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Blog Book Chat (15) Final Stop!

We have come to the end of Doubleblind by Ann Aguirre.  What an encounter that was!
I do hope everyone will join in with us chatting about Doubleblind and speculating what will happen in the next book.  (which we are going to have to sneak in here very soon.)

So, lets get started with this chat!  Robyn and I have started with a few questions to get the ball rolling...

Robyn's Questions:
1.)  Jael.  Do you think we have seen the last of him?
2.)  What do you think will become of the bugs?  Will they be trouble in the future?
3.)  We saw a tiny fight between Vel and March.  was this just the beginning when it comes to Jax's safety?
4.)  What's in store for the gang in the upcoming books:

Melissa's Questions:
1.)  Do you think Jael shared information over the bugs and their culture with the Syndicate or anyone else?
2.)  Will the war that is underway in space undo March?
3.)  Do you think the Bugs will figure out the switch?
4.)  What's in store for the universe?


  1. You know I was wondering if Jael gave out some information. Which makes me wonder, if we haven't seen the last of him. If people knew he was there and has gone missing. Would they look for him and rescue him? Maybe they'll figure they have used him and don't need him anymore.

    I just feel like the Jael story isn't over yet.

    I think with this war, March isn't safe. He's going to have his ups and downs. Something will break him again. I just know it. Will be too much stress? Worry over Jax?

    We definitely haven't seen the last of the bugs, but I'm not sure if they would notice the switch. Maybe that is how Jael gets free?

    Not sure what's in store for the universe but it's going to be a bumpy ride. No one is safe.

  2. With Jael, I wonder what will happen when they do meet again. Will March be there to protect her? Was there a reason Jael saved Jax from the attack. Will that play a role again if we see him?

    With the bugs technology, I'm not sure how much of a threat they will be now that the gang is off planet and can have more advantages.

    The fight that almost started between Vel and March? I worry about that. Both cared for Jax in some way, how will they handle it again when it comes to her safety. Vel and March, I think would both kill in a second.

    I'm curious to know what's going to happen next. How will the war play out? What will happen when she sees her mom again? We had the bugs in this one. Could she find another group, that she'll have to watch for?

  3. I am also sure Jael is one though b*******d who will survive anything. Even if the Bugs won't figure he shouldn't be there he will find a way out. He is one hell of a character - I love the fact that under that beautiful appearance and great, indestructible body hides a cruel, ruthless psychopath and an assassin.

    Some bugs will be trouble in the future but not these ones (ehem, yes, I read the next book). March and Jax are in for some more rough times but I really don't see them all snug and settled down. Not really.

  4. I figure March and Jax won't have it easy for awhile. But hope that changes, lol.

  5. Okay, so I'm really slacking here lately. Sorry!

    Aaaaa, Doubleblind... Where to begin?

    Jael. Oh that bugger! He played them up wonderfully. But I do think he had feelings for Jax. Or a type of respect I guess.

    I get the feeling he's not gone for good too. Kind of like Loras. But I fear he shared more information as he was privy to a good bit with being by Jax's side. And her Mother knows what is going on. Which makes sense to why her mother was doing what she was doing and showing up in the little clips we were getting. I think she knows more.

  6. Oh, I'm so worried over March. He is still in a mentally fragile state. And Jax getting hurt could turn him in a heartbeat. He really loves her. And to see she walked through hell for him... well, that just will make it hurt the more if anything ever happens to her.

    But I think they are going to get tangled up in this ugly war coming. They are going to get sent somewhere very bad... Just a thought.

  7. I think the Bugs are further behind the times than they want to lead on. Sharis mentioned that they have become stagnate with technology. I think they might be nice to help, but they need help getting caught up with everyone else.

    I don't think they are really going to be a problem at first. But in time they could turn on the humans as they will find the truth out with Jael and March. And it was Jax who switched them.

  8. Vel and March. Hmmm, I'm thinking we are okay with them. They both have the same in mind, Jax and to protect her. I think in different ways, but same thinking. I think they will be fine to work through what differences they have because they need each other and Jax needs them. Oh, there will be little tiffs in the way to do things, but I think they will be okay.

  9. Anachronist - I love the way Ann drew Jael as well. He really is a wonderful evil little man to love. ;D I love the ones that sneak in under your skin and get to you. Then you have to hate them for it. That is the best part! lol

    I don't think March and Jax are the settling down kind of people. ;D I hate to say it. They can't keep their feet on the ground long enough. It's in their blood to keep going and finding trouble... or make it. ;D

    Now Anachronist, you have to wait for us to read the next book! I would love to have you read along the way with us. :)

  10. Oh I think the universe is all going to be a mess! Those morgets are just a deadly problem. Will the bugs be able to help with them? I sure hope so. But not only are these creatures out there terrorizing, but we have the Syndicate on another side, and the pirates and all! Just ugly!

  11. In regards to Jael's feelings towards Jax. I always wondered if Aguirre would have Jael show an interest in Jax. Of course Jax would be too involved with March but it was a thought. Of course, now we know about Jael, so I guess that is out of the question, haha.

  12. I have a feeling March is going to get himself in trouble over Jax. With this war, something bad is going to happen, I can feel it and it's going to involve March protecting Jax.

  13. If the bugs do figure out about Jael and March, Jax better watch herself.

  14. Are we going to get the war in the next book? I'm wondering if the next book will be war, or the start...or a fill in book. Either way, I can't wait to read it.

  15. Oh, I really didn't want Jael fighting for Jax's affection. As he was a great character, I didn't want him and Jax together. Just didn't feel right. Not after March.

    And mentioning March. I think you are right. His love and desire for Jax just seems to grow with each book for the things they go through and even what they do for each other.

    I'm afraid Jax is going to get to deep in some trouble and March will snap trying to save her. We just can't loss him. He really helps make the book. And I think Jax would fall apart if they lose March anyway. She wouldn't be able to function!

  16. Yea, I was thinking about the bugs. If they figure out the Jael/March change they will definitely have Jax and Vel on the top of their list. And all will be lost for the Universe with out them too.

  17. Oh, I think they are going to be sent some where important. But just don't know if it will be to rally allies for the war or to go to war. I'm just not sure yet, but either way they will end up in the middle of the deadly war either way.

  18. I think we are going to see Mama Jax here soon too. She is a conniving one isn't she. But she wouldn't be where she is if she wasn't. I just wonder what she will do to undermined Jax again.

    But Jax seems to not like being the diplomat either. I wonder if the Jax we love will be back more so. The one who speaks her mind.


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