Friday, July 1, 2011

Flash Fiction (12)

Dottie over at Tink's Place have come up with the idea for a Monday Morning Flash Fiction challenge. Each Monday a new picture prompt will be posted and if you choose to participate you post your story on Friday - 350 words, give or take.

I have to thank Blodeuedd at Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell for introducing me to this fun meme. I don't know if I'll be able to keep up with every week, but I'll give it a try from time to time.

The Image this week:

Continuation of the last three weeks!  It's a little bit of a transition to hoping to bring you more next week.
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Sheen and John exchanged a look of anger and fear mixed.  Neither wanted to see Sinn hurt, or more than she had already been.  And to loss her.  Well, that would be a loss great than any either knew.  They both looked to Sinn, and she was shacking her head slowly with a determined look in her sparkling chocolate colored eyes.  John knew when Sinn made up her mind and was determined there was no holding her back, not even tying her up would stop her.

Sighing a sound of defeat, Sheen turns and says, "Alright, come on we'll head out."  He turned on his heels and headed down the hall to a closed door.

John waved Sinn to follow Sheen in front of him and asked with surprise, "You're coming too?" John knew he wasn't on Sheen's favorite list these days, and couldn't believe he would chance harm over him... like the old days.

Sheen's big head nodded, "Well someones got to keep you two nuts safe.  I might as well sign up for the job, as usual."  the later part he mumbled but John could still hear him clear enough.

Sheen had opened the door and as Sinn and John followed in the room John heard a young girls chipper voice, "Oh, Mr. Sheen.  I wasn't thinking I had any... classes?"  And trailed off as she saw two others follow into the room.

John looked over to see a proper young lady dressed in a full Victorian gown, her hair pulled back in a loss bun, and sitting with papers gathered around her on other historical chairs.  Maybe the furniture in this room was from a hundred years ago, John thought looking around at the decorative carved wooden furniture.  And her feet, in heeled women's dress shoes propped up on a pillow.  The thought ran through John's head, I don't think anyone does that anymore and humphed.

Sheen answered her, "No 'Stashia.  No classes today.  How is the music writing coming along today?"

'Stashia, as Sheen had called her, perked up with a broad smile and answered as the world shined it's spotlight on her, "Oh Sheen.  It's coming wonderfully!  I turned the pen over there into that dove up there on the chandelier.  Isn't she just lovely?  And the music is really starting to blend faster to make the versus I need in the magic.  I'm trying to sing the poor wilted plant over there," pointing to the far corner, "into perking up some.  It's so sad in here alone all the time."

Sheen was walking to the far wall as 'Stashia's eyes where watching him all aglow, but Sheen didn't seem to noticed. "Splendid 'Stashia.  I'm very proud of you.  You are really starting to come along with your magic music.  Now would you be a dear and see if Joe downstairs needs a hand.  I'm stepping out for a while."

'Stashia jumped up from the chair she was sitting at, gathering up her skirts in the front to walk out the door with out tripping.  And answering Sheen with such a chipper voice it almost grated on John's nerves,  "Okay.  If you need anything just let me know."

John was glad to see the young girl leave, she was full of energy and he didn't feel like tending with.  John turned his eyes to Sheen who was walking to a large formal dinning room painting.  Sheen then pushed one of the painted plates on the right side of the painting.  Unexpectedly the painting popped open, like a door.  Sheen pulled the door open further and waved for Sinn and John to follow, "This is the back way into the tunnels below.  John, grab me a flash light out of the cabinets top drawer please."

John opened the drawer and found two flashlights.  Grabbing both, handing one to Sheen, he followed Sheen then Sinn down the stone spiraling stair into the tunnels of darkness.  Not knowing what he was going to do when he was out of immediate harms way.


  1. How can it be a week already? o_O I am sure I just read part 2 of this story..anyway, yay part 3 :D At least it didn't feel like I had to wait long to see what happens

  2. Oh you could always go steampunk with this story. The flashlights made me think of it. Need more please.. :)

  3. Blodeuedd - this is week... 4 already! wow. Hard to believe I've been carrying on for this long. lol. I'm not really impressed with this part but I think it's a transition to get us to the next spot.

    Melissa (Books&Things) - Hmmm, I think I like that idea of steampunk! :) I might have to remember that...

    Carolsnotebook - thank you!


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