil it for others.  You just have to read it.  It's pure eviltry at it's best.  So cruel, yet so sad, and I want more of it!

Bonus Stuff:
Now I learn what Oblivion is to be about.  Can't wait!!  And Solace too!  Dang, lots to come with regard to apocalypse and magic it seems.  Yes!

If you would like a copy of this set of short stories, you can find it at Skyla Dawn Cameron's site for $2.99.
   There is a Buy Button which takes all formats.

I read this for my enjoyment, and to sooth my heartache.


  1. Wow, lots of stories, you must have been in utter book heaven :D

  2. So another one I'll need after I read my 3. :)

    1. Melissa (Books&Things) *Nods emphatically* When you get going with this series, you'll have to have all the short stories and everything. Really. Very good. :) And addicting. lol.

  3. I'm glad you liked these. I haven't read any of these books, but I know more and more authors are coming out with short stories inbetween novels and it's awesome!

    1. Shooting Stars mag, Yes, more authors are coming out with short stories and novellas. With the ereaders picking up its easier for them now. And they add to the world ever so nicely. :) Do hope you get a chance to look into this series. :) Thank you for stopping by!

  4. Yay more nate!!! OK I just need that for wanting to read it lol. I loved Zara in the first one and I'm so curious to learn even more about them. Thanks!

    1. Melliane, you HAVE to get through Exhumed first! Oh, you will love this set of short stories when you get through it, and appreciate them truly then as well. :) Oh, I hope you enjoy the rest of the series. :) Thank you!


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