Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday's Beginnings (100)

It's Monday!  And the start to another week.

I'm hoping this will be a fun week as there is much celebrating going on here.  But we will get to that shortly...

So the weekend was kind of a bust in pages for me.  I was hoping to get loads more read, but with this heat and a friend who has a pool, well needless to say we went visiting.  Which was nice to do as we haven't spent as much time with them as have wanted to.  Or many of our friends actually.  But it was nice to visit and kick back and relax.

So what's the plan this week?  Well there is LOADS going on.  First this is a big celebration week for me and I'll be sharing some.  Yep, it's been 2 years since I started blogging.  And there will be giveaways too!  As for reading...

Currently Reading:
Spell Bound by Kelley Armstrong - This is a review copy for release day on July 26th.  I plan on finishing this up and having the review up Tuesday, release day for you.
Doubleblind by Ann Aguirre - This is for the Book Chat on Thursdays.  We will be finishing up the book this week.
Spectyr by Philippa Ballantine - I want to finish this weekend coming.  I love this world.

To Come This Week:
   I don't think I have any in the wings here.  But do plan on having Spell Bound by Kelley Armstrong for you.

Last Week:
Books I Finished:
Doesn't look like any.  I just keep starting them.

Reviews Posted Last Week:
Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa

Podcast Reviews Last Week:
Sorry.  I did start with listening to the first half of #8

I did write a Flash Fiction Friday last week.  Actually I did two!  For two different stories.  I hope you enjoy them if you go check them out.  Flash Friction Friday 15A & Flash Fiction Friday 15B

My WANT List... hmmm, I only added 4 books last week. I must really be slacking badly with books.  I'm going to have to work harder at that.

Books Received:
For Review:
Goodreads Synopsis:
A prehistoric adventure, this is the third of the Zan-Gah young adult books. When Dael, guilty and tormented, came to live with the tribe of the painted people, he longed for peace and restoration; but without knowing it, he made a powerful enemy. Luckily, Dael had friends-including a troop of crows-and his own mystical powers. The disturbed and violent hero learns from the Children of the Earth, and from his submissive wife, a new way of life that is peaceful and generous. Dael and the Painted People is a story of conflict, healing, hate, and love by the winner of the Eric Hoffer Award, a finalist for the ForeWord magazine Book of the Year Award, and the Mom's Choice Gold Seal for Excellence in a family-friendly book series.

I won these first two books from Jackie at My Ever Expanding Library.  I'm really looking forward to reading these!
Goodreads Synopsis:
Tempe, Arizona is as far removed from paranormal activity as is possible. And that’s where Atticus O’Sullivan, rare book salesman, herb peddler, and 2,000 year old Druid the last of his kind has decided to set up shop. He’s been on the run, guarding a very powerful sword from a very angry ancient Celtic god for over two millennia now. But while these years have been good to him Atticus has become more powerful than he could have possibly imagined The Morrigan, a very old god of death, has predicted death and doom for our hero, and it’s up to Atticus, with help from a pride of werewolves, and a gorgeous bartender possessed by an Indian witch, to stay alive, hopefully for another thousand years.

Goodreads Synopsis:
Atticus O’Sullivan, last of the Druids, doesn’t care much for witches. Still, he’s about to make nice with the local coven by signing a mutually beneficial nonaggression treaty—when suddenly the witch population in modern-day Tempe, Arizona, quadruples overnight. And the new girls are not just bad, they’re badasses with a dark history on the German side of World War II.

With a fallen angel feasting on local high school students, a horde of Bacchants blowing in from Vegas with their special brand of deadly decadence, and a dangerously sexy Celtic goddess of fire vying for his attention, Atticus is having trouble scheduling the witch hunt. But aided by his magical sword, his neighbor’s rocket-propelled grenade launcher, and his vampire attorney, Atticus is ready to sweep the town and show the witchy women they picked the wrong Druid to hex.

I've had my eyes on this book for a while now and was so thrilled to win it from Kristin at My Bookish Ways.
Goodreads Synopsis:
Vampire predators run wild in this exciting steampunk adventure, the first in an alternate history trilogy that is already attracting attention. In 1870, monsters rise up and conquer the northern lands, As great cities are swallowed up by carnage and disease, landowners and other elite flee south to escape their blood-thirsty wrath. One hundred fifty years later, the great divide still exists; fangs on one side of the border, worried defenders on the other. This fragile equilibrium is threatened, then crumbles after a single young princess becomes almost hopelessly lost in the hostile territory. At first, she has only one defender: a mysterious Greyfriar who roams freely in dangerous vampire regions. A trade paperback original; buyer's choice.

As many of you know I'm suppose to be on a book buying hiatus. Ha!  Easier said than done. Right?  Well, I had no intentions of buying books but I had to go visit my friends at Borders Express where I spend at least one lunch hour a week.  Shame what happened to the stores and the employees.  But while there I was tempted to buy, so I did.  But it seems I might just well get the buying hiatus as my book store is closed now.
Goodreads Synopsis:

SHALE is finally free from his greatest enemy. But now, he is responsible for bringing life-giving rain to all the people of the Quartern. He must stretch his powers to the limit or his people will die-if they don't meet a nomad's blade first. And while Shale's own highlords and waterpriests plot against him, his Reduner brother plots his revenge.

TERELLE is Shale's secret weapon, covertly boosting his powers with her own mystical abilities. But she is compelled by the strange magic of her people and will one day have to leave Shale's side. No one knows what waits for her across the desert, but her people gave the Quartern its first Stormlord and they may save Shale and his people once again-or lead them to their doom.

This is the final volume of the epic Stormlord series.

Goodreads Synopsis:
Kyra's a con woman and a thief who can steal her target's strongest skill. But when she becomes the target of a hit man, she won't be able to hide from the passion that engulfs them. 

I have big plans in reading and fun here this week.

How are you looking so far this week?  Does it look like a good reading week for you?


  1. I really want to read Hounded and Hexed. I may have to stop at Borders on Wed. and see if they are still there on the cheap.

    Have a great week.

  2. Yay for getting Greyfriar :D And all those other cool books

  3. I put a hold on Hounded at the library and can't wait to read it as well.

  4. Yep... I'm coming over and stealing the books. The boy will distract the girls with a "how you doing?" in dog speak while I rifle through the shelves. ;D

  5. Lucky you got to win some books to help out during your book-buying hiatus. I also started a bunch of books but didn't finish any.

  6. How did you get the Glenda Larke book? I didn't think it was suppose to come out until today! (Tuesday). I'm looking forward to reading that one...and you'll be proud to know, I just finished reading Geist and really enjoyed it.

  7. Ryan - Oh, I'm looking forward to reading Hounded and Hexed. I just need to get through some review books first. :) Hope you have a great week! And good luck finding the books on sale at Borders. :)

    Blodeuedd - Oh, I was so excited to win Greyfriar. Now I need to find time to read it. :)

    Simcha - Hi! I do hope you enjoy Hounded when you get it from the library. :) It really sounds like one you would enjoy, from what I hear.

    Melissa (Books&Things) - lol! Oooohhhh, no you don't. ;D You need to move closer so we can share shelves! That's the answer! lol Thank you!

    StephanieD - Oh, yes. The winning books helped make it go a little better this week. Crazy how all come at one time though. :) Thank you!

    WonderBunny - What? Oh! I forgot what the release date was. I was surprised to see it on the shelf and wondered if I missed the release date. Hmm, they put it out early. Oh! You know I bought it at Borders Express. I wonder if they put all the releases out early to sell them with the closing. Hm. Thats a thought. I still have to get to Stormlord Rising yet. And I loved the first book. Oh, SOOOOO glad you enjoyed Geist! :)

    Skyla Dawn - Hi! I had to get Skin Game as I won the next three from Ann Aguirre. Now I look forward to reading them. :) Thank you!


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