Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Gearheart: Artifice Ep. 19 & 20

Jonathan seeing Agent Maeve Manners on street.
The Gearheart

By:  Alex White

Format:  Podcast; 22 minutes

Genre:  Fantasy

Episode:  19 of 37

Cog must once again face Audun Slade in a strange turn of events and Faye Barrett has an encounter of her own.  Will Cog prevail?

My Thoughts and Summary:
Audun Slade takes this opportunity to rush Cog again.  He believes her to be a huge threat to his existance.  But at first glance to Maeve, it seems Audun is taken by her.  Jonathan has a scary outcome with his eyes when Audun finally releases control.  We then return to Wallaby in the Seeress' chamber.  Faye has appeared, and is the shooter.  But Fayes fate maybe for more, from the Seeress the thief Faye is given to convince Wallaby to protect Jonathan and the others along with taking them to his boss.

This is interesting.  Audun references the amulet around Cogs neck.  He wants the Gearheart at his disposal and the magic held with it.  But it seems Cogs soul resides in there.

Jonathan's eye!  Now, it seems Audun has taken perminite control to always see, as Jonathan can not see out of it and it's Auduns color.

Wallaby... we learn he's been around for far to long.  Longer than I probably would have guessed.  The Seeress, even in death, has a plan for everything and everyone.  She offers a deal with Wallaby, to help Jonathan and others.  It is mentioned to take them to his boss.  Is his boss the Hangman or is there someone else to come into play yet?

Astrid and The Hangman

Format:  Podcast; 19 minutes

Episode:  20 of 37

Darren confides his secret in Isabelle, and Astrid gains a better understanding of her new master.  What is Darren's secret?

My Thoughts and Summary:
Isabelle knows she can't have her mother or Jonathan with her at this lonely time, so she asks the one member of the crew still with her, helping her, to become more than the lone stranger he remains with the crew.  To break that distance he's been keeping, as she is dying.  What Darren has to share is a huge secret.  Astrid is with her new master now, and we see what makes him tick, and a clue to what he is working towards.

I loved this part with Darren.  To get to see more of this loner.  The music used in this part is just perfect!  The crescendo of the music with the increasingly intense questions Isabelle asks of Darren, had my heart racing and me waiting on every word wanting to know!  And when the big hitter came out, I just whispered, "Oh, Shit."  A few pieces here and clicked, along with wondering more.  Darren just moved up to the top of the list of wanting more information from.  Yes, I know, I think about all the characters are at the top of that list at this point in the show.

Then we have Astrid, who is "in love" with her new master.  But the amazing thing here is what we get to see of this character.  Okay, fine, I'll tell you who it is, as you would see  it as potential if you would listen... the Hangman.  But here we see what makes him tick and a piece of what he is trying to accomplish.

Are you curious about The Gearheart yet?  Well, you can go listen, and look through the amazing pictures of characters at or you can download on your iPod to listen as well.  Do hope you enjoy as well!

I'm listening to this Podcast for my own enjoyment.


Blodeuedd said...

Sounds great as always :)=

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I am so going to have lots to listen to when I get to these stories!

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Blodeuedd - Oh yes! And I LOVE the pictures! The models are amazing!

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Melissa (Books&Things) - Oh, you are so missing out! LOL! You need to get started on all the listening stories. ;D You would enjoy them.