Thursday, December 16, 2010

Book Cover Released...

I have been a follower of Kelly Medings since the first book of Evy.  I've enjoyed her Dreg City series thus far.

Well, Kelly has reveiled the third books' cover...

Another Kind of Dead
Dreg City #3

The tag line reads:  She was born for this fight--no matter how many times it kills her.

When will it be released?
I believe we are looking at July 26, 2011

Kelly mentions there is the train yard in the background of the cover, which will see some action in this book.  And that nifty lightning!  It's got a plot point too.

I love this cover as it goes right along with the first two.  And she has her bad ass knife and the cross necklace.  I enjoy looking at covers to see what they tell of the story to come.  This looks like another great one!  I'm curious about the Lightning and the train station.

Looking forward to seeing where Evy goes this time around.


  1. You are right Melissa, it is another great cover!
    Thanks for sharing.
    All the best,
    RK Charron

  2. Awesome cover! She looks hella pissssssed :D

  3. Thanks for posting the cover, Melissa!

  4. RK Charron - Hi! Hope your doing well. :) Thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoy the cover. :)

    Melissa - :D I have to say she can be a tough chick. ;D Thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoy the cover.

    Kelly! Hi! Thanks for stopping by. And you are very welcome. This is another one of your greats that deserves some face time. :) Best of luck to you. Thank you!

  5. Oh man! I've been wanting to read this series and now I'm going to be further behind. Oh well, I'll enjoy them all at once.

    Great cover!

  6. I totally need to read her first book now

  7. Melissa (Books&Things) - You soooo have to read this series. ;D You really would enjoy it. Glad you love the cover.

    Blodeuedd - Ooohh, I do hope you enjoy these reads. I really enjoyed that they all kept on moving forward with great happenings. :) I do hope you enjoy! Thank you for stopping by!


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