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Monday's Beginnings (138)

And it's Monday!  I think when I did this video, I had to much caffeine...

Current Read:
Shaman Healter Heretic by M. Terry Green
Corrupts Absolutely - anthology

Finished Last Week:
Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews

Reviews To Come:
Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews
Blooded by Amanda Carlson
Elysium by Emma St. John
Questing Beast by Ilona Andrews
A Mere Formality by Ilona Andrews
Gimme Shelter edited by J.R. Blackwell
Dead Drop: A Lawson Vampire Bonus Story by Jon F. Merz
Love, Death, and Loneliness by Douglas Brown
Alexander Outland: Space Pirate by G.J. Koch

Reviews Posted:
Defender of Magic by S.A. Archer & S. Ravynheart
Broken by Emma St. John

Movie Review:
Hunger Games

Podcast Review:
Tales from the Archives Vol 2 #1 ~ Sins of the Father
The Gearheart: Artifice Ep 17 & 18
The Gearheart: Artifice Ep 19 & 20

Books & Covers Shared:
Kiss of Death by Seleste DeLaney
Alexander Outland: Space Pirate by G.J. Koch
Endgame by Ann Aguirre

Special Posts:
Awful news for Dreg City series.
Billibub Baddings Competition
Help me get to IBBA?
Afterward for Heir of Novron by Michael J. Sullivan
Book Chat! Final stop for Magic Bleeds
Tiger Eye: The Sacrifice ~ The game was released this week.
Freebies and Deals, and on Nook too

I did a Flash Fiction Friday...Actually, 2 of them!  Yep, the first Flash Fiction is from the picture 2 weeks ago.  I started to story, but never posted it.  Now I did.  And then a Flash Fiction for this week.

My WANT List...I've added 9 new books!  New Books!  They all sound so amazing!

Received Last Week:
Sacrificial Magic by Stacia Kane
Goodreads Synopsis:
When Chess Putnam is ordered by an infamous crime boss—who also happens to be her drug dealer—to use her powers as a witch to solve a grisly murder involving dark magic, she knows she must rise to the challenge. Adding to the intensity: Chess’s boyfriend, Terrible, doesn’t trust her, and Lex, the son of a rival crime lord, is trying to reignite the sparks between him and Chess.

Plus there’s the little matter of Chess’s real job as a ghost hunter for the Church of Real Truth, investigating reports of a haunting at a school in the heart of Downside. Someone seems to be taking a crash course in summoning the dead—and if Chess doesn’t watch her back, she may soon be joining their ranks. 

As Chess is drawn into a shadowy world of twisted secrets and dark violence, it soon becomes clear that she’s not going to emerge from its depths without making the ultimate sacrifice.

Nook Purchases:
Blooded: A Jessica McClain Novella by Amanda Carlson
Goodreads Synopsis:
Jessica McClain was born the only female in an all male race. The only problem is-she's no wolf. Called a curse, a witch and the Daughter of Evil by the superstitious wolves, Jessica decides to fight for her freedom, at age nineteen, the only way she can-in the ring. 

When she's brutally attacked right after her fight, is it enough to finally earn her freedom off Compound, or will she be forced to endure the hatred even longer . . . 

The Owens Legacy: Revelations by Michelle Flick
Goodreads Synopsis:
When telepathic twins, Piper and Ryder Owens are dumped at Evermore Academy, they thought that the only thing they’d have to worry about was Piper staying out of trouble long enough for them to graduate. They will not, for any reason, be separated. But someone at Evermore knows about their secret and wants to separate them permanently.

But then Piper’s Achilles Heel shows up: a good looking guy. Victor Mira is everything Piper is supposed to avoid, yet she feels drawn to him in a way she never imagined. But Victor is hiding a dangerous secret too, and what he knows could be the one thing that could divide the sisters. Forever.

Free for Nook:
Tamed by Douglas R. Brown
Goodreads Synopsis:
Werewolves are real.And they make excellent pets.Owning one of the legendary creatures is the latest fad. The WereHouse insists their werepets are loyal, docile, and 100% safe, but what happens when these gentle giants turn on their masters?While on a routine EMS call, paramedic Christine Alt is attacked by a rogue werepet. She escapes with her life, but the encounter leaves her with more than just scars. As her body begins to change, she discovers the WereHouse is hiding a terrible secret, and they will stop at nothing to keep her from exposing them.Tamed is a werewolf tale with a twist from the author of the The Light of Epertase trilogy.

Icarus: The Kindred by J.S. Chancellor
Goodreads Synopsis:
“Don’t get me wrong; immortality does have its perks. Take dieting for example—kind of hard to do when you’ve only got two choices: fresh blood and slightly less fresh blood. The media makes it all out to be glamorous. Romantic, even. But the books, movies and witty television shows have it wrong. Especially the ones that make a big to-do about not being wrong (you know, the ones that spell vampire Vampyr, like it’s original). 

And don’t think for a second that I was turned in some amazing, soul-binding, body-meshing way either. I don’t think my libido is damaged enough to forget that kind of rendezvous. Though, to be honest, I don’t recall anything about it. As soon as you’re turned, as soon as anyone is turned, the powers that be rush in like witness protection agents and whisk you off, never to see your family or friends again. Your life changes in ways you never imagined that it could. 

Like the fact that I was kidnapped last night. Totally didn’t see that coming. Not being the Covenant-level assassin that I am (did I mention that already? I didn’t get much of a choice in that either—the profession I mean). Oh, and get this … the creeps who grabbed me claim that my mentor/should-have-kept-it-professional boyfriend Trinity is the vampire equivalent to the anti-Christ. 

Nice. And to think it’s only Tuesday. 

But wait, it gets better. See, there is one fact about vampirism that everyone gets correct—our bodies can’t biologically process natural light. Past that, all I know is that if I don’t partake of my usual dose of Icarus every seven days (provided via injection by the powers that be), I’ll lose my existence as I know it. It allows me to bask in the sunlight, keeps us from exploding into flames and I’ve heard rumors that it’s what makes us immortal. You know, little things. 

Now, since Head Creep removed the dosing disc from my arm, whether I had anything to do with it or not, I’m guilty of betraying High Coven. This fact not only sucks (pun intended), it means I’ve been condemned to death. 

An assassin … condemned to death. Seems like kind of shitty deal if you ask me. 

I don’t care that Head Creep is hot enough that he gives Christian Bale a run for his money. He claims that Icarus is part of some massive conspiracy, that vampires are a perverse mutation of beings from another universe, and that Trinity (along with some dark army he’s supposedly in charge of) plans to exterminate the human race. Of course, he says this will occur in less than a week. And damn, wouldn’t you know he’d kidnap me on day six of my dose?”

A Pehov Duet by Alexey Pehov
Goodreads Synopsis:

Two original, exciting and engaging short stories from Alexey Pehov that feature master thief Shadow Harold, the protagonist of the Chronicles of Siala epic fantasy series.

In "The Snake", Harold, the most accomplished thief in the world (and reluctant hero of Alexey Pehov's award-winning series, Chronicles of Siala) may have finally met his match in what could prove to be his most dangerous escapade. A stand-alone short story appearing for the very first time.

“Battle of the Margend Horseshoe” is an additional scene from SHADOW BLIZZARD, Pehov’s upcoming conclusion to the Chronicles of Siala. Harold and friends, old and new, prepare for a spirited offensive attack after cleverly cornering the Orc army at the Margend Horsehoe river bend. An exciting taste of the masterful battle scenes that are Pehov’s forte.

For Review:
My Sanctuary by Sarah-Jane Lehoux
Goodreads Synopsis:
Rebecca Dolores Kingsley, better known as Dot, is a precocious young girl with a lot to say. Despite the bleak Catholic orphanage where she resides, the indifference of the adults charged to care for her, and her painful past, Dot is determined to find the sense of safety and belonging that has eluded her since birth. Even if this means taking Kenny, a fellow orphan, under her wing and pretending to be a better mother than the one who abandoned her.

Together with a stained glass angel, Dot and Kenny form a make-shift family which shelters them from the cruel realities of life at the orphanage. But their bonds and Dot’s faith are tested by the world outside their sanctuary, and Dot must make a decision that no mother, real or imagined, should ever have to make.

For iPod:
Tales From the Archives Vol 2 ~ Sins of the Father

Summer, 1888
Arthur Books welcomes home his son, Wellington, from the jungles and deserts of Africa. In his own manner, the invalid father bestows upon his heir all the pride and respect due to actions in the field. The returning war hero, though, has returned more than a decorated soldier in Her Majesty’s Army; and Arthur collects on an investment spanning across decades.

Hope you had a great week, and a wonderful one on the horizon.  Let me know how you did, or what you have is store to come. :)

Here's wishing you all the best in words and pages.


  1. Oh, I hope you like My Sanctuary. I read it when she first wrote it and read the ARC again a few days ago to give her an early review--it's so, so powerful.

    And because I haven't said it in a while: Mmm...Curran... Magic Slays is SO OMG GOOD.

    1. Hey Skyla! I'm looking forward to reading My Sanctuary. And LOL! you are funny. Curran.... I can't wait to read Magic Slays. And I've started collecting the anthologies and short stories of Kate and company. ;D Really amazing stuff! Thank you!

  2. Again, arghhh for not getting the Pehov since it was restricted. Hate that :(

    And wow you were busy!!!

    1. Blodeuedd - So sorry! I hate that they do that to you, us. I feel bad that you couldn't get the story.

      Thank you!

  3. Tamed and Icarus both look fantastic!

    1. Zia, Tamed was free until yesterday. But Icarus is still free only through today. If you would like a copy. :)

      It's free on amazon, but if you email the publisher they will send you it in epub for the Nook. :) I have it listed on my Free Friday post..

  4. You are really going through the books! Looks like it's going to be a good week for you!

    1. Oh, I think most of those are novellas. But it feels like I'm rolling through the books. :) Thank you! Hope you have a wonderful week as well. :)

  5. Way to go, Melissa! You put me to shame; I feel like a slacker compared to your bookish accomplishments!

    1. Thank you StephanieD. :) Oh, and don't feel like a slacker. My secret is they are mostly all novellas or short stories. :) But thank you!

  6. Hey beautiful! I also downloeaded Icarus but haven't started reading it yet :)

    1. Hi Cherry! :) Thank you. And glad to see you got Icarus as well. :) I look forward to it, but haven't read started it yet either. Do hope you enjoy!


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