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The Gearheart: Artifice Ep 27, 28, & 29


The Gearheart

By:  Alex White

Format:  Podcast; 25 minutes

Genre:  Fantasy

Episode:  27 of 37

Jonathan faces off against the most dangerous cadre of fighters ever assembled, and Keegan, Augustus and Maeve face challenges of their own.  Will they escape?

My Thoughts & Summary:
Isabelle rockets to the sky, with bolts of flames barreling to the ground.  Such a beautiful, frightful sight, but Jonathan sees more there.  Jonathan goes hand to hand in combat with a strong and fast Queensmen, Agent Hadley.  Even with the armor and power of Audun Slade's strength that helps, it's not enough.  Jonathan is worried for Isabelle's safety.  Slade slips forward ready to take over, but Agent Barrett shows up, helping Jonathan out.  Yes, Agent Barrett is...Wallaby!!  Then new magical creatures are created to attack Isabelle.. a Dragon!!  Keegan, Augustus, and Maeve are trying to get out by way of the hanger.  Will they all make it?

We loss one member this episode.  I know they all aren't going to make it, but its still hard to lose any characters you start to grow attached to, and this one had started to really shine for me.  I really was liking this mans morals and beliefs, and amazing powers.  Sad to see him go.

I was surprised to see my favorite magical creature make an appearance here!  A Dragon! Yes!  It is created by way of glyph by an old council man privy to the Seekers great secrets, this must be one of those. Love it!  Jonathan can't help Isabelle in the sky, battling this creature, so he will guard her by ground - anyone trying to spell her will die.

There is so much battle going on, you want to keep listening to see how it all ends... Who makes it and who doesn't.  And the Hangman!?! What will happen with him and Astrid, and Cog yet too.


Format:  Podcast; 27 minutes

Episode:  28 of 37

Things reach a crescendo between Jonathan and the Seekers.  Who will triumph?

My Thoughts & Summary:
Jonathan fights to handle the Seekers on the ground, but struggles on his own.  A strange creature jumps from the rooftop and battles his way to Jonathan, Buskerton.  And takes over for him with the Seekers so he can help Isabelle.  Augustus flying the Avenger, is curious as to what all is going on with the draw of powers.  When he realizes the flying flame is Isabelle he flies in to save her, attacking the large dragon.  When the battle dies, what comes of Isabelle and Jonathan?

Augustus is the man this episode!  He flies in, in the Avenger, using his abilities to become one with the plane and attack the Dragon to save his friend Isabelle.  But, in doing so he draws the attention of the dragon to him and Maeve on the plane.  Augustus wonders for a moment if he can fly and not ground the plane.  But the man does an amazing flight dance with the dragon on his tale.

When the battle dies Isabelle and Jonathan face each other, but can't get close from the heat of her flames.  This is a touching moment with them.  And a little on the heart breaking side.  She is beautiful in her flame form.  Just amazing.  The two will always have a love for each other.

Alex's voice this episode sounds like he has been battling beside Jonathan, full of emotion; fear, and adrenaline from battle.  The music again, moving with the scenes and the story.  Very drawing!

Format:  Podcast; 22 minutes

Episode:  29 of 37

Cog finally catches up with Jonathan, only to have complications of her own.  Also, Maeve and Augustus find themselves in even more danger than before.  Did they escape?

My Thoughts & Summary:
The battle has come to a close, for now.  But we are left in the ruins, and to pick up the pieces to get everyone pulled together and to where we are needed next.  Cog and Crust return in time to see Circeville's Main House in it last of destruction and part of the Palace as well.  Cog sees Audun Slade in full armor, and he her.  Then she sees Darren, for who he really is.  Augustus and Maeve are stuck on a destroyed plane, while Augustus tries to land it, safely for them.

Cog sees Darren for who he really is.  The true form that Cog knows all to well.  But, what are her feelings about this?  She doesn't have time to think on that part, she rushes to Augustus.  Whom is falling apart from what he saw with Isabelle and can't believe she is gone.  Cog reminds him he needs to hold it together, for Maeve and to help in getting to Jonathan.  Cog knows where Jonathan is heading, and needs to get there, and be prepared....

I was wondering how Cog would come to realize who Darren was.  And I'm curious about what will come between them now.  Augustus, the strong opinionated character, is starting to crack around the edges with his friends and beliefs starting to fall apart around him.  When he crashes, it's going to be hard.  This is twice now he thought he was dead, and lived.

I want to know about Jonathan!  And Audun!

Are you curious about The Gearheart yet?  Well, you can go listen, and look through the amazing pictures of characters at or you can download on your iPod to listen as well.  Do hope you enjoy as well!

I'm listening to this Podcast for my own enjoyment.


  1. Well, I still have these on my list to try for audio. So glad they keep on being good.

    1. Melissa (Books&Things) - I do hope you enjoy this series, if you get to give it a go. ;) Thank you!


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