Friday, August 3, 2012

Mini Comics!

You all know I've been loving the steampunk Podcast Fables of the Flying City by Jared Axelrod.  And that I have the full graphic novel, Blood and Ink, he and Steve Walker have published through Tor sitting here to enjoy...which I plan to as soon as I'm done with the 10 or so podcasts I have left.  (build up for the story to come.)

But back on track, Jared Axelrod and Steve Walker have mini comics of this world and characters to share with you.  And they are free!  Yes.  They are available on Fables of the Flying City site.

The first one has been up for a while, and with Ashe.

The second is new and with the Hanner Gatling.  A character I have grown to enjoy in the podcasts as she has strong descriptions, ones I'd never think of but very visual.  Gatling is a pipe smoking, press running, strong woman always looking for the big scoop on the next big story.  And brilliant at it.

I do hope you take a moment to check these out.  They are well drawn and great little clips of the characters and world...and story of.


  1. Novellas, podcasts and now mini comics? You are so going to get me into all of that, aren't you? ;)

    1. Tee hee hee. Melissa (Books&Things) Great! I need someone to listen/read all these with me. :)


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