Thursday, December 9, 2010

Speculative Fantasy Challenge 2011!

Yes, I found one!  This is the same challenge I signed up to do in 2010.  It fits perfectly in my reading genre...fantasy!

This year it is Carolyn at Book Chick City has passed the Hosting torch to Magemanda on her blog, Floor to Ceiling Books.  I'm already a follower of Magemanda and know she will do a wonderful job of hosting this Challenge.

I'm really looking forward to 2011!

This is an easy and fun challenge.  And as an added bonus there will be prizes to win each month, thanks to random picks. :)

Hope you stop by and join up too!


  1. Love the sound of this challenge! It sounds fun...great choice for a challenge, Melissa :)

  2. Hi Melissa! Thank you. :) It was a great challenge thus far this year. I've really enjoyed it and found some great sounding books too. :)

  3. I'm participating in this too. Sorry, have been under the weather or I could have let you know yesterday that Amanda took it over from BCC.

  4. Petty Witter - It is so easy to get sucked into these challenges. I really started to get into them for 2010. I'm going to try to not sign up for to many. :) Thank you for stopping by!

    WonderBunny - Great to see you are participating in this one too! I thought I saw you on the list when I signed up. :) No problem at all. Amanda stopped by to let me know. I'm glad as I really enjoyed this one this year. Looking forward to it. :)

  5. Didn't realize that Carolyn had passed this challenge on to someone else. I signed up for her Horror & Urban Fantasy challenge, but am tempted to sign up for this one again as well... So hard to resist! *L*

  6. Alexia - I was thinking on signing up for the Horror & Urban Fantasy Challenge as well. I don't really do Horror but I do read lots of Urban Fantasy. But I couldn't pass up the Speculative Challenge. I really enjoyed it this year. Best of luck with you challenge. :)


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