Friday, April 27, 2012

Freebies and Deals, and on Nook too (11)

Again, not to many for this week.  I feel like I'm slacking on you all. ;D

You are invited to check out the free book, books, listed on the Free Friday at Barnes & Nobles.  I do hope you find something for your reader. :)

This book is part of a series I've been reading.  The stories are in novella length style.
This fey story is free on Amazon for only 3 days, April 26, 27, & 28.  So, if you want it, go get it. :)
Eyes of Magic by S.A. Archer & S. Ravyenheart ~ Amazon Only.
He's defective. Damaged. Malcolm knows he is. How could he not be, after a year of torture in the belly of a goblins' nest? The only magic he can do is the Touch, a perverted magic he despises and learned at the end of a whip. Every one else in the Glamour Club has loads of magic, but not him. He doesn't fit it. But if he can't find his magic, and his place among the Sidhe, then where could he go? And what if those that enslaved him before came after him again?


  1. Awesome deal! Thank you for the heads up, Melissa!

    1. StephanieD - you are so welcome! Glad to share all the wonderful deals around with everyone. :)

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I saw this one too. Love Archer's writing and stories.

    1. Hi Jennifer L. Bielman. :) Great to hear you are enjoying these novella's as well. :) You are very welcome!


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