Sunday, July 17, 2011

Just For Thought (7)

Do you read multiple books at one time?

We talked about getting books the last few weeks, so I thought we could chat on talking about them. :)

I use to have a hard time with reading multiple books at one time.  Actually I was afraid to do it as well.  In that I would forget what's happening when I come back to it.  But over the last year I seem to have mastered this very well.

The last year I've started reading books in sections and chatting about that section with others.  So, the chatting part has helped to keep the book fresh in my mind and ready to go with the next section.

But, with the exception on discussion reads I don't read more than one book at a time.  I like to devour the one book I'm working on.  Usually I get lost in the world, characters, and the plot to want to put it down and pick up another.  I WANT to finish the book I'm tangled up in before moving on to the next.  If it wasn't for discussion books I don't think I would read more than one at a time.

I know there are many people out there who might leave a book at work to read on lunch or break, one to read in the evening, and one on the nightstand to wind down with at bed time.  But, I'm a one book kind of gal.  I like to get through the whole thing at once.  Although, it does take me about a week to read one book with work and family stuff.  Maybe if I read faster I could leave one at work, on the nightstand, and one in the living room.

So what about you?  Do you read more than one book at a time?


  1. I have been a one book person for a long time, but have reconsidered the way I do things. Starting back to school recently, i had to read more than one book at a time if I wanted to continue with the book reviewing as well as my studies. This got me thinking how, when we were in school, we HAD to read multiple things. So, why can't I do that now? Typically, I'll have 3 or 4 on the go and will read one chapter of each, so I'm never far out of the story loop. And I always have an audio to listen in the car or while I'm doing mundane tasks at work or home. (You can't read while filing or washing dishes, but you sure can listen :)

    Great question!

  2. I've also pretty much always been a one-book-at-a-time kind of person. Recently I decided to read two at the same time. I ended up devouring the book that interested me more and then finishing the other. But part of me wonders if the high quality of the one read affected how I felt about the other. If I'd not started them around the same time and gotten completely enveloped in the one, would I have liked the other better than I did?

    So I think I'll stay a one book only reader.

  3. I used to, until I started reviewing in earnest. Now I find that I review best when giving one book my full, undivided attention. Although, there are some books I set aside and come back to after starting and finishing others.

  4. I can when I am teaching. I will be reading two to three different books with my students and have my own personal book at home. Though, I have typically read the books we are reading in class a few times, so I wouldn't classify it as new or have to keep them straight. In the summer, I prefer just to read one at a time. I think it is a bad sign for me, if I don't want to pick up the book and finish it. It means to me that it's more "eh" than "YAY"

  5. I used to do it but now I always seem to be on a deadline so I only read 1 book at a time :)

  6. I can read up to 3 books at a time and keep them straight.

    I've always been able to do that and I'll switch back to whichever one I'm in the mood for. I usually finish them around the same time, too. They are usually different genres which gives me something to pick from. I don't know, I guess I like to have choices!

    I'm off one of my (many) seizure medications and my thinking is so very clear now that I'm back to remembering things like I used to! It's terrible when you can't think like you used to but now it's soooo much better! No more notes!



  7. I nearly always have more than one book on the go. Usually I've got a hard copy of a book that I take to work with me or on the bus or wherever I'm going to be out of the house with more than five minutes of time with nothing else to do. I also have something going on my Kindle, which I tend to keep at home to avoid risk of it getting stolen (my workplace isn't the most secure...). Yeah, nearly always have at least 2 books going at any one time.

  8. I used to do this when going to the library. I would pick 3 books that were so unlike each other. One fiction, one non, one paranormal (for example... not always like this, but all different). I used to see a common thread with all 3 I would pick. One theme would stick out. One concept seemed to be repeated. It was quite fun to do. However, now that I review I'm like Stephanie... I tend to stick to one book at a time so I can give a full review of just that book. Sometimes tho... I have to read more than 1 to catch up. :)

  9. I like multiple boyfriends I guess

    (just kidding, I'm happy with my one guy)

    I do like having multiple books going. I tend to have an audiobook by myself and one with my fiance going at the same time. I also tend to have two or three books going at the same time too. I seem to have a nonfiction book and then one or more other books going. I am a moody reader and it allows me to switch between books. When I start really getting into one of my reading books, I focus on that until it is finished and then go back to the others. If they are all really good, I end up finishing them close together.

  10. Oh, I love all the responses I got this week! :) Thank you!

    Jackie - I will say that sounds like a great idea with all the books. And the audio books. Now that really is the way to go these days. I just wish I lived further from work for listening to them. :)

    Spaz - Hi! :) I have wondered the same thing as well. Does one book influence the impression of another book when reading multiple books. Thank you!

    StephanieD - I am one who likes to give my undivided attention to a book too. :) Thank you!

    Mflick1 - Oh, I can see having to read more than one book at school season. And it sounds like a nice treat to just do one book at a time in the summer. :) Thank you for stopping by!

    Blodeuedd - Aaaa, so true! That deadline thing is getting to me these days. Great point.

    Kristi The Book Faery - Hi! :) Reading different genres seems like a great way to keep them all seperate too. Oh, glad to hear you're off one of the seizure meds, hope all is going great for you. And I take notes with out the meds! lol. I use sticky notes and all. :D

    Bibliotropic - I understand the reasons there. I'd be afraid of someone taking the Kindle too. Thank you for stopping by!

  11. Melissa (Books&Things) - Oh, that sounds really neat with getting books of different genre with a common thread. I really like that idea. But yeah, the reviewing thing has taken on a full time job of it's own. I hear ya!

    WonderBunny - he he he. Just wait! I'm going to have to tell the future husband about the multiple boyfriends. LOL! ;) Oh, you read so fast though. You probably get through them like nothing. And it's great that you read with fiance too. It would be so cool to share books with each other.

  12. I like to read multiple books at one time if I'm not reviewing one or if I'm re-reading it or if one is an anthology. I will say that if I don't write the reviews the minute I finish I will forget things.

  13. Well...I used to read a LOT of books at the same time. I would sometimes read a bit of 4 or 5 different books every evening.

    I still have about 12 books started...but that mostly means they can't keep my attention and I can't get myself to read them LOL.

    I still read 2 books at a time. Usually one I can take for lunch break (aka no naked people on the cover)and one for home (aka with naked people on the covers) lol.
    If I really love a book I'll keep reading just that 1 though. =)

  14. Cari - Oh yes, the review thing is hard. I have to try to keep up with the reviews shortly after I read the book so I don't lose that feeling and memory of it. :) Thank you for stopping by!

    Pattepoilue - Hi! :) Ha ha ha. Yes, the naked people on the front of the books does make a play in what I will carry with me. :D I didn't think about that when doing the post. Great comment! And thank you for stopping by!

  15. ;) I've decided it's not worth the trouble of explaining to coworkers and family why I'm reading these books. At least Ebooks helped a lot for this particular genre LOL

  16. Pattepoilue - Oh, I understand. I work at a construction company, in the office. And the boss gets a kick out of my book covers. Although my covers the woman are still fully clothed, although a little scantily. ;D But ebooks do help greatly in that area.


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