Monday, March 12, 2012

The Gearheart: Artifice, Ep 5 & 6

The Gearheart

By:  Alex White

Format:  Podcast; 26 minutes

Genre:  Fantasy

Episode:  5 of 37

Darren sees an old friend, only to receive a prophecy of his own, and an outlaw has an encounter with a Queensman.  She quickly learns why they are known as some of the most elite fighters in the magical world.

My Thoughts and Summary:
We spend some time with Darren as he crosses the sea, leaving his last meeting sooner than expected after receiving the message Isabelle was attacked.  But he feels there is some suspicion here.  Wouldn't the Queensmen be handling the case?  No one could stand against a Queensman with their abilities.  Darren receives a visit from an old friend, in new attire.  Fredrick, dead but now in automaton form, comes baring a prophecy of Darren for Darren from the Seer.

We then meet a new character, Faye.  She was hired to find and mark Cog.  But she is stopped by a Queensman, and asked to join their force.

I liked the touch of mechanical here.  Although we have already seen some previously, and this touch just helps to build on the thoughts with Cog for me.  Neat touch here.

Then we get to see the Queensman in action!  Wow, they are fast and magical all their own.  One man moved in such a way we didn't even see him, and disarmed one excellent marks woman and killed three hard men.

Now I'm curious about Darren and his prophecy, what might really be going on with Isabelle (I've got my suspicions), and what of this new character Faye?


Format:  Podcast; 31 minutes

Episode:  6 of 37

Jonathan patrols the docks, searching for threats as the rest of the team waits for Isabelle.  Isabelle reflects on her encounter with the Hangman and tries to brace herself for the days ahead, as a trio of strange assassins appear.  Will they try anything?

My Thoughts and Summary:
We have Jonathan patrolling the docks, in anticipation of Isabelle returning.  With hearing Jonathan's thoughts I start to think this "mysterious" man that attacked Isabelle has got to be rather powerful, to take on the Queensmen that were present at the dance.  After seeing the Queensman in the last episode. Hmm, makes me wonder about him.  But when Isabelle draws up the memory of the mysterious man, I start to wonder if he was not recreated in the same sense as Cog was.

We have our crew coming together here; Jonathan, Darren, Augustus, and Keegan.  There is mention of needing Jonathan if a battle breaks out, so I'm wondering what they are waiting for, or just cautious to a trap.

We even come across a few new men; Crust, Wallaby, and Buskerton.  They appear to be assassins, and maybe have tried to kill Jonathan (just a thought of mine, from the talk of Jonathan's heartburn).  These men leave me scratching my head.  They talk over Isabelle, taking her or killing here.  So, what is so big about Isabelle?  And there is mention of the crew knowing something about what they possess, or something.  I wonder what the Seekers know about these people.

And again, I'm ready to keep going.  But it appears I've spent my Saturday afternoon listening to 6 episodes.   And not even realized it.  I have enjoyed these, and look forward to listening to more, very soon.

Are you curious about The Gearheart yet?  Well, you can go listen, and look through the amazing pictures of characters at or you can download on your iPod to listen as well.  Do hope you enjoy as well!

I'm listening to this Podcast for my own enjoyment.


Blodeuedd said...

And I still have not checked these out, I am too busy

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Blodeuedd - I know the feeling! I have so many books and things going on right know, I don't know which I'm suppose to be reading at the moment. lol. :) Do hope you get to listen to this story sometime. :)

Beth D. said...

I have always been a better reader than listener. For some reason my mind is out the window when listening to a story... Maybe everyone was right about my listening skills growing up? lol.

Beth ^_^

Cherry said...

Hey, this looks new, thanks for the heads up! :)

Anachronist said...

Seems a nice one but I am also a better reader than listener!

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Beth D. - I am a better reader than listener too. I find I replay parts to make sure I understand and got everything that was said. lol. But some of these are so fun! I love the sound affects and different voices, as that's what helps keep me focused on the story. :) lol.

Cherry - Any time! :) Thank you!

Anachronist - lol! I understand. I read better than listen too. But these are just fun. :) Thank you!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

You know this would be brilly on a road trip. I've done books on tape that way and loved it. Hm... I need to go on a road trip! ;D

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Melissa (books&things) - you know what! I think they would be perfect for a road trip! When do we leave? :D