Saturday, July 30, 2011

What do I post?

What do I do here?

I started looking back over the last two years just to see what all I have been posting.  I've done so many fun meme's and posts over the last two years I thought I would share what it is I post.

What all do I post?
Book Reviews ~ Of course there are my thoughts on the books I read.
Podcast Reviews ~ I've just started with one Podcast series and do look forward to getting into more of them as there are loads of wonderful ones out there.  But I've reviewed Tales from the Archives, based off the book A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences: Phoenix Rising.
Book Cover Releases ~ If I catch wind of a book cover I love; either for an author I enjoy, series I love, or new series/book coming I'm interested in.  I love sharing these.
Furniture Reviews ~ Of course these are related to my books!  I always need new shelves and such to help around the house with the growing stacks.
Blog Book Club ~ This is one a book friend, Robyn at The Bookoholic Zone, and I share.  We chat about one book a month, together.  We rotate weeks between the discussions.  You are always welcome to join us!
Interviews ~ I was a little slow on the take for this one, and bashful.  But now I love doing interviews with authors.  If you are curious who I've interviewed you can go to my Authors Interview & Guest Post page.
Guest Posts ~ Again, I was a little shy on starting these, but I do enjoy posting Author guest posts.  If you are curious who I've had guest post, you can go to my Authors Interview & Guest Post page.
Conventions ~ I love sharing the conventions I go to.  Now I've only started to go this year, but they are sooooo much fun! :)

What meme's have I done?

Still posting them:
Monday's Beginnings ~ This is my meme.  I started doing this one and evolved it over the last two years.  It was a way for me to share what had happened here in the last week in my bookish world.  I also get to share what I've gotten in the mail or bought too.

Teaser Tuesdays ~ Hosted by MizB Should be Reading. I do still do this one as I love sharing just a short piece of what I'm reading with you out there. And you get a short tease of the book and writing.

Who? What? Where? ~ This one I started out as Who...WHere...WHAT? and knew it needed some adjusting.  So I quit doing it and then later came up with Who? What? Where?  And love the comments I get on it.  It's just a short description of who you are with, what you are doing, and where you are in your book.  Always fun to read these.

Throwback Thursday ~ This one I started because I keep collecting books I WANT and feel I need to read.  But as time speeds by I seem to not be able to get to them.  So I thought I would spotlight one book a week from my ever growing shelves to bring back into the light.  I enjoy this post, but feel guilty at the same time as I want to read all these books.

Looking Forward Too... ~ I love sharing what books I have on my Desired List or radar for the future.  This is a meme I do on Fridays to share them.  Just one book a week.

Flash Fiction Friday ~ This is hosted by Dottie at Tink's Place. She posts every Monday a picture in which we work on a short writing of 350 words to post on Friday.  My trouble... I seem to not be able to limit myself to 350 words.  I usually go over, some weeks not by much others... well... I have fun.  But I enjoy doing these sooooo much.

Not Currently Doing:
Favorite Fictional Character ~ This one is created and hosted by a fellow blogger that got me into blogging.  Yep, Ryan at Wordsmithonia.  This is always so much fun to do.  And I miss not doing them.  I use to pick any character; movies, tv shows, books, anything, and post a short blip on why I enjoyed the character.

Bladerdash ~ This one was just for the fun of it.  It was fun with the verification 'words' you had to type in with the posting of a comment.  It was just fun to create definitions and meanings for the 'words' created there.

It's Tuesday...Where are you? ~ This was a meme I did for a short while that spotlighted where you where in the world of books.  To give a small glimpse of where you where at.  Nice to share this with others too.

Book Blogger Hop ~ I've joined in a few of these and really enjoyed doing so.  And the wonderful people you meet.  I do need to get to doing it again, but time around here seems to be limited these days.

Oh, I'm sure I'll come up with more things in the future and probably stop with some I am doing now.  I might even go back to some of the old memes.  But this is all in fun.  A great way to have fun with the books I love. 

Hope you enjoy the posts and your visits here.


  1. All the memes are fun but I love "Who? What? Where?" since I almost always get to participate. I also like Monday's Beginnings as it lets me see a quick snapshot of your week

  2. I always enjoy reading your memes. If I made a list like this I would have a mile long list of memes that I started and only continued for a short time. I'm really bad at committing to them.

  3. I would love for you to join back in at anytime. You always come up with ones I don't know.

  4. I'm with Stephanie... I love the Who What Where? meme!

  5. StephanieD - Oh, I'm so glad you enjoy WWW post. :) That seems to be the one with the best responses. And I love reading where everyone is when they stop by. :) Thank you! And Doing Monday's Beginnings helps me figure out where I'm at too. I think that's one of the best days to visit to see what the highlights where for the past week. :)

    Simcha - Oh, thank you! So glad you enjoy stopping by the memes. :) Oh, I'm sure I'll be starting and stopping many more over the years. :)

    Ryan G - I'm really going to have to get back into FFC again. I was running out of characters to pick, but now I'm starting to have a stock up of them I could do again. :) I just might have to get going on it again very soon. :)

    Melissa (Books & THings) - Oh, I love when everyone stops by for the WWW to share where they are. I love the responses I get and seeing where everyone is in the bookish world. :) Thank you!


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