Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Overall Thoughts On: Fables of the Flying City

Fables of the Flying City

By:  Jared Axelrod

Format:  Podcast

Genre:  Steampunk

Series:  First two books of Ashe

Recommendation:  Yes, of course!  Wonderful tale of Ashe, and gives great background to us for the graphic novel (although not needed to listen to to read graphic novel but adds to the suspense).

My Quick Thoughts:
I really enjoyed listening to this podcast.  Jared did a wonderful job of vocalizing the story.  I will say what sticks in my mind is the free flowing feeling of flying.  In both books it's mentioned, but in Mouths of the Dead I really got the feel of free flying and peace.  Jared is easy to listen to with his kind voice.

I enjoyed getting to know Ashe.  She was fun, strong, and full of spunk.  A girl not afraid of anything.  She is definitely my kind of character to follow.  The idea of Amperstam is amazing!  I was taken with the flying city and the fights to be independent of the world and fights they fly over.  Jared brings us around at the end of these two stories to become curious about a few things that will be brought to light in the graphic novel.  And I will say Jared did an amazing job of that here, as I'm anxious to read The Battle of Blood and Ink asap.

There are two books referenced in the podcasts, and I enjoyed both in different ways.

The first book:  Ashe of the Air

I enjoyed meeting Ashe and the clouddogs.  It was exciting and fun to meet everyone and see the reactions to each others personalities.  The flying and fighting was thrilling as well.  Ashe makes me laugh here with her carefree personality.  She is one tough and brave girl.

The second book:  Mouths of the Dead

Ashe has a drive, a story, and a mystery to solve.  Ashe seems to have grown as a character, even though still stubborn and determined she has a goal in mind and goes right for it.  I enjoyed traveling through the city and learning a few specific parts with her along the way.  And even a history behind the city.  We also get closer to learning about the powerful and mysterious horrible engine that moves the city.

Definitely a story to listen to and get to meet Ashe along with many others in this flying world.  The short episodes makes it easy to listen when and where ever.

I'll be diving into the graphic novel next, and that review will up soon!  I'm so curious about that dreaded engine and about Ashe.  Well done lead up to The Battle of Blood and Ink!  I didn't even realize it until the end that he brought us to the point we needed to be to get into the graphic novel.

If you would like to Listen to the stories about Ashe, you can find Fables of the Flying City free on the site for Fables of the Flying Cityhttp://www.fablesoftheflyingcity.com/  There are links to iTunes and RSS feed.  You can also see the list of episodes in their order on Jared Axelrod's site.

If you are curious about the Graphic Novel, it is now available!  The Battle of Blood and Ink by Jared Axelrod and Steve Walker.  You can view a sample of the first 20 pages on Tor's site.

I listened to this story for my own enjoyment.


  1. I promise thee to listen to them one day :) Maybe when we got a faster connection

    1. BLodeuedd, I hope you enjoy it if you get to listen to it. :) Thank you.

  2. I've been curious about this and now I know it is multimedia (with the addition of the graphic novel). Makes it all the more interesting.

    1. Melissa (Books & Things) - Oh Jared did a wonderful job of bringing the graphic novel to a desire at the end of listening to these. :) Hope you get to listen and read the graphic novel.

  3. I'm not much into graphic novels but I'll keep my eyes peeled for The Battle Of Blood And Ink and maybe I'll start reading graphic novels.

    1. Cherry, I'm hoping to post my thoughts on The Battle of Blood and Ink very soon here. I was hoping this week, but the week got away from me. Maybe Thursday. :)


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