Friday, August 24, 2012

Movie Review: Tower Heist

Tower Heist

Released:  2011

Rated:  PG-13

Genre:  Comedy, Crime, Action

Length:  104mins, 1hr 44mins

Recommendation:  Yes, don't go in expecting a great big laugh, but it's enjoyable in itself.

Josh Kovacs is the manager of a residential apartment in New York.  He is close to all the tenants, especially Arthur Shaw, a financier.  One day Shaw is arrested by the FBI for fraud.  Josh thinks it's a misunderstanding that can be resolved.  But later he learns that the employees' pension which he asked Shaw to handle is gone.  When one of the employees tries to kill himself, Josh's views of Shaw change.  he goes to see him and loses his temper.  He loses his job.  The FBI agent in charge of Shaw tells him that Shaw might walk and recovering the pension fund us unlikely.  She tells him that it's been rumored that Shaw has 20 million laying around if he needs.  Josh thinks he knows where it is.  So with two other employees who also lost their jobs and an evicted tenant, they set out to get into Shaw's penthouse to get the money.  But they realize they need the assistance of someone who knows what they are doing...

My Thoughts and Summary:
Josh manages a high end apartment complex in New York.  The tenants have become familiar with the employees and like wise back.  On tenant, a financier Arthur Shaw, has been arrested by FBI for fraud and stealing.  Josh learns that the pensions of his and his employees is now gone.  Everyone has nothing.  And one employee was getting ready to retire in a month, and after trying to commit suicide we learn all his savings over 70+ years is gone after giving it to Shaw to invest.  Josh starts to think on the "friend" Shaw and confronts him, causing him to loose his job and opening Josh's eyes that something needs to be done.  When Josh learns from the FBI agent that people like Shaw always have something stashed away, he starts thinking and remembers something Shaw did years ago.  Deciding to get back at Shaw, and help his ex-employees.

First I was surprised by the faces I recognized in this movie.  There were lots of actors/actresses I have seen over the years.  And enjoyed seeing them show up here.  Ben Stiller is in this, I'm not always a fan of his but this movie worked for me.  Eddie Murphy was in this one as well, and for me, he's the one that made the movie better.  For some reason his delivery of jokes make me laugh.

I didn't know what to expect when I ordered this one through Netflix.  Really.  Looked like fun, and it was.  Oh there are a few things that these people do that are impossible, but it's just fun.  Don't think of it as seriousness.

I have to say I enjoyed watching this one as it's the little guy getting back at the powerful typhoon.  I really enjoyed the way they worked to become thieves and the outcome of it.  Just a fun watch.

The husband watched it with me and was surprised as well.  Not one to go to the movies over, but one to relax at home and pop into the DVD player.  I say don't go in expecting a big laugh, or looking to correct the goofy things they do, just let it be and take it for face value.  You might smile and enjoy then.


  1. I really want to see this. :) But I wasn't willing to spend major bucks on this. I'll just get this from the redbox. lol

    1. Carole Rae, I hope you enjoy it. I got it through Netflix as I get a movie a week, and it was a nice surprise.

  2. Oh I wanted to see this one because Gabourey Sidibe and Eddie Murphy is in it. I was thinking it looks fun and I'm glad you thought so as well.

    1. Yes! Melissa (Books&Things) it was a nice surprise, and I didn't even realize Eddie Murphy was in it until I saw him on the screen! LOL! Hope you enjoy.

  3. Oh I didn't know this one but now I think I'll have to see if I can find it here. thanks

  4. Not a film I'd heard of. Sounds good but then again I can take or leave Eddie Murphy as I find him either hilarious or totally unwatchable - for me there is no middle ground as far as his films are concerned.

    1. That's how I feel about Ben Stiller Petty Witter. lol. Eddie Murphy has had a few movies that are just stupid and no where near funny, but for the most part I do like him. Thanks! And hope you enjoy it if you see it.


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