Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday's Beginnings (97)

Well it's Monday.  And a holiday here in the states too.

Happy Forth of July to all who celebrate, and Happy Canadian Day to all my buddies up north who celebrated on Friday. :) (sorry, I'm a little late.)

Well, it's going to be a hard week in blogging for me.  I'm off work on a vacation with and so is my husband.  So with him around, he has many plans in work around the house... um, hopefully for him and not me. ;)  But I do have things in mind to get done.  And already Monday is about gone.  But I do hope all my regular visitors do still visit and chat away with me as I will be stopping in to comment back, it just might take me a little longer than normal.  And I will stop by to visit you too.  :)  It's going to be hard with out you all chatting with you regularly as we do. :)  But I will be around.

I have big plans for this week too!  Yeah, well, we'll see how well that all pans out right. ;)

Currently Reading:
Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa - With a few friends over at Goodreads.
City of Ghosts by Stacia Kane
And I'm hoping to toss in at least one other book this week as well.  But not sure which one yet.  Either White Cat by Holly Black or The Rebel Prince by Celine Kiernan (which will finish off the wonderful trilogy for me)

To Come This Week:
   Wanderlust by Ann Aguirre
   Lodestone Book Two: The World of Ice and Stars by Mark Whiteway

Last Week:
Books I Finished:
Lodestone Book Two: The World of Ice and Stars by Mark Whiteway

Reviews Posted Last Week:
Shadow's Lure by Jon Sprunk
City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare

Podcasts Reviewed Last Week:
Tales from the Archives - 6

I did write a Flash Fiction Friday last week as well.  It is another continuation of the story I started and have been writing on for the last... 4 weeks now.  I'm really liking this world and love growing with it.  If you would like to stop by and read it, please do HERE.

My WANT List... I've added 6 books and another Podcast I want to listen too. :) I started with the first short session and enjoyed it.  But it is along a good ways and I need to get caught up with it.  Maybe I'll review a few casts at once when I get going with it.  But I'm working good at slowly adding more books each week.  Thank you all!

Books Received:
For Review:
Goodreads Synopsis:
The epic story of Thomas Cale-introduced so memorably in The Left Hand of God--continues as the Redeemers use his prodigious gifts to further their sacred goal: the extinction of humankind and the end of the world.

To the warrior-monks known as the Redeemers, who rule over massive armies of child slaves, "the last four things" represent the culmination of a faithful life. Death. Judgement. Heaven. Hell. The last four things represent eternal bliss-or endless destruction, permanent chaos, and infinite pain.

Perhaps nowhere are the competing ideas of heaven and hell exhibited more clearly than in the dark and tormented soul of Thomas Cale. Betrayed by his beloved but still marked by a child's innocence, possessed of a remarkable aptitude for violence but capable of extreme tenderness, Cale will lead the Redeemers into a battle for nothing less than the fate of the human race. And though his broken heart foretells the bloody trail he will leave in pursuit of a personal peace he can never achieve, a glimmer of hope remains. The question even Cale can't answer: When it comes time to decide the fate of the world, to ensure the extermination of humankind or spare it, what will he choose? To express God's will on the edge of his sword, or to forgive his fellow man-and himself?

I'm going to show pictures of the books and not list the descriptions.  But I will link to the books over at Goodreads so you can check them all out if you would love to. :) I'm soooooo excited about this win!  Ann Aguirre was cleaning off her shelves and giving away all the books she had that she wrote.  And I'm a big fan, so I was thrilled to find out I won on Twitter one day. :) And then to see the big box on my doorstep! Eeep! Okay here we go....

All the books that where in the box:

First series here is The Sirantha Jax series!

Next Series is Corine Solomon:
and these covers are the UK version! I LOVE them!
Blue Diablo
Hell Fire
Shady Lady

Now we have the Skin series under the name Ava Gray, which I have been wanting to get:
Skin Dive #4
Skin Tight #2
Skin Heat  #3

You all know I've been wanting the first Dark Age Dawning Novel by Ellen Connor, which is two authors one being Ann Aguirre:

And Ann Aguirre's YA novel:
This one I received AND in Dutch too!  I love the foreign cover, don't you?

Now, she also has a few Anthologies she has stories in.  And I do love my anthologies. :)
Corsets & Clockwork

Holy books right!?! lol.  I was soooo happy with all these, and they are all made out to me. :) Thank you Ann Aguirre!!!!

Well, I'm hoping to have a great week in the pages here, but we shall see what comes of it. 

How are you looking so far this week?  Does it look like a good reading week for you?

Here's to wishing you all the best in words and pages.


  1. Wow! What a way to start off your week. I like the covers for quite a few of those books. I hope you guys had a safe 4th and enjoy your upcoming week.

  2. Wow, you hit the jackpot there! :D

    And good that you are so happy with the world you created, I can't wait to see more.

    And ohhh Hoffman for review! I do wanna see if book 1 is for me

  3. Wow, so many books to look at and read about, a perfect post I'd say.

  4. WOAH! I need to spend more time on twitter!! Congrats! Looks like a great book haul! :)

  5. Color me jealous! Oh, you got a load of wonderful this week, Melissa.

  6. Oh, wow! What an awesome win. I hope you enjoy all your new books. I really want to read more by Ann Aguirre.
    Have a great vacation!

  7. Ryan G - lol. I was sooo excited when I got this package. :) It is a great way to look back and start a new week on. Oh, we had a great 4th. Hope you did as well!

    Blodeuedd - lol. Yes, jackpot for sure! Oh, I'm glad you are enjoying the stories on Friday. I'm starting to have to go back and compare notes to the past stories now. ;D Hope it can go on for a while now. And I did review Hoffman's first book here too. I'm really curious to see where he takes this book next.

    Petty Witter - :) Thank you!

    Melissa (Books&Things) - lol. Thank you! I was sooooo happy with this package and haul for the week. Now I wont have to go shopping for a week or two. ;D

    StephanieD - lol. Oh, so glad you like the load of books this week. ;)

    Simcha - Thank you. I'm hoping to enjoy them all as well. And thank you! I'm hoping to try to get caught up with a few things around the house this week, but blogger seems to be suffering for it.

  8. I'm so happy that you won Ann's giveaway. Also jealous, but mostly happy! ;-)

  9. Skyla - Thank you. :) I was so excited and surprised with this one. :) But thank you.


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