Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday Question

I'm curious which story to add this photo too.  As some of you know I have been writing Flash Fictions on Fridays based of pictures from Dottie over at Tink's Place.  And this weeks picture could so easily fall into either story I have not got going.

I was hoping to take a quick poll and see which story you would like to see this picture related to.

~~ We have John, Sinn, and Sheen on their trek to meet with the dangerous goddess who threatens their dark magical world.  5 parts have been written as of now.
~~ We also now have the very dangerous and bloody Queen who had turned on her father, but now is starting to be confused and see the world in another light.

The new picture is:

What story would you like to see this one added to?


  1. A new one :D
    Ok ok, I think-----story 2 :)

  2. John Sinn and Sheen please! Make them fight!

  3. Oh Blodeuedd & Anachronist! I was thinking you two would agree. lol. Now you are both on separate stories! Oooohhh, what am I going to do!?! I'm going to have to see if anyone else votes too. Oooo, they are both going to be fight scenes I think. Which will be a challenge for me. But I want to try. I might ruin the stories, but we shall see. ;D Oh this is too much fun! he he he.

  4. You know... I don't know. I really want more Sinn and I can see it go well with the Bloody Queen. I'm so torn. I just know I want a story from you. Seriously... I'm torn. One of each? (hey, I'm greedy! lol)

  5. Melissa (Books&Things) - lol. I guess I better get working then. A story for each. Hmm, you all are killing me here. And really egging me on, which is not fun. Well, okay so it is fun. lol. So glad you are enjoying the stories. :) And now we are still at a tie for the stories. *sigh* I'll have to see if I can work that out this week. Two stories maybe...

  6. Haha, oh you should know that me and Ana can be like butter and ham (oh is that even a good way to out it lol) or like two peas in a pod. I never know either when we will agree

  7. Blodeuedd - That's just it! I was thinking you would both kind of agree. Ha! I never know what will happen here. But when you & Ana were split I though Melissa would make the deciding vote. HA! She is torn. Now, if I can do it, it looks like two stories. I have to get started to night. So maybe not as much blogging for me as writing. But, not a bad thing if you all enjoy it. ;)

  8. Two stories! Yay :D I do want both but for some reason Miss Bloody Queen just spoke to me more.

    Maybe I should write two stories too. One with a bloody massacre and then one with a HEA for Melissa lol

  9. Blodeuedd - I was thinking Bloody Queen too, but thought it could go with John, Sinn & Sheen too. But two stories could take some work. Not that I would mind... But a double week for both of us. :) I think I like that idea! I'll definitely have to get started tonight though. And more time into it. :)

  10. *lurking around trying to steal ideas*

    how on earth will ! write an HEA to 3 mean guys with weapons, woe me

  11. Hm mm, *Shaking head*

    No ideas here Blodeuedd for a HEA writing. ;D Especially with three mean and scared looking men with deadly weapons. he he. You have the bigger challenge I think. he he he...


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