Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Gearheart: Artifice Ep 7 & 8

(front left to right, the left back to right) Cog, Jonathan, Isabelle, Augustus, Darren
The Gearheart

By:  Alex White

Format:  Podcast; 17 minutes

Genre:  Fantasy

Episode:  7 of 37

Jonathan has another terrifying vision on the docks, and we learn more about Wallaby, Buskerton & Crust!  Isabelle tells Jonathan more about her assailant, and she makes a surprising connection.

My Thoughts and Summary:
This was a quick episode.  And one that starts bringing the pieces together.

We have two characters together, Jonathan and Isabelle, along with the others on the docks.  Then they head back to head quarters.  On the way Isabelle starts to tell Jonathan some of her experience with the mysterious man she dubs, "Hangman."  Oh, Isabelle relates the looks of this 'Hangman' to another!  I had a feeling about this, and have thoughts on who he might be.  I can't wait to find out more, this is going to get so deep!

On the docks Jonathan has a strange...moment, then he realizes it as a warning.  But I think there might be more to this moment, and it's connected to Crust in some way.  I'm now curious about Crust, Buskerton & Wallaby.  I don't know who these men are or what they can do.  But I am curious.

This episode seems to be a transition one, one to get us wondering on whats to come.  To add more mystery to the new trio of villains hiding on the sides with a corpse at their feet.


Format:  Podcast; 20 minutes

Episode:  8 of 37

Isabelle arrives home, and the gang sets up their base of operations.  When Isabelle is debriefed, Darren tells the group that he may know what the Seeress is up to.  Will all be revealed?

My Thoughts and Summary:
The Seeker crew go to their chilled (since winter) clubhouse, a farm house, where they stay from time to time while planning.  Isabelle notices Cogs eyes and (there is a connection here, you could listen to learn more, so highlighted & find out if you wish.) how they remind her of the Hangman, and asks about why they are pink and if she is the only one of her kind.  Isabelle is then debriefed from her incident at Circeville.  Darren thinks he knows why the Seeress send Upton to call Isabelle to that place, so Isabelle can share how dangerous this 'man' is.  But Darren lies of his own prophecy from the Seeress.  Why?

I like the connection, or maybe relation, between Cog and the Hangman.  I'm really curious to see if there is more here to find out.  And again, we find out a little tidbit of Cog!  Yes!  I just love this character and her strong, unwavering personality.

I'm curious what else the Seeress might know of our crew.  And I might have to go back and re-listen to the prophecy delivered to Darren of his own.  I'm not sure what the secret is there yet, but I do want to know!

Are you curious about The Gearheart yet?  Well, you can go listen, and look through the amazing pictures of characters at or you can download on your iPod to listen as well.  Do hope you enjoy as well!

I'm listening to this Podcast for my own enjoyment.


Melissa (Books and Things) said...

You really are flying through these! Btw, I love that name, Cog! :D

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Melissa (Books&Things) - The episodes are small and easy to get through. :) And yes, I love that name as well. :) Thank you!

Blodeuedd said...

I still haven't done it :/

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Blodeuedd - Thats okay, I think it'll be around for a while :) Thank you!