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Book Blog Chat (15) Stop 1

We have arrived at our first way station here on Sirantha Jax's mission.

Okay, so we have come to our first stop in our Chat book this month, Doubleblind by Ann Aguirre.  Are you ready to chat with us?

The schedule for the reading is as follows, you can always catch up with us at any time.
The schedule is as follows:
Stop 1 ~ July 14th ~ Page 101, End of Chapter 17
Stop 2 ~ July 21st ~ Page 200, End of Chapter 34
Stop 3 ~ July 28th ~ End of book

Robyn and I have started a few question ideas to get us speculating on the book.  Are you ready? Here we go...

Robyn's Questions:
1.)  March.  Do you think Jax will save him?  This book or next?
2.)  Do you think when March attacked Jael it was just because he wanted to fight or is there something there that we haven't seen or have?  Maybe he's just been waiting.
3.)  Will Jax tell Vel what she heard when she stepped away from everyone and heard Karom?
4.)  Another March question.  What do you think Jax will find on Mair's journals?

Melissa's Questions:
1.)  What will happen to Jax in two days?
2.)  Vel, seems to not have much respect from the Bugs, do you think this will have an affect on Jax?
3.)  Will Jax succeed in her mission for an alliance to help the Conglomerate?
4.)  What do you think of Romana Jax and the Syndicate?

Do you have thoughts and questions?  Just add them here in the comments and we will chat on them.


  1. I can't help but wonder about Vel. He's a whole new creature. He has his beliefs now, etc. But to go against his own people? That's got to be a hard decision.

    March, what's going on with him. He says she's his but at times I think he wants to back away from her. Is he going to be one of those guys who says, she's mine and no one else but will break her heart and get mad when she's ready to move on? Of course, I don't want her to move on but if it did. Look what happened to Jael.

  2. I am really loving Vel here! He is such a great friend and character.

    And the world he comes from. Wow! Now there is some art drawing there with the words to create the visuals.

    Sounds like Vel has an admirer... ;) She was his intended it sounds from what he said. And he was afraid of what would have happened. Hmmm, makes me wonder about her some.

    Vel has made one comment that does worry me just a tad. It was that its been many turns since he left his home and things might have changed. I know the body language and all will be the same, but the intent of the people there. I just wonder...

  3. And March! Well, I'm loving seeing him broken. That sounds awful to say but I am. He was to perfect before. Not perfect, but just right and comfortable. So seeing this side flips the coin on Jax to get her to be the one incharge and calling the shots. I love it!

    Oh, I don't think he will move on. There is something in him as he mentioned that she is his. But after their night together I wonder if he will try to stay away from her to not hurt her.

    This psi brain stuff sounds very complicated. He is really messed up. And I think Jax is doing a great job on her own trying to bring him around. But part of me thinks March is doing a big part in him mind as well to change back, for Jax. He knows what Mair did to get him to change. But he is not offering up any information. Even though he told Jax all she had to do was ask.

  4. I'm wondering if we can trust his admirer.

    I know there I could with, should we trust people? Haha...

    I just wondering if we need to watch out for her.

  5. I'm wondering if we will attack her to the point where March does go away. Remember when he had his hands on her neck? It could be worse next time.

  6. I definitely think we need to watch all the Bugs! lol. So no need to worry about whether we should trust them or not. They haven't earned my trust yet.

    And that she has eyes for Vel makes me worry. That could be good and turn bad quickly for Jax. Vel will have to step very lightly around her.

    And what about the pretty boy here? He seems to have the hots for Jax... um, literally! lol. I'm curious to see more of him.

    Then there are the ones who are all against Jax. I'm very curious to see where it all goes.

  7. Yeah, I'm worried about March hurting Jax now. I was with her at first. But deep down I new he wouldn't be able to control it. Especially in his sleep. But I think that one incident with him trying to strangle her is all he would need. He is going to back off big time now. I think.

    He was just starting to come around and touch her mind at times too. We will have to see how he reacts.

  8. Should I spoil you? Should I really? No, it would be downright silly...

    March will be ok. I will say no more.

  9. Anachronist - :) Thank you. We really want to read through this book. It's so hard when we get to the stop points, to really stop! lol. I figure March with be all better sometime here. He has to be being one of the big characters in the series. I was worried in the first book when he lost his arm how Ann was going to play that out. But liked how it was just so simple to get a new arm! lol. :)

    You've read through Killbox. We are going to have to do Killbox soon so you can chat away with us at the end of that one, before the next book comes out.

  10. I think if something were to happen where Vel would have to choose. Even if he liked that female. I bet he would pick Jax.

    I was wondering if maybe the female was involved with wanting to destroy Jax and what would Vel do. But I think he would stick up for Jax. Of course it will be hard.

  11. When do you think we'll see her mom again? In this one or maybe later? I'm guessing if it's this one, maybe at the end??

  12. Hi Mel thanks for the comment. I love books that surprise me too!

    Happy reading

  13. Robsad79 her mom will play an important role here. Just wait a bit...I mean read a bit more. Jax will succeed in her mission but the success will be bitter-sweet. Ramona Jax is a bit like her daughter - thoughter than you think. :)

  14. Natframpton - HI! :) Thank you for stopping by. :) And you are so welcome. I love stopping by. :)

  15. Robyn,

    I do think Vel would always pick Jax. She has become the closest thing to him as family, which he never had before. :) He will stand for Jax until death I think. I know anyone can make the comments, but for some reason I truly believe him.

  16. I do truly think we will see Mama Jax here in this book. Especially from the short additions we are getting from talk shows and all.

    No Anachronist, that comment has me wanting more. :) Not spoilerish, but makes me want to keep reading to see what is up with Mama Jax. And what she is going to do. Don't tell me as I want to find out. :) Thanks!! I want to know what Mama Jax is up to and what hell she'll have to go through. he he he... Thanks! Can't wait to get reading now.

  17. Speaking of dying for Jax, I do hope that doesn't happen. I'm keeping my fingers Vel makes it.


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