Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cover Release: Soul Trade

Oo la la!  Again, where have I been?  I was searching for books I've read and the next book in the series on Goodreads and found this cover!

Yes!  I have been enjoying this series and love this new cover.  I am a Jack fan.  Look forward to this one!

If you've read this series, where do you think they are on this cover?

Due Out:  August 28, 2012


  1. Oh looks good. Looks like a book I'd enjoy.

  2. Melissa (books&Things) - this is a gritty UF series. BUt I like it. lol. Thank you for stopping by!!!

  3. Love the green tint, and the guy on the cover reminds me of somebody, but I can't put my finger on who.... *ponders*

  4. I've never read this seires, but I LOVE the cover. And that guy is hot.

  5. Oh I love the cover! lol I have the time to read this one, now I need the third one!!!

  6. Alexia - I really like this green tint too! :D Hmm, I'm not sure who Jack reminds you of. I've had a few of those feelings about covers lately. :)

    Jennifer L Bielman - Oh, this is a wonderful, dark and gritty UF series. I've enjoyed it thus far.

    Melliane - hee hee. So glad you like this cover too! :D lol. Hope you get the 3rd one! :D


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