Sunday, July 24, 2011

Just For Thought (8)

Do you read on the fly?

I always have a book on me; okay maybe more than one, two or three?  But I never know when I'll be somewhere where I can get a few pages in.  I do prefer to read when I'm all comfortable at home and can make my notes with stickies and all.  I feel I can focus better there too.  In the quiet too.

But I'm always have my current reads on me at all times.  You never know when you will be stuck in the hospital for hours on end wasting precious time that could be with my nose in a book.  Hm.  But my question is do you find when you even have 5 minimal minutes, do you pull the book out?

I do.  Even when I'm at the grocery store waiting at the deli or at the register, they can be length times but sometimes they are only a few short minutes.  It depends on my mood and what book I'm reading.  I find there are times I start and just don't want to stop.  And there are times where I start and stop so much I feel it's affecting my impression of the book as I feel I'm missing details that should easily flow together for me.  And they would, if I hadn't started and stopped after a few tiny minutes.

So what about you?  Do you pick up the book when you have a few short minutes?  And do you think that affects your view of the book?


  1. Definitely. Even if I can only squeeze in five minutes, I'll pull out the nearest reading material and pour through it. I remember standing on a 25+ minute line to check out of a store on a sales day, but didn't even notice the time passing because I was so engrossed in the book I was reading. Awesome feeling, isn't it?!


  2. Oh, yes! I panic when I don't have a book at hand. Sometimes I fit several books in my purse even though there's no way I'll even get through one. If nothing else, I'll pull out my iPod and read from there if stuck in a line.

  3. Oh yes, I definitely read anytime I can. I have my Kindles now and I bring them anywhere I go. Before I used to carry 1-2 paperbacks with me. It's perfect for the trip to school and during all the free periods!

    Of course I will always prefer reading at home. You can get comfortable and just forget about anything else then and focus on the story. That's quite hard when waiting for a buss-stop etc. ;)

  4. To be honest it depends on the book and my mood. There are times when I've pulled a book out while waiting for the film to start at the cinema - the commericals takes ages and I always arrive super-early. Other times I find it hard to concentrate - waiting for a bus for example as I'm always looking up in case I miss it!

    Always have a book with me though as you never know when someone will be late and you can squeeze in a few minutes of reading!

  5. Depends on what I'm doing. If I have the dogs with me and no one totally dependable with me... I can't; but then I'm enjoying my time with them anyway. If I'm at a doc's office either waiting for someone or my turn then YES! I have to! Must have book! :) I don't do it in line since I can get so involved in a story I either don't pay attention to the line or I answer the person asking me a question with one in the book. You get odd looks that way. lol

  6. I always have my cell phone w/ the kindle app, my kindle or a book with me. If I am waiting anywhere, I often whip out my cell phone and start reading on it.

    Certain books I don't think can be read on the fly. They take more focus and reading bits and pieces don't work for me.

  7. Lori Strongin - lol. Yes! I love reading while in line at check out. :) It makes the time go so much faster. So glad to hear others do this too!

    StephanieD - lol. I'm so scared I'll end up stuck in an elevator that stops for hours or something. I even carry an extra bag with book stuff in it. lol. Thank you!

    Rebecca - I hear ya. I will read anywhere but love the comforts of home. :) Thank you for stopping by!

    Mel - Oh, I've read a few fantasy books that I just have to give my undivided attention too and can't just pick up for five minutes. But here are so many great UF books I can read a few pages and stop, and still enjoy them. And yes, I've been known to read during the commercials at the cinema too! lol. Thank you

    Melissa (Books&Things) - Oh, yes. I didn't think of the dogs. They do make it kind of hard to read with them. Even when sitting with them on a leash. Thank you! :)

    WonderBunny - I've read many fantasy that are hard to read in small pieces. There is so much to the world and happenings if is difficult to get the whole feel that way. But the cell phone apps are really nice too. Thank you!

  8. I never not have a book on me, including when i'm at work though nobody has ever caught me reading there. I will take one with me into a restraunt if I'm eating lunch by myself. I will even take one with me into a movie theater to read before the movie starts. Of course I only do that if it's that rare occasion I go by myself.

  9. Ryan! He he. I hear ya! I always try to have a book on me. About the only time I don't is when it's just the husband and I going out as he gets irritated if I start reading instead of talking to him. But if it's the three of us I usually compete for air time with my son, so I read instead of getting upset. :) (But I usually still have a book stode away in my purse in case of emergancies.) ;D


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