Friday, August 24, 2012

Freebie and Deals, for Nook too (22)

As every week, I share with you the link to the thread of Freebie Friday on Barnes and Nobles.  Do hope you enjoy and find one you like.

I've been on the slack-y side this week as I've been busy with work.  But I found one freebie on Nook.

I've been reading the three affiliated series of novella's with Fey and Sidhe.  The first book for Rise of the Unseelie is now available for free on Nook.
Aftershock by S. Ravynheart & S.A. Archer
   Barnes Nobles~ Nook
Goodreads Synopsis:
(The Rise of the Unseelie # 1)

The day the Mounds collapsed Jhaer, leader of the Unseelie Elite, sacrificed his strength, his magic, and his very life to save his world.

It wasn’t enough.

He thought that was the end of his story… Instead it is the beginning.

I read and absolutely loved this Novella.  It is on the top of my Top Novellas read in the last year.  Actually, best in a long while.
Now it's available for a short time for 99c. 
Blooded by Amanda Carlson    Amazon~ Kindle     Barnes and Nobles~ Nook
Goodreads Synopsis:
Jessica McClain was born the only female in an all male race. The only problem is-she's no wolf. Called a curse, a witch and the Daughter of Evil by the superstitious wolves, Jessica decides to fight for her freedom, at age nineteen, the only way she can-in the ring. 
When she's brutally attacked right after her fight, is it enough to finally earn her freedom off Compound, or will she be forced to endure the hatred even longer . . . 


  1. Great post! Still going to read the novella, but I think I want that first full book before I dive in! :D

    1. Thank you Melissa! Oh, I think you will love the novella! And the book!!! The novella doesn't really have to be read, but soooo well done. :) Thank you!

  2. Thanks for sharing this..i always need a new nook is constantly hungry..LOL

    1. Sure think Kimba! I do hope you enjoy the books. :) Thank you!

  3. And think I got that novella as a freebie and could not dl cos Amazon sucks ass :(

    1. Oh no Blodeuedd! That is awful! I wish you had it, it is a wonderful novella, and I think you would love it, and the first book as well! :) Really, must reads for you.

  4. Thanks for the heads up!!

    Beth ^_^


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