Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chatting on Books

One of the Posts I run here at My words and pages is shared with Robyn at The Bookoholic Zone.  We chat on one book a month.  We break it down into thirds, or sometimes a half.  But in doing this we chat on what we read.  We talk about the characters, plots, and happenings which leads us back to the first two.  We even speculate on where the story will go and why.  And anyone and everyone is welcome to join us on these chats!  We try to post a week to two weeks prior to let you know what book is next in the list.

I was so glad when Robyn and I started doing this as I really enjoy it.  I get to take a story I love and take it apart.  Not apart in a bad way, but a good way.  I like to see how the author built the story and the threads that lead to it.  To me this is part of the enjoyment of a book.  Seeing the foundation of it built then creating an amazing structure on top, a masterpiece so you could say.

I'm one who likes to savor a good thing too.  And in doing this I get to share with someone who too enjoys the great parts and can gosh over them.  But many times I find I miss interpreted something too, or even just one word, that could change a whole meaning.  So this brings me right back to the story and clarifies it for me.  But then you have different views on the same thing.  I get to see a new meaning to the parts I didn't take in.  And that is always interesting to me to see how different people take in different meanings.

To me it's all fun.  No harsh hashing of the book, just fun to take it all in.  I do hope you will think of joining us on these reads, or series we chat on.  Do you enjoy Chatting as you read?

And with mentioning Robyn, I asked her to join in with any thoughts she had on what we have started here.  Thank you Robyn for joining me! And for all the great chats we've had, and will have. :) 

And to Robyn...
I love doing the chats every week also. I love being able to analyze the books. You get more into the characters and the plot that way. You can really put yourself into the shoes of the characters.

One of my favorite parts of the discussions is when we have different views. You get to see what the other thinks and no one ever gets upset. We see each other's point of view. I always love it when we're on different teams for the main female character. It always makes for fun discussions. When the heroine ends up with her hero, no one gets upset or goes, haha, my man won.

I'm looking forward to the weeks ahead, especially as we continue the Jax series and Black London. I can't wait to see what happens to our favorite heroines and heroes.

Thank you Robyn!

So, what about you followers and friends?  Do you like to chat on your books?  Let us know.  And I hope you will check out the books we do chat on here. :) Thank you!


  1. What a fun activity! Chatting about books is like....breathing. So natural and effortless.

  2. I've been wanting to do this but always seem to be behind on my review books. Oh but I do like to chat my books. Unfortunately it is usually a non-book person that gets my chatter. lol

  3. StephanieD - :) Yea, chatting about books is like breathing. :) Thank you!

    Melissa (Books&Things) - oh believe me I know and hear ya about the review books stack. I've actually fallen extremely behind lately. And I don't know how! :) Thank you!


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